Battle Through The Heavens Chapter 788 Inviting Helpers

Chapter 788: Inviting Helpers

The bald-headed Snake-Person stared at the jade-green fire lotus that lingered in front of Xiao Yan with eyes that were unusually solemn. He clearly understood from the completely still gaze of Xiao Yan that if he really took another step forward, the fire lotus, that contained a frightening wild and violent energy, would definitely be shot over.

“Brat, you really are worthy of being the chief of the Yan Alliance. You do have some skill…”

The bald-headed Snake-Person licked his lips and laughed. However, the slighting attitude from earlier had vanished from his current tone. Now, he somewhat began to believe the rumors in the tribe that Xiao Yan was able to defeat an expert Dou Zong. This exquisite fire lotus did caused a fear to seep out from deep within his soul.

“I do not wish to fight with you. Please pass a message to Medusa.” Xiao Yan raised his eyes, lifted his hand, and continued to hold the jade green fire lotus in his palm. He glanced at the Snake-Person before speaking in a faint voice.

“The tribe leader is undertaking a retreat. No one can randomly disturb her.” The bald-headed Snake-Person shook his head and laughed.

Xiao Yan knit his brows. He did not say anything. He simply flicked his finger. The fire lotus in his hand suddenly flew toward the bald-headed Snake-Person. It carried a fire tail along the way and appeared like a tiny falling star.

The bald-headed Snake-Person’s face involuntarily changed upon seeing that Xiao Yan had actually launched the fire lotus, that contained a frightening energy, without any hesitation. He swung his tail and swiftly moved back.

However, no matter how his body dodged, that jade-green fire lotus followed close behind, seeming to possess a tracking device.

Hence a comical scene appeared in that open ground. One of the strongest people greatly respected within the Snake-People’s eyes was actually being chased by that small jade-green flame until he was dodging all over the place. This scene caused the surrounding Snake-People to look at each other. The eyes that they used to look at Xiao Yan, who was slightly moving his hand, carried a vague aghast look.

“Dammit, are you done?” The bald-headed Snake-Person dodged once again before throwing his gaze at the fire lotus that Xiao Yan had shot over. He furiously roared out.

The fire lotus came to a slow stop. Finally, it remained suspended in the air around two to three meters away from the bald-headed Snake-Person. The high temperature that was being emitted from it caused dense droplets of perspiration to appear on the forehead of that bald Snake-Person.

“Can First Commander help pass the message now?” Xiao Yan faintly laughed.

“You…” The bald-headed First Commander grit his teeth, but he immediately glanced at the slowly rotating fire lotus a short distance in front of him. His heart shuddered. If this thing were to explode, he might end up keeping his life but living after that would be nothing good.

“Wait here!”

The bald-headed First Commander struggled for a moment before finally giving up. He spoke fiercely toward Xiao Yan before his body flashed as he traveled to the stone stairs. After which, he swiftly rushed into the deep mountains.

Xiao Yan smiled when he saw the bald-headed First Commander fleeing so agilely. He beckoned with his hand and the fire lotus which the latter greatly feared obediently shot back. After which, it remained suspended above his hand before it transformed into a cluster of jade-green flame amid an unusual ripple. The flame entered his body.

Xiao Yan ignored those many curious and respectful gazes after having returned the fire lotus to his body. He slowly shut his eyes and quietly waited for Medusa to appear.

The bored Zi Yan by Xiao Yan’s side was observing all around her with curious eyes. Perhaps it was because she was unhurt after having received a punch from the First Commander earlier, but the surrounding Snake-People were extremely courteous to her. They revealed a friendly smile when they saw her looking over.

The two of them quietly waited. Around ten minutes after the bald-headed Snake-Person entered the deep mountains, two rays of light swiftly rushed out from within. Finally, they stayed suspended in the sky above the open ground before they steadily landed.

The surrounding Snake-People and guards in the open ground respectfully bowed upon seeing the light figure at the front.

“Why do you have time to come and look for me in the Snake-People Tribe today?” The only one who was able to possess such prestige within the Snake-People Tribe was naturally Medusa. Her eyes looked at Xiao Yan and Zi Yan after having landed. She involuntarily inquired with some surprise.

“Cai Lin jie (elder sister).” Zi Yan jumped for joy when she saw Medusa appearing

She immediately ran toward her, knocking into the latter’s embrace when she did so.

Medusa’s delicate hand rubbed Zi Yan’s small head and a moving smile was revealed on her face. This extremely rare smile caused the bald-headed First Commander by the side to turn dull after seeing it.

“Cai Lin jie, this bald person actually dared to attack me just now. If Zi Yan had not already advanced to the Dou Huang class, it is likely that he would have killed me with that one punch.” Zi Yan’s head nestled in Medusa’s embrace before suddenly pointing at the First Commander by her side as she angrily spoke.

The forehead of Xiao Yan and the First Commander began to reveal some perspiration when they saw this act of Zi Yan. This little fellow actually dared to complain.

Medusa gently patted Zi Yan head. After which, her pretty eyes indifferently glanced at the bald-headed First Commander by her side. The latter’s body immediately stiffened as he dryly laughed, “Tribe leader, there was a misunderstanding earlier. I merely wanted to test Xiao Yan’s skills and did not intend to attack this cute little girl.”

