Battle Through The Heavens Chapter 789 Hurrying to Chu Yun

Chapter 789: Hurrying to Chu Yun!

Three rays of light flashed over from a distant mountain peak at the border of the Chu Yun Empire. A moment later, they turned into three human figures.

“In front is the Chu Yun Empire. It is rumored that Poison Masters dominate the interior of this empire. We must be more careful when we act in the future.” Xiao Yan looked at a vague fortress at the edge of his sight from a tall vintage point before turning his head to remind Medusa and Zi Yan.

“Yes.” The two of them nodded. Medusa looked at Zi Yan beside her, hesitated a little, before saying, “Are you certain that you want to bring Zi Yan along? This trip to the Chu Yun Empire is not some tour.”

Zi Yan’s small face immediately became anxious when she heard Medusa’s words. She was unwilling to remain alone in the Jia Ma Empire. That was so boring.

“Ke ke, relax. Don’t underestimate this little girl. She is also an expert Dou Huang. Adding her frightening strange strength, she is even able to contend with ordinary experts at the peak of the Dou Huang class. Moreover, when it comes to a life and death situation, it is likely that she has even better skills than the both of us when it comes to preserving her life.” Xiao Yan rubbed Zi Yan’s head and laughed.

Hearing this, Medusa also recalled that Zi Yan had actually relied on her Dou Wang class strength to receive a blow from protector Wu back on the Misty Cloud Mountains. She immediately ceased saying any other things. She smiled at Zi Yan and said, “In that case, you can follow. However, I will say this first. You cannot be the least bit mischievous this time around. You better not touch anything that you should not touch. Most of the experts from the Chu Yun Empire carry some sort of dirty poison.”

Zi Yan hurriedly nodded her small head when she saw that Medusa was willing to agree.

“Ke ke, in that case, let’s go. The headquarters of the Poison Sect is located in a city at the middle of the Chu Yun Empire. There is still some distance we need to cover to get to that place…” Xiao Yan laughed.


Medusa faintly nodded. She immediately pulled Zi Yan and the two of them swiftly rose into the air. They flew hurriedly toward the Chu Yun Empire under the cover of the night sky. Xiao Yan followed behind them.

The territory of the Chu Yun Empire was not smaller compared to the Jia Ma Empire. From a certain point of view, it was even larger than the Jia Ma Empire. However, this empire was undoubtedly much more chaotic when compared to the Jia Ma Empire.

Poison Masters, an occupation that was spurned by almost everyone in the Jia Ma Empire, developed exceptionally well within the Chu Yun Empire. One could almost see people wearing the robes of a Poison Master within any single city. The Chu Yun Empire also showed a scene which was rarely seen within the Jia Ma Empire — the sale of poison.

There were some shops that specialized in the sale of poison in every single city of this empire. As long as it was something related to poison, it was possible to purchase them from these places. Things with greater poison properties would be more expensive.

There was a kind of Dou Qi within the Chu Yun Empire that was many times more common than any other Dou Qi affinity. The people from the Chu Yun Empire called it the poison Dou Qi.

The poison Dou Qi was also divided into a countless number of branches but they were still approximately the same. All of them contained a lethal poison. Of course, such an unusual poison affinity was naturally not an ordinary affinity. Instead it was a man-made mutated product. An ordinary person would have to soak one’s body within poison water and train in it before one became a Dou Zhe. The poison would slowly seep into one’s body and finally intertwine with the Dou Qi within one’s body. After a long time, the originally normal Dou Qi would become a poison Dou Qi that possessed different kinds of effects!

Compared to ordinary Dou Qi, the lethality of poison Dou Qi would indeed possess some advantages. However, poison was ultimately poison. This thing did not differentiate between enemies and oneself. An increase in training would cause the body to become weaker under the corrosion of the poison. Unless one was able to advance to an expert Dou Huang, an ordinary person who practiced a poison affinity Dou Qi would have a much shorter lifespan compared to an ordinary person.

Having various poisons mixed into one’s body would also result in some people’s characters deviating from the normal. This also resulted in the Chu Yun Empire being quite chaotic. Sparing and all out fights were undoubtedly much more frequent compared to the Jia Ma Empire. Moreover, perhaps it was because the poison within one’s body might attack one’s heart at any moment, but the people within the Chu Yun Empire were a little more crazy when it came to training. This was because everyone knew that if they did not reach the Dou Huang class, the poison Dou Qi that they practiced would sooner or later consume this life of theirs.

