Battle Through The Heavens Chapter 794 Big Battle Between Factions

Chapter 794: Big Battle Between Factions

The experts from the Poison Sect around them recovered the instant the black figure blocked the attack from Wu Ya and the four other Elders. They furiously cried out, “Wu Ya, what are all of you doing?”

The expressions of Wu Ya and the other four appeared quite ugly after their futile attack. Their eyes were vicious as they stared at Xiao Yan. After which, their bodies suddenly turned as they swiftly rushed in the direction of the Ten Thousand Scorpion Gate.

“You wish to flee?”

A cold glint flashed in the Little Fairy Doctor’s grayish-purple eyes. She suddenly moved her delicate hand and the space in front suddenly became distorted. The speed of Wu Ya and the four others was clearly reduced after they passed through it. When their bodies paused for a moment, five sharp forces suddenly shot over from behind them. The strength that the forces contained caused even the air to ripple slightly. It seemed that Little Fairy Doctor was quite furious at the betrayal of Wu Ya’s five man group.

The faces of Wu Ya and the four others changed slightly as they felt the wind rushing over from behind them. They did not expect the Little Fairy Doctor to act so ruthlessly. From the force, it was obvious that she intended to kill the five of them on the spot.

Xie Bi Yan let out a cold snort just before the five winds were about to strike. His body shook and he appeared behind the five of them. With a violent wave of his walking stick, five stinky poison glows were spat out from the scorpion head on the walking stick. After which, they shot toward the five forces.

The fierce energy violently collided in the empty air and waves of ‘Chi Chi’ sounds erupted. A faint smoke rose from the spot of the collision.

The smoke spread, and two thick grayish lights shot out from it in a lightning-like manner. They passed by Xie Bi Yan and finally caught up with two Elders who had renegaded earlier before penetrating through their backs.

Two sharp cries immediately sounded when these two suffered this sudden heavy blow. The clothes on the Elders who had been struck immediately burst apart. The blood and flesh all over their bodies was swiftly corroded by the potent poison that was contained in the wind. Within less than a minute, their dense white bones were revealed. The life force from the two of them was lost in front of those surrounding shocked eyes.

Wu Ya and the two other Elders by the side, who had escaped a calamity, looked at the two white skeletons that descended from the sky. They swallowed a mouthful of saliva and some remaining fear appeared in their eyes. If they were the ones who had been struck by the wind earlier, they might also have suffered the same fate.

“This woman… is too vicious.”

“Hei, what a ruthless girl. The tactics you use are vicious despite being so young.” Xie Bu Yan’s face was dark and solemn. His heart was extremely angry that Little Fairy Doctor had killed the two people in front of him. Even his words contained a dark, cold laugh.

“A traitor will have such fate. There is nothing strange about it. If your Ten Thousand Scorpion Gate have any traitors, it is likely that your tactic would be at least ten time more vicious than mine.” Little Fairy Doctor’s voice was indifferent as she spoke. Her eyes swept to Wu Ya and the others as she said, “Wu Ya, I have treated all of you quite well. You have great authority within the Poison Sect. It is unexpected that you would actually betray me.”

“Hee hee, you are perhaps unaware that I was someone from the Ten Thousand Scorpion Gate since long ago. The reason why I joined the Poison Sect the last time was because I wanted to hide within it and get to know your background.” Wu Ya laughed coldly. “Originally, I wanted to find a chance to poison you. Unfortunately, you are too cautious. However, that is also fine. With old Xie intervening today, I think that you will also not be able to live beyond today. This Poison Sect will be under our Ten Thousand Scorpion Gate in the future!”

“It seems that the centipede from yesterday was you trying to send a message, right?” Xiao Yan, who was standing behind Little Fairy Doctor, clapped his hands and laughed.

Wu Ya’s eyes shrank when he heard this. His eyes were sinister as he looked at Xiao Yan and said, “So the messenger centipede from last night was intercepted by you. Brat, who exactly are you? I advise you to not get involved with the matters of the Ten Thousand Scorpion Gate and the Poison Sect. Otherwise, you will only invite trouble sooner or later.”

Xiao Yan smiled and ignored his meaningless threat. He turned his head to Little Fairy Doctor, “It looks likes the situation is quite bad. This Ten Thousand Scorpion Gate already possessed some plans for your Poison Sect since long ago. Even if your Poison Sect did not act today, the Ten Thousand Scorpion Gate would come looking for you.”

“A mountain cannot contain two tigers. The Ten Thousand Scorpion Gate naturally wants to become the overlord of the Chu Yun Empire as well. In the past, they had kept an extremely low profile because that old fellow was undertaking a retreat. Now that he has come out, the situation is completely different.” The Little Fairy Doctor’s eyes contained some mockery as she looked at Xie Bu Yan. She coldly laughed, “However, so what if you have snatched five pieces of trash over? It is as easy as flipping a hand if this ancestor (Dou Zong) wants to kill them. Don’t tell me that you are actually able to rely on them?”

