An Understated Dominance Chapter 1254

Chapter 1254 Harmons in Ruins

Although it was morally reprehensible and despicable, she no longer cared about such things when it came to staying alive.

Right now, she was gambling—gambling on whether her father would be willing to sacrifice his own life for her.

“Kate! Are you even human? To clear your name, you’re actually slandering your own father? You’re truly worse than a beast!”

“That’s right! Your father raised you with all his hard work, and you not only lack gratitude but also dare to frame him? You’re utterly ungrateful!”

“Ungrateful child! You’re truly an ungrateful child!”

At this moment, the members of the Harmon family angrily rebuked her one by one.

Kate’s disloyal and unfilial behavior had completely infuriated the public.

The trouble she had caused was now being placed on her father’s shoulders, and she had lost all trace of humanity.

“Shut up! All of you, shut up!”

Kate, in a fit of anger and desperation, shouted repeatedly. When her gaze once again turned to Trent, it became pitiful, “Dad, you’ve watched me grow up since I was a child, and you’ve always been so kind to me. You surely can’t bear to watch me die, right?”

“You’re already in your twilight years, with only a few years left, but I’m still young, I have a beautiful life ahead of me, and a bright future. I don’t want to die here!”

“Dad, please, confess quickly! If you don’t speak up and confess, your daughter will be doomed!”

Kate’s emotions grew increasingly agitated, her voice getting louder, and she finally became hysterical.

Her once-beautiful face had gradually twisted, and she now appeared exceptionally frenzied.

“Kate, you’re right. I am indeed guilty, and I admit it.”

Seeing his daughter’s distorted face, Trent couldn’t help but smile bitterly.

There was no anger or resentment in his eyes; there was only pity and heartache.

Of course, there was also a sense of helplessness.

At this moment, he deeply regretted his past choices.

He shouldn’t have fought for power, forced his third brother to abdicate, and, even more so, trusted the Grant family.

It was his greed that led him to make the wrong choices, take the wrong path, and ultimately create the current situation.

The Harmon family was now in ruins, and he had to take responsibility for it.

He also had to take responsibility for his third brother’s death.

His daughter had strayed down the wrong path and become insane, and he had to bear the corresponding responsibility.

He was a sinner, an unforgivable sinner.

If his death could save his daughter’s life, he would willingly accept it.

“Listen! Did you all hear that? My dad has confessed! My dad has admitted his guilt!” Kate’s face showed ecstatic joy, as if she had found a lifeline.

“Clan Chief! What are you talking about? Clearly, it’s Kate’s fault. Why are you taking the blame for her?”

“Yeah, Clan Chief! Such a heinous beast, there’s no point in keeping her alive; let her die!”

The members of the Harmon family were indignant and very puzzled.

“That’s enough!”

Trent raised his hand to silence the people, then took a deep breath and calmly said, “I’m the one who has brought the Harmon family to this point. I did things I shouldn’t have done, resulting in irreparable consequences. I’m ashamed of the Harmon family, of my third brother, and of all of you. I… deserve to die.”

Once these words were spoken, everyone was stunned.

After saying this, Trent picked up the long knife on the ground and slash his neck.

He died on the spot!


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