With the pressure from death, the training atmosphere in the Chu Yun Empire was indeed crazy. It may be the reason why the experts hidden among the people of the Chu Yun Empire were many times more than that within the Jia Ma Empire. These experts would seldom join any major factions. Instead, they would fight alone and go all out to train, hoping that they could completely escape the poison erosion within their bodies.

On the whole, this empire was clearly more chaotic and dangerous than the Jia Ma Empire.

Of course, such a degree of chaos was undoubtedly much weaker when compared to the ‘Black-Corner Region,’ which was without laws. After all, this place had the Chu Yun Empire imperial family and that enormous being known as the Poison Sect governing it…

Xiao Yan and the other two used nearly four days before they entered the middle region of the Chu Yun Empire after traveling a long distance.

The three of them also gained some understanding of the chaos within the Chu Yun Empire during this journey. This was especially so when they saw poison fogs randomly brewing all around some battles. The danger of this empire that was felt in their hearts rose quite a bit. After understanding all of this, Xiao Yan’s heart involuntarily marveled at Little Fairy Doctor’s achievement once again.

Being able to establish an enormous faction that nearly ruled over one third of the Chu Yun Empire within this chaotic ground would likely have involved payments with countless amounts of blood. Ordinary gentle tactics would likely have difficulty reining in any experts with extreme characters in the Chu Yun Empire. Only bloody methods were the most effective against them.

Xiao Yan could imagine that the Little Fairy Doctor’s path was likely filled with numerous corpses for her to be able to develop the Poison Sect until this stage as a female…

The headquarters of the Poison Sect sat in the middle of the Chu Yun Empire. There was a city called Sky Poison City located at that place. This city was completely controlled in the hands of the Poison Sect. It could be said that this city was the land ruled by the Poison Sect. Even the imperial family from the Chu Yun Empire did not have the slightest authority in this place.

This Sky Poison City was regarded by a countless number of Poison Masters within the Chu Yun Empire as a holy ground in their hearts. Some of the strongest factions within the Chu Yun Empire, over the generations, would establish their headquarters in this place and receive the worship of those Poison Masters from all over the empire.

The Sky Poison City was extremely renowned within the Chu Yun Empire. Hence, Xiao Yan’s group only needed to randomly inquire about it to obtain its exact location. With the speed of the three of them, they spent around a day before arriving at this city that was regarded as a holy city.

Xiao Yan’s group stood on a mountain peak outside of the Sky Poison City. The travel weary group heaved a long sigh of relief. The way the three dressed had changed a little. Medusa had wore a Doupeng on her head. Her outstanding appearance had attracted quite a lot of trouble during this journey of theirs. Medusa naturally did not show even the slightest mercy to these fellows with ill intent. However, those troublesome flies continued to arrive. In the end, she could only helplessly use a Doupeng to hide her face even with the degree of viciousness in her heart. Their travels had become much smoother once she did this.

(TL: Doupeng – A conical bamboo hat with a veil hanging over it to cover one’s face)

“It is unexpected that such a large city is actually controlled by the Poison Sect… looks like the status of this Poison Sect within the Chu Yun Empire is much greater than the Yan Alliance within the Jia Ma Empire.” Xiao Yan praised as he looked at the large city below.

“Your tactics are not as ruthless as hers. If you are willing to kill all the people within the imperial family and wash various factions with blood, the Jia Ma Empire could also completely become the land of the Yan Alliance. Moreover, no one would dare to have the slightest objection.” Medusa faintly replied.

Xiao Yan laughed bitterly when he heard this. He was really unable to do that.

“Do we need to enter the city?” Medusa did not linger over this topic as she randomly inquired.

“There is no need…” Xiao Yan smiled and shook his head. His hand immediately moved and a gray jade piece appeared in his hand. He gently pressed it and broke it into powder.

Xiao Yan patted his hand after doing this. He sat cross-legged on the mountain peak and spoke with a smile, “Next, we’ll wait. She will arrive quickly.”

“Hopefully it won’t be a group of experts from the Poison Sect.” Medusa curled her mouth as she responded.

Xiao Yan involuntarily shook his head in a helpless manner upon hearing this. It seemed that Medusa had quite the grudge with the Little Fairy Doctor. However, he was helpless when it came to such matters. Perhaps things would be a little better after the two of them interacted for a long time.

Xiao Yan’s eyes slowly swept over the surroundings of the Sky Poison City while he thought in this manner in his heart. He let out a deep breath and gradually clenched his fist. A cold glint surfaced in his dark-black eyes.

“That fellow from the ‘Hall of Souls’… just you wait!”

A blurry black figure finally appeared in their sight around half an hour after Xiao Yan’s three men group waited on the mountain peak. Finally, it flashed a couple of times and appeared in the air above this mountain peak.


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