An Understated Dominance Chapter 1258

Chapter 1258 Life and Death Duel

“Alright! You asked for it!” exclaimed Tyler, a gleam of excitement in his eyes.

This was the only chance they had to turn the tide, and they couldn’t afford to miss it.

“Step back, everyone! Give us some space. If we’re going to fight, don’t get in the way,” proclaimed Thorian firmly, immediately shouting to the people around to clear the area.

Although many years had passed since they last met, Thorian was filled with unwavering confidence when it came to Dustin.

The title of “Kirin” wasn’t just a boast; it was earned through sheer strength.

A decade ago, in the bustling city, talented individuals were abundant, and geniuses were everywhere. It was a fierce competition, and heroes vied for supremacy.

And what happened?

His older brother emerged out of nowhere and single-handedly suppressed all competition, making those so-called geniuses flee in disgrace.

Looking across the entire city, there was hardly a worthy adversary.

Since then, the name Logan had become the nightmare of all the young talents, a name that struck fear into their hearts.

Even the extraordinary individuals in the city were easily subdued. So, what was someone like Tyler, a mere nobody, but a pawn?

Just a stepping stone.

With Thorian’s call, the crowd quickly dispersed, creating ample space for Dustin and Tyler to demonstrate their skills.

This battle determined the life and death of the entire Grant family.

If Tyler won, everyone would be saved. If he lost, it would be a devastating blow to the entire Grant family.

“Tyler, you must win!” Thaddeus watched from afar, clenching his fists nervously.

“Rest assured, Elder Clan Leader. Tyler is already a Grandmaster of martial arts. He can surely turn the tide!” replied someone confidently.

“That’s right! Even if Kirin is impressive, he’s been dormant for ten years. He can’t possibly match Tyler!”

“Tyler is a natural prodigy. No one can compare. In this showdown, victory is certain!”

The members of the Grant family were filled with unwavering confidence.

Since Tyler had taken over as clan leader, he had never disappointed them, and this time would be no different.

At that moment, in the center of the arena, Tyler and Dustin faced each other, their gazes sharp and unyielding, neither giving an inch.

They were of the same age and possessed astonishing talents.

Now, they were openly confronting each other, a highly anticipated duel with suspense hanging in the air.

Everyone was speculating, who would emerge victorious in the end?

Would it be the legendary Kirin, Logan, who had once shaken the world?

Or would it be the hidden, immensely talented General Tyler, with a bright future ahead?

“Dustin! Draw your weapon!” Tyler slowly unsheathed his longsword from his waist, pointing its tip at Dustin’s forehead.

“To deal with you, I don’t need a weapon. Just come at me,” Dustin beckoned casually, his expression as calm as if he didn’t regard his opponent highly at all.

“Do you really think you don’t need a weapon?” Tyler’s face darkened.

In all his years, this was the first time someone had shown such disdain towards him.

“Enough talk. Let’s finish this quickly,” Dustin said impatiently.

“Hmph! Blades and swords have no eyes. Life and death are up to fate. Since you’re so arrogant, don’t blame me!” Tyler’s anger flared, and without another word, he thrust his sword forward.

He intended to make Dustin understand the consequences of underestimating him!


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