An Understated Dominance Chapter 1249

Chapter 1249 A disaster from heaven!

“What? Logan Rhys? Didn’t he die already? How is he still alive?”

For a short moment, the whole area hushed into an eerie stillness, not even a single bird chirped or an insect hummed.

People all around stood in shock, mouths agape, their faces showing complete astonishment. None of them had ever guessed that Dustin had such an unexpected background. Thorian’s elder brother was the world-renowned Kirin, the future King of West Lucozia.

“I… I now know who he is. He’s the unbeatable giant who caused a stir in Balermo a decade ago, Logan Rhys!”

“Dustin is… he’s actually Logan Rhys! My goodness! How did we end up crossing paths with such a notorious figure of chaos?”

After a brief hush, the entire scene erupted like a wildfire.

All eyes were fixed on Dustin.

Shock, doubt, fear, and bewilderment adorned their faces, but above all, there was astonishment.

Who was Logan Rhys?

He was the Kirin of the Rhys clan, a truly unmatched prodigy who had rocked the world a decade ago.

Throughout Dragonmarsh, countless talents had been outshone by him, left utterly powerless.

Even the famed twin stars of the Spanner family were once left in the dust by his brilliance!

No exaggeration, a decade ago, Logan Rhys was like a distant star, far beyond anyone’s reach!

“Wha… wha… what? He’s actually Kirin Logan Rhys?!”

Byron’s face turned ghostly white, and his entire body quivered.

As an elder statesman of the courts, he had observed the entire turmoil from a distance ten years ago, even though he wasn’t privy to the full story.

That upheaval had raged on for three days and nights.

The whole of Bayhaven had been plunged into chaos.
Bodies piled up like mountains, blood flowed like rivers, and mournful cries were everywhere!

And Logan Rhys was the cause of this shocking bloodshed, almost overturning the entire court!

He never could’ve imagined that he’d stir up such a remarkable individual.

This was definitely a predicament!

“How… how is this possible? How could he be the Kirin? He’s just a young, handsome lad; it’s inconceivable that he has such a background!”

Kate shook her head repeatedly, struggling to come to terms with it.

Since she had met Dustin, he had been nothing more than a follower of Natasha. Though he had displayed talent in both medicine and martial arts, he didn’t seem to have any significant lineage.

He was just an ordinary, unknown person.

But now, Dustin had undergone an astonishing transformation, emerging as the heir to the Rhys family, a supremely influential figure.

The stark contrast before and after was something she found difficult to fathom.

“Why? Why is all of this happening?”

In this moment, even the typically proud and haughty Tyler found himself utterly astounded and overpowered.

He had always viewed Dustin as a mere ant, someone he could squash with a single step, and had never spared him a second thought.

Yet now, he came to a startling realization, and it was a colossal one.

The individual he had dismissed as inconsequential had revealed himself to be a world-shaking presence, a behemoth that left all the world’s prodigies feeling inadequate!

His once-prized arrogance, which he had deemed rightful, now appeared laughable and inconsequential in Dustin’s presence.

“A disaster from heaven! A disaster from heaven!”


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