Battle Through The Heavens Chapter 790 Ten Thousand Scorpion Gate

Chapter 790: Ten Thousand Scorpion Gate

The arrival of the human figure naturally attracted the attention of Xiao Yan’s three man group. They immediately became cautious. Only after the black figure appeared and revealed symbolic long white hair did the three of them softly sigh in relief.

“Sorry, sorry, I am really sorry. The sect was discussing something just now so I have arrived a little late.” Little Fairy Doctor softly spoke to Xiao Yan. She swung her narrow waist slightly as she slowly descended. Her eyes swept over Zi Yan and Medusa behind him when she spoke. She involuntarily continued in a faint voice when she saw the Doupeng on the latter’s head, “It is not as though I have never seen you. Why did you need to find a Doupeng? Don’t tell me that you think you won’t be recognized?”

Xiao Yan helplessly cried out ‘this is bad’ within his heart when he heard these words of Little Fairy Doctor.

As expected, the moment the Little Fairy Doctor’s voice sounded, the Doupeng on Medusa’s head turned into a black shadow. It carried a sharp wind as it shot viciously toward the former.

The Little Fairy Doctor did not move her body even a little as her eyes stared at the Doupeng that explosively shot over. She flicked her finger and a wisp of wind shot out. Finally, it violently collided with the Doupeng and immediately blasted apart.

“If I really wanted to hide my trail, would you be able to find this Queen with your ability?” Medusa’s bewitching appearance was revealed after the Doupeng was thrown away. Her gaze was ice-cold as she looked at Little Fairy Doctor and mocked.

“There is no one that I cannot find in this Chu Yun Empire.” The Little Fairy Doctor did not give in as she coldly laughed.

“Enough! The both of you just shut up. All of you better be quiet! I have come looking for all of you, but not to hear you argue!” Xiao Yan felt a headache forming when he heard the way these two people began to argue with each other upon meeting. All he could do was furiously cry out.

After Xiao Yan’s furious cry, these two people once again stared coldly at one another before turning their eyes away.

“Little Fairy Doctor, do you have the information about the people from the ‘Hall of Souls’?” Xiao Yan only let out a sigh of relief when he saw that the both of them were quiet. He began to open his mouth and inquire about the most important matter of this trip.

“Aye, aye… the someone from the ‘Hall of Souls’ has come looking for me again when I returned to the Chu Yun Empire. However, he seems to be a little furious at me for not capturing you. He left after a short argument. This time around, I paid a little more attention and gradually discovered the trail of this person.” Little Fairy Doctor nodded her head as she slowly replied.

“What is his strength like?” Xiao Yan eyes flickered as he asked in a deep voice.

“It is not weaker than mine. Otherwise, he would not dare to act arrogantly in front of me. Ugh…” Little Fairy Doctor voiced her thoughts. Her gaze immediately glanced at Medusa as she said, “If the three of us were to join hands, we might be able to restrain him.”

Xiao Yan nodded once. Some excitement leaped in his eyes. Compared to the situation where he had fled with Yao Lao all over the place, he now began to take the initiative to look for information regarding the people from the ‘Hall of Souls’. The difference between the two was extremely great. From this, it was sufficient to indicate the growth of Xiao Yan during these few years.

Perhaps if he was given sufficient time, he might really possess the qualifications to contend with the ‘Hall of Souls’ head-on!

“It should not be too much of a trouble for the three of us to deal with that expert from the ‘Hall of Souls’. However, the troublesome thing is that this fellow from the ‘Hall of Souls’ has some connection with a faction. If we were to really do something, it is likely that we will come into conflict with this faction.” Little Fairy Doctor hesitated for a moment before slowly speaking.

“Isn’t it rumored that some of the Poison Master factions have already been eliminated by the Poison Sect?” Xiao Yan asked, feeling startled when he heard this.

“We did indeed eliminate quite a number of them. However, the faction called the ‘Ten Thousand Scorpion Gate’ is an exception. The faction has an old fellow whose name is extremely renowned within the Chu Yun Empire many years ago. Although he seldom appears these days, he is still indeed alive. When we were prepared to eliminate the ‘Ten Thousand Scorpion Sect’ the last time, we ended up alerting this old fellow who was in a retreat. I have exchanged a couple of blows with him. He is indeed very troublesome…” Little Fairy Doctor helplessly spoke.

“Moreover, this ‘Ten Thousand Scorpion Gate’ also possesses quite a number of experts. Although it usually keeps a low profile and does not really intervene in the matters of the empire, they do indeed possess quite a great weight within the Chu Yun Empire.” A cold glint slowly flickered in Little Fairy Doctor’s eyes. Clearly, she felt a little afraid of this ‘Ten Thousand Scorpion Gate’.

Xiao Yan’s expression gradually sank when he heard this. If this was the case, would they not have to start a battle with this ‘Ten Thousand Scorpion Gate’ if they wanted to capture the person from the ‘Hall of Souls’? However, this was the Chu Yun Empire. It was difficult for the experts from the Yan Alliance to support them. It would be extremely troublesome if they were to attack.

“Since she is able to call you here, it is only natural that she has a plan. Why don’t we listen to her opinion.” Medusa opened her mouth, and indifferently spoke when she saw Xiao Yan’s expression.

Xiao Yan was startled when he heard this. His gaze was thrown toward the Little Fairy Doctor.

