An Understated Dominance Chapter 1250

Chapter 1250 The Might of the West Lucozia

Thaddeus found himself in a state of panic, drenched in cold sweat.

The Rhys family’s Kirin, the Prince of West Lucozia—this time, their Grant family had inadvertently stirred up a hornet’s nest!

“It’s over, it’s all over now!” he lamented.

Trent collapsed to the ground with a heavy thud, his complexion ashen.

Behind him, a group of high-ranking members of the Harmon family wore expressions of despair, filled with remorse.

No one had anticipated that Dustin’s true identity would be so formidable, bordering on terrifying.

The Grant family was indeed a powerful force, boasting vast influence and extensive connections. They had even managed to secure the attendance of the Minister of War and a delegation of dignitaries from Balermo.

Throughout the Balermo region, they were considered top-tier.

However, no matter how powerful the Grant family was, no matter how deep their roots ran, in the face of a colossus like the Prince of West Lucozia, they were mere chickens and dogs, easily crushed without the slightest hope of resistance.

The gap between the two sides was as vast as that between a dragon and a frog, entirely different realms.

And as the heir to the Rhys family, Dustin possessed the power to obliterate the entire Grant family if he so desired!

Trouble was brewing.

“Old man! Do you now grasp my might? How dare you challenge my brother? I believe you’ve grown weary of life!” Thorian condescended.

“Mis… misunderstanding… it’s all a misunderstanding!” Byron panicked and immediately dropped to his knees, offering continuous apologies. “It’s my fault for not recognizing Your Grace, misunderstanding His Highness the Prince. Please, forgive me this time!”

Even the Minister of War had been stripped of his dignity, kneeling and begging for forgiveness, his forehead thudding against the ground.

Ordinarily, a man of his standing would never stoop to such humiliation, disregarding his own honor in such a way. But Logan Rhys was different. As the heir to the King of West Lucozia, he possessed extraordinary talent, divine gifts, and wielded authority that commanded the court and rivaled the heavens.

What was most fearsome was that under his command, he had five hundred thousand troops from West Lucozia, the most elite army in the entire Dragonmarsh. These five hundred thousand soldiers alone could potentially topple entire dynasties!

Hence, he had no choice but to admit his mistakes and plead for clemency.

This was the might of the West Lucozia!


Witnessing Byron Ironsides groveling on the ground, the onlookers were too stunned to utter a word. Even the mighty Minister of War had been reduced to a trembling wreck—what hope did these others have?

“Brother! How should we deal with these individuals? If you feel wronged, just give the word, and I’ll make them vanish from this world!” Thorian suggested boldly.

“Don’t, don’t, don’t… Your Highness, Little Prince! It has nothing to do with me. I know nothing, I merely came here to attend the engagement banquet. I haven’t wronged you!” Byron pleaded, his voice trembling.

“Silence!” Thorian silenced him with a forceful kick, berating, “You old scoundrel! You’ve long oppressed and bullied the common folk, you deserve your punishment!”

“Logan, if you feel wronged, I can assist you in making verdicts,” Princess of Theswe chimed in, firmly aligning herself with Thorian’s approach.

“Wrongdoers will ultimately be held accountable for their actions someday. Although Minister Ironsides has made some mistakes, it’s not worth taking his life,” Dustin finally spoke.

Regardless of how the situation had unfolded, Byron remained the Minister of War, a high-ranking official within the court. Any harm befalling him would surely lead to considerable turmoil.

“Thank you, Your Grace! Thank you, Your Grace!” Byron Ironsides wept openly, repeatedly knocking his head against the ground.

“Minister Ironsides, the Grant family has abducted my girlfriend. How do you intend to address this matter?” Dustin inquired suddenly.

“I understand, I understand… I’ll address it immediately!” Byron responded promptly. He rushed over to Thaddeus and, with a raised hand, delivered a resounding slap to the man while admonishing, “You audacious criminals! How dare you kidnap the Prince’s Consort? I believe you’ve grown weary of life! Release her at once!”


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