Battle Through The Heavens Chapter 780 Assassinate

Chapter 780: Assassinate

The night sky quietly arrived while Xiao Yan and the others were waiting. The small depression in the mountains that was hidden by the forest emitted a slight activity just as the crescent moon slowly climbed into the sky.

“Old Hai, all of you need not appear if this assassination proceeds smoothly. If any unexpected changes occur during the operations, we will need all of you to receive us.” Xiao Yan turned his head, looked at Hai Bodong, and spoke in a deep voice after having completed his preparations with Medusa.

“Yes.” Hai Bodong nodded. His face was solemn as he said, “Be careful. I will be constantly monitoring the situation in the city.”

Xiao Yan smiled. He nodded slightly before turning his head back while whispering to Medusa, “Let’s go.”

Medusa, who had already changed into a set of black clothes, nodded when she heard this. After which, she moved her body and appeared in the air. She looked at the distant city, which still retained a tight defense even after being covered by the night sky.

Xiao Yan did not use his Dou Qi wings because he was afraid of attracting too much attention. Instead, he summoned the Purple Cloud Wings, which he had not used for a long time. Although the Purple Cloud Wings’ speed could not be compared with the Dou Qi wings, it was superior in that it was not so eye-catching at night. This time around, they were heading over to assassinate and not to openly break into the city to control it.

Xiao Yan flapped his Purple Cloud Wings as his body swiftly rose into the air. After which, he exchanged gazes with Medusa before slightly nodding. The two of them transformed into black figures that rushed toward the city under the cover of the night sky.

With the speed of the two of them, they appeared at a spot not far from the city wall within a couple of breaths. Over half of those expert Dou Wangs who were patrolling the place had already been moved away. The ordinary soldiers who remained may have been large in number, but they did not possess any threat to Xiao Yan and Medusa

Their two figures quietly stood in the darkness. Their bodies turned into black lines that rushed into the city in a lightning-like manner the moment an empty space was created when two expert Dou Wangs crossed each other. Finally, their bodies moved and they flashed into the shadow of a building.

“We will separate here. Remember, leave immediately once you succeed. We will meet in the Black Mountain Fortress after that.” Xiao Yan glanced at the human figures that randomly flew above in the sky. He suppressed his voice and whispered in Medusa’s ear.

Medusa was a little hesitant when she heard this. There was naturally not much trouble for her to leave. However, once Xiao Yan was surrounded by many experts, there would be some danger in his attempt to flee.

“Ke ke, relax. Although I am not a Dou Zong, there aren’t many Dou Huangs who could stop me if I really wanted to flee.” Xiao Yan appeared to have sensed the slight hesitation in Medusa’s eyes as he slightly smiled and whispered.

“Yes… be careful.” Medusa immediately spoke softly as she nodded when she heard Xiao Yan speak.

“Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes.”

Medusa once again nodded. She did not procrastinate any longer after nodding once again. Her eyes slightly flashed to the sky above before her body moved and turned into a blurry black shadow that rushed into the city in a lightning-like manner.

Xiao Yan’s eyes sent Medusa away as her body quietly disappeared in the darkness. He also let out a soft sigh. After obtaining his bearings, he flew in the opposite direction of Medusa.

The Little Fairy Doctor, who was seated cross-legged on the roof of a spacious building located in the middle of the city, slowly opened her grayish-purple eyes. Her gaze swept over the direction where Medusa and Xiao Yan were located. She immediately lowered her face and softly spoke to herself, “I have already done all that I am able to do. It is up to all of you to make it succeed.”

The camp of the Mulan Valley was located in an area that was near the western side of the city. Compared to the other dark regions of the city, this place was still well lit even though it was deep into the night. Fully armed soldiers were patrolling all over the place. Expert Dou Wangs repeatedly flew overhead through the air. An expert with exceptional eyesight was also guarding from of the tall towers in the camp. Their incomparably sharp eyes repeatedly swept over the darkness surrounding the camp. The alarm-sounding crossbows in their hands were ready to shoot at any time. Looking at the tight defenses of this place, it was obvious that they were on their guard.

A blurry human figure suddenly flashed through the darkness within the camp. The tall wooden face that was made from thick, firm wooden poles quietly melted and formed an average-sized hole. The darkness immediate wiggled and a human figure rushed into it in a strange manner.

Although this place was tightly guarded, it lacked the presence of a genuine elite Dou Zong. Hence, these security measures did not actually impact Xiao Yan much. Although he was only a Dou Huang, he possessed an extremely sharp Spiritual Perception that gave him a foresight that enabled himself to reduce his chances of being exposed.

The soldiers patrolling to and fro as well as the flashing human figures in the air did not discover a black figure swiftly approaching the middle of the well lit camp.

During the time that Xiao Yan had swiftly entered the camp of the Mulan Valley, Medusa had already appeared in the deepest region of the Gold Geese Sect on the roof of an extremely luxurious hall that occupied a very large space.