The Little Fairy Doctor glanced at Medusa before nodding her head slightly, “During this period of time, news of some conflicts between the ‘Ten Thousand Scorpion Gate’ and the ‘Poison Sect’ has been repeatedly transmitted over. Not long ago, we captured a person from the ‘Ten Thousand Scorpion Gate’ and learned from him that this faction, which usually keeps a low profile, seems to be intending to attack our Poison Sect… according to what I know, it is likely that the person of the ‘Hall of Souls’ is fanning the flames. Otherwise, that old fellow would not do such a thing given his character.”

“The sect has decided to preempt the other party and launch an attack after learning of this news. We will eliminate the ‘Ten Thousand Scorpion Gate’ before they can attack!” A fierce glint flashed in Little Fairy Doctor’s eyes as she observed Xiao Yan and said, “If it was in the past, it is likely that we might not be able to eliminate the ‘Ten Thousand Scorpion Gate’ even if we were to go all out.However, with all of you, our chances will greatly soar.”

“See, just see. She has actually got you over to be a fighter.” The corner of Medusa’s mouth curled as she coldly laughed.

“Medusa! Don’t go overboard. Don’t think that this ancestor (Dou Zong) is afraid of you!” The Little Fairy Doctor’s expression immediately became ice-cold as she furiously cried out, “If you feel that am asking you to come and be a fighter for the Poison Sect, you can leave right now. I will not stop you!”

Medusa narrowed her eyes. She was just about to speak when she glanced at the fury gradually surging on Xiao Yan’s face. She immediately swallowed her words and said, “Hopefully, it was just a random guess by this Queen.”

“If you wish to argue again, I will go and look for the person from the ‘Hall of Souls’ by myself. All of you can just go and do whatever you want to do!” Xiao Yan raised his eyes. He did not cry out angrily this time around. All he did was use a calm tone to speak.

However, it was this calm tone that caused Medusa and the Little Fairy Doctor to hurriedly shut their mouths. They could both sense the impatience and fury currently in Xiao Yan’s heart.

Zi Yan to the side watched the two people, who had been shaken by Xiao Yan until they shut their mouths. She immediately began to gloatingly laugh.

“Since the ‘Poison Sect’s’ target is the ‘Ten Thousand Scorpion Gate’ and my target is the person from the ‘Hall of Souls’ behind the ‘Ten Thousand Scorpion Gate’, we will naturally cooperate.” Xiao Yan’s eyes flipped to the Little Fairy Doctor as he spoke in a deep voice after shaking the two of them.

“You can be reassured that I do not think that you have come to look for me in the Jia Ma Empire to be your fighter. If I did not trust you, I would have not hurried over.” Xiao Yan waved his hand and spoke after seeing the Little Fairy Doctor’s hesitant manner.

Little Fairy Doctor sighed in relief after hearing this. She softly said, “In that case, we will attack tomorrow. The Poison Sect has been prepared for this for a long time and can move anytime.”

“Yes. Yes. Yes.” Xiao Yan nodded slightly. He voiced his thoughts, “What is the strength of that old fellow from the ‘Ten Thousand Scorpion Gate’ like?”

“He should be around a three star Dou Zong. His Poison Skill is extremely ruthless. Back then, he could have been considered a fierce star, and was once prominent within the Chu Yun Empire. However, he has been undertaking a retreat and training during these recent few years. Hence, he gradually disappeared from the scene. However, some of the older generations can still remember that vicious old fellow.” The Little Fairy Doctor’s eyes were solemn as she spoke. She was clearly quite afraid of this old fellow.

“That old fellow should be called Xie Pi Yan, right?” The eyes of Medusa by the side flickered for a moment before she suddenly asked.

“You know him?” Little Fairy Doctor and Xiao Yan were startled when they heard this.

“Yes, aye, we even exchanged blows back then. However, that was the time when I had just become the tribe leader. He was already a renowned expert from the Chu Yun Empire back then. We fought once, but the him back then was merely an expert Dou Huang. It is unexpected that he has not died after so many years, but advanced to the Dou Zong class.” Medusa slowly spoke.

“That’s right, Hai Bodong had also exchanged blows with him back then, but ended up losing. On the other hand, Jia Xing Tian from the Jia Ma Empire’s imperial family took the upper hand in a couple of fights with him. Unfortunate, Xie Bi Yan is currently already an elite Dou Zong while that fellow is still lingering at the peak of the Dou Huang class. If he knew about this information, it is likely that he would be afraid for a long time. However, as a whole, this Xie Bi Yan could be considered to be in the limelight during the fight between the experts from the Jia Ma Empire and the Chu Yun Empire back then. He has surpassed quite a number of experts from the Jia Ma Empire.”

Xiao Yan felt somewhat surprised when he heard of some of the old events, that had happened back then, spat from Medusa’s mouth. It was unexpected that this Xie Bi Yan was actually an old opponent of the Elders from the Yan Alliance.

“He should be the strongest within the ‘Ten Thousand Scorpion Gate.’ As long as this old fellow is settled, the remaining people, other than chief Xie Shan and a couple of Elders, should not be too troublesome. It is fine leaving them to the experts from the Poison Sect.” Little Fairy Doctor nodded her head and voiced her opinion, “If we include that expert from the ‘Hall of Souls’ the ‘Ten Thousand Scorpion Gate’ should have two elite Dou Zongs. She and I should be able to deal with them. Moreover, Xiao Yan, you also possess a trump card that can hurt an elite Dou Zong. Our chances of victory in this battle is quite great.”

Xiao Yan smiled when he heard this. He nodded and said, “In that case, we should leave tomorrow. I also want to see just how powerful this person who suppressed the experts in Jia Ma Empire back then is.”

“Of course, there is that person from the ‘Hall of Souls’. He is the most important target of this trip…” Xiao Yan’s expression became somewhat dense as he spoke.


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