Battle Through The Heavens Chapter 793 Xie Bi Yan

Chapter 793: Xie Bi Yan

The leader of the experts of the Ten Thousand Scorpion Gate was a middle-aged man who displayed a dark, cold expression along with a set of chinese robes. From the respectful manner in which those surrounding experts from the Ten Thousand Scorpion Gate were looking at him, it was likely that he was the person who had spoken earlier. The chief of the Ten Thousand Scorpion Gate, Xie Shan.

There were five old men behind Xie Shan. Xiao Yan’s gaze paused for a moment on their bodies. These five people also possessed the strength of the Dou Huang class but three of them seemed to have just broken through a short while ago. Therefore, some of the aura within their bodies was seeping out. The group of people who were further behind were the expert Dou Wangs from the Ten Thousand Scorpion Gate. Based on a rough estimation, there were likely at least dozens of them. Placing such a lineup here did indeed possess a deterrent effect.

Little Fairy Doctor glanced at the Xie Shan. Her voice was as calm as water as she spoke, “Where is Xie Bi Yan? Call out that old fellow too. Otherwise, your Ten Thousand Scorpion Gate will be swallowed by my Poison Sect today.”

“Hee hee, Sky Poison Woman. We have not seen each other for a short year but you are becoming more arrogant. My Ten Thousand Scorpion Gate cannot be compared with those ordinary factions. Aren’t you afraid of being choked to death by swallowing us?” The middle-aged man, who was the chief of the Ten Thousand Scorpion Gate, Xie Shan, quietly laughed. “Moreover, old Xie is an expert renowned in the Chu Yun Empire for a long time. You, as a member of the younger generation, are perhaps still lacking qualification if you want to challenge him.”

A faint cold glint flashed across the Little Fairy Doctor’s grayish-purple eyes. She did not waste her breath and merely waved her sleeves. An unusually dense gray-colored Dou Qi pillar explosively shot out. It cut through the air and violently smashed toward Xie Shan’s group like a falling star.

Xie Shan’s face changed a little when he saw that the Little Fairy Doctor attacked at the first disagreement. Powerful Dou Qi suddenly surged out. The five elite Dou Huangs behind let out an orderly furious cry. Their hands were placed on Xie Shan’s shoulders and the Dou Qi within their bodies poured into the latter like floodwater.

Xie Shan’s face became a lot redder after receiving the pouring of such a large amount of Dou Qi. A thought moved through his mind and both of his hands ruthlessly moved forward. A majestic Dou Qi pillar that was agglomerated from the strength of six people suddenly shot out before colliding with that gray Dou Qi pillar. A earth-shaking explosion erupted that blocked the Little Fairy Doctor’s attack.

“Not bad, you are actually able to receive one blow from this ancestor (Dou Zong). Looks like your Ten Thousand Scorpion Gate has put in quite a lot of effort in order to deal with me.” The Little Fairy Doctor indifferently watched the Dou Qi ripple from the annihilation. She did not even raise her eyes. Her voice also contained a little ridicule.

Xie Shan coldly laughed. However, he did not dare to slight her in his heart. Too much Dou Qi had flowed into his body earlier, causing his veins to feel a swelling pain. If this continued a couple more times, it was likely that he would die from his veins bursting apart. After all, they were not like the three Mulan Elders who had a special Qi Method to merge their strength.

“However, this ancestor (Dou Zong) has also said today that if Xie Bi Yan does not come out, your Ten Thousand Scorpion Gate will have difficulty escaping this calamity!” The Little Fairy Doctor’s eyes suddenly turned cold as the seal on her hand suddenly changed.

“Thousand Mysterious Poison Fountain!”

The cold cry had just sounded when countless amounts of thick gray light rays surged from Little Fairy Doctor’s body. They immediately shot toward Xie Shan’s group from all directions. The thick gray light rays shined through the sky. Its intense corrosiveness left behind many scars in the sky that were visible to the naked eye.

The expression of Xie Shan sank upon seeing this attack by Little Fairy Doctor which possessed extraordinary force. Elite Dou Zong was indeed not someone whom they could contend with. The energy that was contained in each of this gray glows would likely be sufficient to cause the death of an expert Dou Zong.

Although they were met with such a powerful attack, Xie Shan’s group did not panic even a little. When the countless number of thick light rays reached a spot around a hundred feet from them, the dense green fog suddenly began to churn. An old man strangely appeared in the air. The walking stick in his hand violently pounded the empty air and a majestic Dou Qi surged out of his body. Finally, it transformed into a light curtain that covered the air around a hundred feet in front of him. The countless number of thick gray Dou Qi light rays rushed over, finally carrying a ‘chi chi’ sound as they smashed down.

Under the continuous thick gray Dou Qi explosion, the light curtain began to form waves of ripples. However, it ultimately stood tenacious and did not show any signs of shattering.

The explosions continued for awhile before they gradually slowed until they completely disappeared.

That enormous light curtain slowly turned pale when the gray Dou Qi disappeared before revealing a slightly hunched white-haired old man behind.

The old man was wearing ordinary clothes and an expressionless face with turbid eyes that seemed to contain a glint that caused one’s heart to feel a chill. His hand was holding a dark-black walking stick. The walking stick had an exceptionally savage-looking scorpion head and a little purple glow, that was difficult to notice, flashed from the head of the scorpion.