From the manner in which Medusa treated Zi Yan, the bald-headed First Commander naturally understood how close the relationship between the two of them was. He immediately began to fawn with his words.

However, he did not notice that Medusa’s brows immediately knit slightly after he had spoken. She waved her delicate hand and spoke in an indifferent voice, “Xiao Yan is a Snake-People Tribe guest that the Elders have acknowledged. How can you just attack him as you wish? Go to the Snake Cave by yourself and come out one month later.”

The bald-headed First Elder’s expression became dull when he heard this. However, he did not dare to resist and could only weakly nod his head.

“You should leave first.” Medusa dismissed the bald-headed First Commander before pulling Zi Yan as she slowly walked toward Xiao Yan. She lifted her pretty eyes slightly and asked, “Is something the matter?”

Xiao Yan rubbed his head when he saw Medusa’s calm face. He helplessly said, “I wish to obtain your help. Little Fairy Doctor has sent information over that she has discovered traces of someone from the ‘Hall of Souls’ in the Chu Yun Empire. Hence…”

“Do you have some information about that person from the ‘Hall of Souls’? For example his strength?” Medusa voiced her thoughts.

“No. However, I think that with the three of us together, we should be able to restrain that Protector Wu even if we meet him again.” Xiao Yan shook his head as he replied. He had already successfully advanced to the Dou Huang class. He would no longer need to stake his life and go all out like he did back then when facing an elite Dou Zong. Moreover, he currently not only had Medusa, but also Little Fairy Doctor, who was not any inferior to her. This lineup could likely be considered quite strong even on the Dou Qi continent.

Medusa’s eyes slightly moved. She spoke somewhat uneasily, “This could indeed be considered true. However, I am uneasy about that Little Fairy Doctor. Moreover, this time around, we are entering deep into the Chu Yun Empire. That place is her territory. If she wished to play a trick…”

Xiao Yan could only roll his eyes within his heart when she heard this. It was indeed not easy to resolve enmity that was formed between women. It seemed that he would need quite a lot of time to get Medusa to trust Little Fairy Doctor.

“Forget it, since you trust her, we will do as you say. Otherwise, you will blame me for being narrow-minded in your heart.” The corner of Medusa’s lips curled when she saw Xiao Yan’s bitter smile. After which she waved her hand and spoke in a faint voice.

Xiao Yan was startled when he saw Medusa lift her delicate hand. He involuntarily extended his hand and grabbed it. He frowned upon seeing a scar on her arm that had been hidden by her sleeves before asking, “You are injured? What happened?”

A sleek redness surfaced on Medusa’s bewitching face when her hand was grabbed by Xiao Yan in front of so many tribesmen. She hurriedly withdrew it and said, “It is a small injury. We want to built a tribe in this place that is close to the Magical Beast Mountain Range and naturally needed to move land and trees. In the end, we attracted quite a number of powerful Magical Beasts. This is caused by a Magical Beast that clawed at me in my carelessness during battle.”

“Why did you not send someone to the Yan Alliance to look for me? With the Yan Alliance’s current strength, it is sufficient to create a safe area for you.” Xiao Yan frowned as he responded

“It is not as though I cannot settle these issues. There is no need to trouble all of you…” Medusa vaguely smiled. She felt a faint warmth flowing from Xiao Yan at this moment and her heart was somewhat comfortable.

“When are we leaving?” Medusa did not wish to be entangled on this topic for long. She changed the topic and asked a question.

“As soon as possible.” Xiao Yan replied in a deep voice.

“In that case, wait for me for awhile. I will address some of the issues within the clan and follow you.” Medusa did not hesitate eve a little when she heard this. She nodded and turned her body only to be grabbed by Xiao Yan. She was able to hear a soft voice being transmitted from the other party’s mouth while she was feeling stunned.


Medusa was startled when she heard this word. She immediately smiled and said, “Just treat this as a reward for you helping me refine the ‘Heaven Soul Blood Bone Pill’.” She moved her delicate hand after speaking and fled from Xiao Yan’s grip. After which, she rushed to a Meeting Room within the tribe.

Xiao Yan softly sighed as he looked at Medusa’s back. His heart was filled with a complicated feeling. The danger of their current trip to the Chu Yun Empire was something that was needless to say. Moreover, the Jia Ma Empire had gradually become peaceful and the Snake-People Tribe had recently moved. There was definitely many things changing in her tribe. Yet, she still did not reject…

Xiao Yan’s heart was not made of stone. He also felt faintly moved in his heart when the other party put in all this effort.


Xiao Yan let out a long sigh from his mouth. He patted Zi Yan’s head but his heart was somewhat chaotic. She had helped him too much…

Medusa did not take too much time to settle some issues. After about half an hour, she had appropriately settled everything. She swiftly left the Snake-People Tribe ground with Xiao Yan and Zi Yan. They began to fly toward the border of the empire.

There was quite some distance to the border of the empire. Even with the speed of Xiao Yan’s group, they only managed to reach it in the evening.


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