Battle Through The Heavens Chapter 791 Wu Ya

Chapter 791: Wu Ya

Poison Sect had obviously prepared against the Ten Thousand Scorpion Gate since long before. Hence, on the second day after Xiao Yan’s three men group arrived at the Sky Poison City, this enormous machine known as the Poison Sect began to activate. A countless number of people were dispatched in a scattered manner and began to quietly gather around the Sky Scorpion Mountain Range. In merely three days, they had completely sealed off this place in secret.

Although this large scale movement of the Poison Sect might be able to be hidden from the people outside, it was obviously not possible to remain hidden from the Ten Thousand Scorpion Gate, which possessed quite a number of spies. Hence, the Ten Thousand Scorpion Gate sensed it when the Poison Sect people began to gradually appear around the Sky Scorpion Mountain Range. The conflict between the two factions had thus entered its most intense point. There were over a hundred killings that began to appear in the Sky Scorpion Mountain Range almost everyday. Both parties suffered losses in these various conflicts.

It was still alright at the beginning with only some low level people fighting with one another when they occasionally met. However, when the experts from the Poison Sect arrived, the experts from both parties began to exchange blows. In a short while, the Sky Scorpion Mountain Range, which had been quite quiet, descended into a liveliness that it had never witnessed before.

The Little Fairy Doctor led the top experts from the sect and appeared at the camp of the Poison Sect on the Sky Scorpion Mountain Range during these increasingly heated conflicts between both parties.

This campsite that the Poison Sect had chosen was not far from the headquarters of the Ten Thousand Scorpion Gate. They were merely separated by a bottomless gorge. The walls of the mountains were covered by countless numbers of colorful poisonous scorpions. The fog that lingered over the mountains withered unceasingly and emitted a slight fishy smell.

The campsite was tightly guarded by a countless number of gazes crossing each other even in the sky. If Xiao Yan’s three men group had not followed the Little Fairy Doctor all the way, it was likely that it would have been difficult for them to successfully enter this place by just relying on the strength of the three of them.

With the exception of Zi Yan, the appearances of Xiao Yan and Medusa had been slightly changed. After all, these two people had left behind quite a deep impression on some of the experts in the Poison Sect in the last big battle. It was likely that they would invite some unnecessary trouble if they were to reveal their true faces.

Changing one’s appearance was not rare within the Chu Yun Empire. Poison Masters always loved to act in unorthodox ways and would create all sorts of strange, unique items. A tool known as the Mysterious Beast Skin was able to quietly make some changes to a person’s appearance. Of course, one’s appearance would naturally recover to its normal form once this thing was removed.

However, this Mysterious Beast Skin was differentiated between a high and low grade. There was a large difference in the reality changes that were created between the two. However, with the Little Fairy Doctor’s position in the Chu Yun Empire, she naturally provided the best Mysteriou Beast Skin to Xiao Yan and Medusa. In this way, it was likely that very few people would be able to identify them.

They passed through the tightly guarded campsite before all of them stopped just outside of an enormous tent at the middle of the campsite. There were quite a number of experts from the Poison Sect currently gathered in this place. Clearly, they had received the information that the Little Fairy Doctor had transmitted earlier.

Both parties briefly greeted each other when they met. Little Fairy Doctor waved her hand and faintly said, “We will discuss our plans after entering the tent. Give me details of the most recent developments.”

“Sect Leader, who are these few people?” An old man who was standing at the leader’s spot of everyone suddenly swept his gaze over Xiao Yan’s three man group behind Little Fairy Doctor. He immediately frowned as he inquired.

This old man clearly held a high position within the Poison Sect. His pale-green robe was eye-catching. His face had a black centipede drawn on it. This along with the movement of his wrinkles on his face caused the centipede to slowly wiggle like it was alive, sending out a dark, cold, evil aura to others.

Xiao Yan’s eyes swept over him a couple of times. The Little Fairy Doctor had told him about some matters of the Poison Sect along the way. They suddenly flashed across his heart when he saw the dark-black centipede on his face.

Due to the rapid development of the Poison Sect, it was not as united as Xiao Yan had imagined. There was a mixture of many factions within it. This old man who had a centipede on his face was called Wu Ya. His strength was around the peak of the Dou Huang class. He was originally the leader of the ‘Centipede Sky Mansion’ from the Chu Yun Empire. However, he eventually took the initiative to surrender to the expanding Poison Sect. Finally, he became a powerful Elder within the sect. He had roped in quite a number of experts from the sect and was able to oppose some of the Little Fairy Doctor’s orders at times. When the Chu Yun Empire withdrew back then, the greatest opposition in the sect came from this old man.

Some of the experts from the Poison Sect also threw their gazes toward Xiao Yan’s three man group after hearing Wu Ya’s question. Most of their eyes paused on Zi Yan’s body. They felt an incredulous feeling that such a jade-carving like little girl had come with such a dangerous person.

