An Understated Dominance Chapter 1257

Chapter 1257 Tyler’s Secret

“That’s a good bet, but why should I gamble with you?” Dustin said indifferently. “Your life is currently in my hands. What qualifications do you have to gamble with me?”

Upon hearing this, Tyler clenched his teeth and finally said in a deep voice, “I have a treasure map in my possession. It’s the result of my years of searching, and I’m willing to use it to gamble my life!”

If it weren’t for being pushed to a dead end, he would never reveal this secret.

The Harmon family’s treasure map had been divided into three pieces in total. He had obtained one of them by chance, and he also knew some secrets related to it. It was because of this that he had secretly schemed, set up various arrangements, and planned to obtain the remaining piece of the treasure map from the Harmon family.

Unexpectedly, before he could acquire the second map, he had gotten himself into such a big trouble. Now, he could only bet his way out with the map he had.

“So, you also have a treasure map. No wonder you’ve been so persistent,” Dustin nodded thoughtfully. “Alright, I’ll give you a chance to turn the tables, but if you can defeat me, I won’t pursue today’s matters any further. However, if you lose, your entire Grant family will suffer.”

“No problem!” Tyler readily agreed.

“Tyler, don’t be impulsive!” Thaddeus was taken aback and turned pale.

Dustin was a world-famous Kirin, an unparalleled martial genius. Engaging in a martial arts competition with someone of that caliber would be like courting death, wouldn’t it?

“Grandfather, rest assured, I won’t lose!” Tyler said with a serious expression. “There’s a secret I haven’t revealed to the public. In fact, three years ago, I became a Grandmaster. Even when facing Kirin, I can still fight and win!”

“What? A Grandmaster?!”

This revelation shocked the entire audience.

Tyler was not even thirty years old, and at his age, becoming an innate martial artist was already a rare genius. As for reaching the level of a Grandmaster, it was like reaching for the stars and was nearly unattainable.

In the entire Dragonmarsh, Grandmasters under the age of thirty were extremely rare.

In other words, in terms of martial arts accomplishments, Tyler had become one of the top talents in the entire kingdom!

“That’s great! If Tyler is a Grandmaster, then there’s hope for us to win this high-stakes gamble!”

“He’s been hiding his true strength! Truly exceptional!”

“What does it matter if he’s Kirin? He’s just yesterday’s hero. Our Lord Tyler is the real unparalleled genius!”

“Hahaha… there’s hope, we all have hope now!”

At this moment, the members of the Grant family were excited and overjoyed, celebrating as if they had won already.

Before this revelation, they had no idea of Tyler’s true strength.

Little did they expect that he had quietly reached the level of a Grandmaster, making him a tremendous and pleasant surprise.

With such formidable strength, even in the face of the legendary Kirin, they had no reason to doubt.

Moreover, he could become famous with just one battle!

“No wonder you’re so confident. It turns out you have something to rely on,” Dustin said, somewhat surprised.

Setting aside everything else, reaching the level of Grandmaster at such a young age was indeed the mark of an extraordinary talent.

“Dustin, are you afraid now? The renowned Kirin, the future West Lucozia King, do you even have the courage to fight?” Tyler began to provoke.

If Dustin hesitated or backed out, it would be troublesome.

“You don’t need to provoke me with words. I agree to have a duel with you, and I won’t back out. Whether I win or lose will depend entirely on your abilities,” Dustin said indifferently.


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