The old man stood in empty air. The aura all over his body was completely pulled into it and not even a little of it seeped out. At a glance, he appeared just like an ordinary old man. However, the experts from the Ten Thousand Scorpion Gate hurriedly greeted him respectfully after he appeared. The expressions of the experts from the Poison Sect also gradually became solemn. Even the Little Fairy Doctor did not dare to underestimate this person who possessed a great reputation within the Chu Yun Empire many years ago.

“This fellow should be the elite Dou Zong from the Ten Thousand Scorpion Gate, Xie Bu Yan, right.” Xiao Yan looked at the old man who had suddenly appeared. His heart turned cold as he suddenly spoke.

“Yes.” Medusa also slightly nodded. Some solemness appeared in her eyes.

“It is unexpected that this old fellow is actually able to withdraw his aura to such an extent. It seems that he has not wasted these years. According to my estimation, it is likely that this fellow has already reached the peak of a four star Dou Zong. If he is lucky, he might even be able to breakthrough to a five star Dou Zong.” Medusa voiced her opinion.

Xiao Yan’s face changed when he heard this. Yun Shan back then was at the very most had the strength of a three star Dou Zong. It was unexpected that this fellow had already reached the peak of a four star Dou Zong. Medusa’s strength was also around this level…

The strongest person that Xiao Yan had met in all these years was likely that Protector Wu after he had swallowed Yun Shan’s soul. The next was Yao Lao who had only recovered his Spiritual Strength. After that it was Medusa and the Little Fairy Doctor. Now, he might perhaps have to add another to that list, Xie Bi Yan.

After one’s strength reached the Dou Zong class, the increase of a single level was unusually difficult. The difference between the strength of each level also increased. Of course, the current Xiao Yan was not very certain about this. He was only striving to make it through the Dou Huang class at this moment. Although he could fight with an elite Dou Zong if he used all his strength, the price that he needed to pay was too great. From this, one could tell just how powerful an elite Dou Zong was!

“I should begin searching for a new ‘Heavenly Flame’ to raise my strength after this matter is over. Otherwise… I will only be able to fight with an elite Dou Zong after using all of my strength. This won’t do…” Xiao Yan quietly nodded as this thought flashed across his heart. If he wanted to rescue Yao Lao and his father as well as successfully be together with Xun Er, he would need an extremely powerful strength. The current him obviously did not possess this!

Of course, it was unusually difficult if an ordinary person wanted to raise his or her level. However, it was different for Xiao Yan. Being in possession of the ‘Flame Mantra’, his strength would soar greatly as long as he could find a new ‘Heavenly Flame’ and swallow it. Reaching the Dou Zong class was within reach. Although this involved extremely great danger, what kind of training was completely smooth and safe?

Xiao Yan slowly inhaled a deep breath of air. His heart became anxious when he thought of raising his strength. He also possessed an initial plan about where he ought to travel in the future.

“A young person really have sharp edges. Back then, when the old me was dominating the Chu Yun Empire, you were just playing with mud in some unknown corner. Even though the new wave has pushed the old wave, this old me has at the very least not been pushed to death…” Xie Bi Yan’s turbid eyes swept over Little Fairy Doctor as he spoke with a faint voice.

“In the battle back then, I really did not expect you to be able to eliminate most of the factions within the Chu Yun Empire. However, this is also good. With this Poison Sect, I can save time and effort in the future. As long as I finish you off, this Poison Sect will naturally be changed to the Ten Thousand Scorpion Gate.”

“We’ll just have to see if you have the strength to swallow my Poison Sect!” A cold glint flashed across Little Fairy Doctor’s eyes as she coldly cried out, “Poison Sect five Elders, take formation! Leave Xie Bi Yan to me!”


Wu Ya and four other Elders behind the Little Fairy Doctor swiftly spread apart after hearing her cry. They formed a mysterious formation. Dou Qi surged from their bodies as the hands of the five people collided. Their powerful aura showed traces of agglomerating.

Little Fairy Doctor’s eyes were ice-cold as she looked at Xie Bi Yan on the other side. She did not know if she was mistaken, but she saw faint ridicule flash across the other party’s eyes.

While the Little Fairy Doctor was frowning a little, a cold glint suddenly flashed across the eyes of Wu Ya behind her. His hand seal changed and the five people’s aura gathered together. Five powerful forces shot out. However, this attack did not strike at the people from the Ten Thousand Scorpion Gate. Instead, they shot toward the Little Fairy Doctor who had her back facing them.

This sudden change was beyond everyone’s expectations. Even the Little Fairy Doctor was stagnant for a moment. However, it was this stagnation that allowed the five attacks in close proximity to suddenly reach her!

A black figure suddenly and strangely appeared behind the Little Fairy Doctor’s back the instant the attack was about to strike. A hot jade-green flame abruptly surged out and violently collided with the attack.


Powerful Dou Qi suddenly exploded and a majestic energy ripple surged out!

“Hee hee, it is unexpected that there is not one traitor but five of them. This dog biting its owner is really ruthless…”

The black figure slowly appeared. His legs were shaken until they took a step back. After which, he immediately let out a strange laugh.


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