“They are all friends that we have invited over. Why? Is there any problem Elder Wu?” The Little Fairy Doctor seemed to have already anticipated that Wu Ya would pose this question. She did not even raise her eyes as she replied with an indifferent voice.

“Hee hee, this old me naturally has no problems. However, this big battle with the Ten Thousand Scorpion Gate will affect our Poison Sect’s reputation and position within the Chu Yun Empire. We naturally need to be much more cautious. Hence, sect leader should be more careful if you wish to invite others to help.” An unusual glint flashed through Wu Ya’s eyes when he heard Little Fairy Doctor’s words. His eyes immediately swept over Xiao Yan’s three man group in detail. His face frowned and trembled slightly when he discovered that the strength of the three of them were all at the Dou Huang class.

Of course, with his strength, he was naturally unable to see the depth of Medusa’s strength. Hence, he only thought that she was a Dou Huang after the latter suppressed her aura.

“However… chief, three Dou Huangs will likely not have much effect in such a big battle right?”

“We will know if there are any changes in the future. Elder Wu, it seems that you have a lot of opinions today?” Little Fairy Doctor’s face slowly turned cold as she responded after hearing this old fellow continue to speak.

“Ke ke, what is chief saying. I am also thinking of the Poison Sect. After all, this big battle is far too important for us.” Wu Ya laughed when he saw Little Fairy Doctor’s expression. He still possessed a little fear for the former and naturally did not dare to be too overboard. He clearly understood that if he did not possess a great reputation within the Poison Sect, it was likely that he would have been eliminated by the Little Fairy Doctor.

“I naturally feel assured about the people I have invited.” The Little Fairy Doctor knit her brows slightly before waving her hand. She ignored him and walked into the tent. The experts from the Poison Sect at the entrance hurriedly moved aside upon seeing this.

Xiao Yan’s gaze drifted toward Wu Ya without leaving a trace when his group was walking past the latter. This old fellow actually dared to doubt Little Fairy Doctor’s words in front of so many people. It seemed that things were indeed as the latter had said. His strength within the Poison Sect was quite great.

“I must remind Little Fairy Doctor to be cautious of this old fellow. Although the Poison Sect is strong, its interior is far too unstable. This old fellow might be the greatest instability.” This thought flashed across Xiao Yan’s heart as he walked into the spacious tent.

Wu Ya and the others outside the tent smiled, and watched the back of Xiao Yan’s three men group as they entered the tent. A gloominess flashed in their eyes without leaving any trace only after they had entered the tent. This gloominess swiftly disappeared. They lifted their heads, chatted and smiled with the other experts from the Poison Sect before entering the tent.

Everyone separated and sat down within the tent. Xiao Yan’s group randomly sat beside Little Fairy Doctor. Below them was the group of experts from the Poison Sect.

“How is the current situation on the Sky Scorpion Mountain Range?” The Little Fairy Doctor did not say any unnecessary things after sitting down. She started on the main topic and inquired in a deep voice.

“The people from the Ten Thousand Scorpion Gate have already begun to pull back their defensive line after entangling with our Poison Sect for a couple of days. Most of the people in the sect are on the Ten Thousand Scorpion Mountain. Our Poison Sect has lost quite a number of people in the exchange during this period of time. We even lost two expert Dou Wangs during a bold chase.” Wu Ya looked all around him before letting out a dry cough. He chose to speak first.

The Little Fairy Doctor frowned a little upon hearing this. The overall strength of the Poison Sect was much stronger than the Ten Thousand Scorpion Gate. Why were their losses more serious than the other party?

“Sect leader, according to my observations during this period of time, it seems that the other party was aware ahead of time that our Poison Sect committed to a little larger operation. The elite members of the Ten Thousand Scorpion Gate would be withdrawn from the encircled area and leave behind some unimportant low level members… moreover, as long as there was a weakness in the defensive line of our Poison Sect, it would immediately suffer a large attack by the other party, resulting in us suffering quite the losses.” Wu Ya’s face was somewhat ugly as he spoke in a deep voice, “According to a guess by this old me, it is likely that there is a traitor from the Ten Thousand Scorpion Gate within our Poison Sect.”

The interior of the tent was immediately in an uproar when these words were uttered. All the experts from the Poison Sect looked in all directions. There was a faint amount of caution in the eyes that they used to look at their companions.

The Little Fairy Doctor looked at the somewhat chaotic large tent. A cold glint flashed in her eyes. If the Poison Sect really did have a traitor from the Ten Thousand Scorpion Gate, would each and every single one of their actions not be exposed in the other party’s eyes?

Xiao Yan sat in one corner and studied the transformation in the tent with cold eyes. However, the place where his eyes remained the longest time were on Wu Ya, who had first said that there might be a traitor. Currently, he was no longer that young fellow who knew nothing. He had met too many cunning old fellows.

“It seems that Little Fairy Doctor does not have such an easy time being the sect leader of this Poison Sect…”


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