An Understated Dominance Chapter 1255

Chapter 1255 To the Black Prison

As the sharp blade sliced through his neck, a large amount of blood spurted out.

In the next moment, Trent fell to the ground with a resounding “thud,” lifeless.

There was a faint smile of relief on his face.


Kate stood frozen in place, her mind unable to process what had just happened.

The blood that had sprayed from Trent’s wound had landed on her face, making her already twisted expression appear even more gruesome, like a malevolent spirit.

“Clan Chief!”

“Big Brother!”

The members of the Harmon family exclaimed in shock and sorrow.

They were all close confidants of Trent, and they had prospered and suffered together with him.

Now that Trent had taken his own life, the Harmon family was completely ruined.

“He’s dead, he’s dead… the sinner is dead!”

After a moment of bewilderment, Kate felt a tremendous weight lifted off her shoulders and began shouting frantically, “Dustin! Did you see that? My dad is already dead, the mastermind has committed suicide to atone for his sins, he has paid the price, can we stop now?”

Although she felt some sadness at her father’s death, the predominant emotion was the joy of escaping death.

In her view, as long as her father took the blame for her, she could safely escape punishment.

“Stop now? Do you think it’s just it?” Dustin’s face remained cold and unmoved.

He could naturally see that Trent had sacrificed himself for his daughter.

From a father’s perspective, it was the only thing he could do.

But Dustin had no intention of letting things end so easily.

Every wrong had a perpetrator, and if the root of the problem wasn’t eradicated, there might be trouble in the future.

“Dustin, my dad is already dead, what more do you want?” Kate’s face was tear-stained as she cried.

“Your father may be dead, but you’re still alive. Do you really think you can get away with all the evil deeds you’ve done just because your father confessed?” Dustin’s voice remained cold.

“You… what are you talking about? It was clearly my dad who did it, I didn’t know anything!” Kate was panicking.

“Enough of the act. I know exactly who you are. Pretending to be pitiful in front of me serves no purpose. Now you have two choices: either take your own life to atone for your sins or go to the Black Prison (Azkaban).”

“I don’t want to die! The sinner has already been executed, it’s not my fault! I’m still young, I have a beautiful life ahead of me, you can’t kill me, you can’t!” Kate frantically shook her head.

“If you refuse to take your own life, then you’ll go to the Black Prison.”

Dustin made a hand gesture and said coldly, “Take her to the Black Prison. I want her to spend the rest of her life in darkness!”


A group of Evil Hall disciples grinned maliciously.

The Black Prison was a nightmare for countless people, and they had a deep understanding of it. If it weren’t for their fortunate encounter with Master Dustin, they might never have gotten out.

“No! I won’t go to the Black Prison! It’s not a place for humans!” Kate began to struggle frantically, crying bitterly. “Dustin! Let me go, please, I know I was wrong, I won’t do it again. As long as you spare me, I’ll serve you for the rest of my life, I’ll be your servant forever! Please!”

“Take her away.”

Dustin remained unmoved and ordered the others to forcefully drag Kate away.

For someone who had lost all sense of conscience and had become insane, the Black Prison was perhaps the best destination.


Kate’s desperate voice echoed from a distance, filled with deep resentment and despair.

But this time, there was no one who could help her.

“And as for all of you, none of you are good people.”

After Kate was taken away, Dustin’s gaze turned to the remaining members of the Harmon family.


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