Medusa’s eyes swept over the place in an indifferent manner. She glanced through the gaps between the tiles. She heard waves of woman mo*ning being transmitted from within as well as a familiar lewd male laugh. The chill in her eyes became even denser. She had long heard that the Gold Geese Sect’s Sect Leader was extremely lustful, but she did not expect him to still find time for such physical enjoyment.

Medusa flicked her finger, and a tiny thread of unusually rich seven colored energy slowly agglomerated on the tip of her finger…

Energy gathered on the tip of Medusa’s finger, but she did not immediately act. She shut her eyes and appeared to have entered her training state. Her body did not make the slightest movement while the energy on the tip of her finger became increasingly condensed.

Only one true killing move was needed!

An assassin similarly only required one strike! Hence she needed to grasp the best opportunity!

A tent that was even larger than an ordinary tent stood in the middle of the Mulan Valley’s campground. A black figure quietly surfaced from the shadows of the tent.

The figure’s eyes studied the tent, and a slight heat surfaced in the air a moment later. It immediately revealed an extremely small hole in the large tent. The situation within the tent was also absorbed into his eyes.

Three old men were seated within this well lit tent. From their appearances, they were naturally the three Mulan Elders. At this moment, the three of them had formed a triangular shape. All of their eyes were tightly shut. The nostrils of the three of them were emitting a blood-red energy. This energy lingered over the three of them before completely entering the old man with the weakest aura. Clearly, this Elder of the Mulan Valley was the tiger-headed Elder, whom Xiao Yan had seriously wounded that day. Looking at the action of these three people, it seemed as though they were recuperating.

“This ‘Three Beast Savage Skill’ is indeed mysterious. It is actually able to heal each other. Moreover, its effect is also quite good. No wonder it is the most profound Qi Method of the Mulan Valley.” Xiao Yan, who was hiding in the darkness, could not help but feel surprise in his heart while he observed the manner of the three people. He also gained a greater opinion of the ‘Three Beast Savage Skill’. If the Yan Alliance had experts who practiced this Qi Method, the increase in its strength would not be small…

Xiao Yan gently exhaled. He gradually calmed himself as the Dou Qi within his body quietly circulated…

The recuperation within the tent continued for around ten minutes before it gradually stopped. The three of them slowly opened their eyes.

“How is it?” The other two people opened their mouths to ask. They sighed in relief when they saw that blood-colored energy entering the body of the tiger-headed Elder.

“I have recovered a little. However, my injuries are quite serious. It is likely that I can only wait for the tier 6 medicinal pill to be delivered from the Mulan Valley if I want to be fully healed…” The tiger-headed Elder’s face was gloomy as he replied.

“It is unexpected that the brat actually possessed such a tactic. We really underestimated him.” A Mulan Elder frowned as he spoke.

“We were merely disadvantaged by being caught off-guard this time around. Moreover, the fire lotus that he used against Yan Luo Tian also seemed to really exhaust him. It is not possible for him to recover within a short period of time.” A viciousness flashed across the tiger-headed Elder’s eyes as he said, “Once the elite experts from the Mulan Valley arrive, we will once again join with the Gold Geese Sect, and we will strike the Yan Alliance until their blood flows like a river even if the Poison Sect ceases to participate!”

The two other Elders also nodded their heads with gloomy faces. If they return empty-handed from their combined attack on the Jia Ma Empire, how could their Mulan Valley have any face to stand in this northwestern region in the future? They would definitely receive much ridicule when they next participate in the ‘Factions Grand Meeting’.


The sudden sound of a sharp whistle appeared just as the two of them nodded their heads. An ear-piercing noise resounded over the entire camp.

The expressions of the three Mulan Elders drastically changed when they heard this whistle sound. They did not pause. Instead, two of their bodies moved to protect the injured tiger-headed Elder behind them.

The tent leaned sideways and burst apart the moment they moved. A human figure completely covered by a silver glow, carrying a sharp wind, rushed out.

“Xiao Yan? You have really come!”

The eyes of the three Mulan Elders shrank slightly as they looked at the silver-colored human figure who had rushed over in a lightning-like manner. They immediately cried out with stern voices. At the same time, powerful Dou Qi suddenly surged. The two of them joined hands and violently smashed angrily toward the light figure.

The two punches carried a fierce wind. They were as quick as lightning and in the blink of an eye, their fists smashed heavily against the light figure.


The light figure shook intensely upon receiving such a heavy blow. It immediately scattered in front of the shocked eyes belonging to the three Mulan Elders…

“An afterimage?”

Having already gained the experience of exchanging blows with Xiao Yan, a lightning flashed past the hearts of the two Elders. They suddenly turned their bodies in dismay and could see a black figure standing beside the tiger-headed Elder in a ghost-like manner. His eagle-claw-like hand firmly held the Elder’s neck.

The black-robed, young man could not help but give the two people a slight smile when he saw them looking over. His white, shiny teeth caused a chill to spread through their bodies.


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