An Understated Dominance Chapter 1252

Chapter 1252 Blame it to Kate

But it was the Harmon family, their own blood kin, who had kidnapped Natasha and caused the death of Hector. The act of harming one’s own flesh and blood was something Dustin simply could not bear!

“Dustin, we know we’ve made a grave mistake. We won’t dare to do it again,” Kate pleaded desperately. “Please spare us, and we promise we’ll never go against Natasha in the future!”

Seeing that things were taking a dire turn, Kate quickly surrendered.

“Is there any point in saying this now?” Dustin said coldly. “You repeatedly used underhanded tactics, schemed for power, and while your past actions were excessive, they hadn’t crossed certain lines. But now, your actions have utterly eroded your humanity and extinguished your conscience. You’re even worse than animals. Why should I grant you forgiveness?”

“No matter what, we’re still Natasha’s family, blood relatives connected by lineage. If something happens to us, she’ll be heartbroken. Since you’re so fond of Natasha, you wouldn’t want to see her in tears, right?” Kate began appealing to Dustin’s emotions.

“Family? Blood relatives? You have the audacity to say that!” Dustin snorted, pointing to Hector’s lifeless body. “Open your dog eyes wide and see who’s lying on the ground! You’ve killed Natasha’s father, and now you have the nerve to talk nonsense here. You’re truly shameless!”

“I…,” Kate was at a loss for words.

Beside her, Trent and the others also hung their heads in shame. While they may not have had murderous intent, Hector’s death was still connected to them.

“Hector’s death must have someone held accountable. Whoever was the mastermind should take their own life as atonement,” Dustin said coldly, pulling a knife from one of his companions and slamming it down in front of the Harmon family members.


As they looked at the sharp blade, the Harmon family members exchanged confused glances, completely uncertain about what to do.

This was clearly meant to be a warning; whoever confessed would meet their end.

With only one life to spare, who would willingly become the scapegoat?

“What? Not willing to confess?” Dustin’s eyes turned icy, his voice stern. “If none of you dare to admit your guilt, then everyone will die!”


This declaration caused the faces of the Harmon family members to change drastically. This was collective punishment!

If no one will admit the blame, the entire clan would be wiped out. In this situation, someone had to step forward to take the blame.

“What are you waiting for? Afraid to confess?”

Dustin’s gaze grew even colder as he spoke harshly. “If you no one dare to admit the crimes, then everyone will face the consequences!”


With this statement, the Harmon family members began to turn pale. It was a clear ultimatum!

At this critical juncture, most of them turned their eyes toward Kate. In truth, many of them knew that this was Kate’s mess, but due to her status, they hadn’t dared to speak up before.

However, the situation was different now, and with their lives on the line, if they didn’t reveal the truth, they would all suffer.

“What… why are you all looking at me? It wasn’t me who did it!” Feeling the unusual scrutiny around her, Kate erupted in frustration.

Her eyes grew fierce, tinged with a hint of threat.

“Kate, we all know what you did. Admit it already!”

“Yeah! We can’t let your personal actions drag our entire clan down!”

“Kate! If you make a mistake, you must pay the price. Stop trying to dodge it and confess. That’s the best way out for you!”

At this moment, the Harmon family members began to accuse her, launching a barrage of verbal attacks.

Under the threat of death, they could no longer afford to consider family ties.

In an instant, Kate became the target of everyone’s blame.


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