“Currently, the number of elite Dou Huangs from your Poison Sect is inferior to our Ten Thousand Scorpion Gate. Old Xie will naturally deal with you. Don’t tell me that you will actually be able to intervene? Once the big battle between you and old Xie is over, the experts from the Poison Sect will have been completely eliminated.” Xie Shan laughed in a dark voice.

Xiao Yan eyes swept over both parties upon hearing this. Indeed, with the betrayal of the five expert Dou Huangs, there was only four remaining expert Dou Huangs on the Poison Sect’s die. The other side nearly had eight Dou Huangs including Xie Shan. If Xiao Yan and the others were not present, it was likely that the Poison Sect would have ended up in quite a risky position. Unfortunately, with Xiao Yan and Zi Yan intervening, they could block four elite Dou Huangs. Medusa needed to wait for that expert from the ‘Hall of Souls’ who had not revealed himself. Hence, she would not intervene until a crucial moment.

“Since you have such confidence in your Ten Thousand Scorpion Gate, you can come and give it a try!” The Little Fairy Doctor also let out a cold laugh. Dou Qi circulated like floodwater within her body and a powerful aura which caused the space to fluctuate suddenly surged out.

“We had a hurried exchange the last time and did not manage to determine a victor. Today, allow this old me to really give it a try and see just what qualifications a member of the younger generation like you has in order to dominate the Chu Yun Empire.” A cold glint flashed in Xie Bi Yan’s eyes as he sensed the powerful aura. His walking stick heavily slammed on the empty ground, and his originally hunched back began to slowly straightened. An aura that was not much weaker than the Little Fairy Doctor seeped out as he raised his hunched back. Finally, it completely suppressed Little Fairy Doctor’s spreading aura.

The Little Fairy Doctor’s face was ice-cold. She did not waste her breath as she moved her delicate hand. Her fingernails suddenly grew by half a foot and they became like ten sharp short swords. Her fingernails were covered with a grayish-purple colour. At a glance, one immediately knew that they contained a potent poison.

The grayish-purple fingernails randomly flew through the air. One could hear a slight ‘chi chi’ sound and see that the air cracked apart and formed a slit under the sky. This was enough to tell how sharp they were.

“All of you should be careful.”

The Little Fairy Doctor turned her head and spoke to Xiao Yan in a deep voice. After which, she moved her body and it turned into a blurry black line that shot at Xie Bi Yan. At this moment, a majestic Dou Qi suddenly appeared in the sky. That unusual pressure caused quite a number of weaker individuals to feel their breathing become hurried.

Xie Bu Yan’s eyes were dark and cold as he watched the Little Fairy Doctor attack first. His shriveled hand held his walking stick tightly as he also rushed out. Due to his flashing speed being too quick, he caused numerous afterimages to form in the air.

Two elite Dou Zongs collided like comets in front of the countless number of gazes below. The energy ripple that erupted at that moment caused even the air to intensely fluctuate.

A cold glint also flashed in Xie Shan’s eyes as he watched the Little Fairy Doctor and Xie Bi Yan swiftly fight until it just became a cluster of movements. His eyes were malicious as he glanced back at the experts from the Poison Sect on the other side. He waved his hand. “Everyone from the Ten Thousand Scorpion Gate, listen up, charge!”

The experts of the Ten Thousand Scorpion Gate immediately cried out in unison upon hearing Xie Shan’s order. Dou Qi immediately surged out like a fountain. Numerous figures carried some aura and a fishy stench as they charge at the Poison Sect camp in a lightning-like manner!

The experts from the Poison Sect also emitted numerous furious cries in the face of this large scale counter attack by the Ten Thousand Scorpion Gate. Their bodies rushed forward and violently clashed with the other party’s large army.

The sky immediately became lively following the beginning of this chaotic battle. Explosions sounded repeatedly and numerous colors of Dou Qi pillars swept over the sky, shooting in all direction. The large army from the Poison Sect attacked the spot where the Ten Thousand Scorpion Gate was located. However, they ended up facing this intense counter attack by the Ten Thousand Scorpion Gate. Killing cries suddenly began to soar to the sky.


Xiao Yan randomly threw a palm and shook an elite Dou Wang that was launching a sneak attack until he spat out blood and retreated. Two human figures suddenly flashed and appeared in front of him. It was surprisingly that Wu Ya and another Elder who had betrayed them earlier.

At this moment, the gazes that these two people used to look at Xiao Yan were quite vicious. Clearly, they were extremely furious at Xiao Yan having blocked their sneak attack earlier.

“Brat, since you are not willing to listen to the advice of this old me, you can only blame yourself for having a terrible fate!” Wu Ya gave Xiao Yan a dense smile. A somewhat scarlet Dou Qi lingered over his body. The scorpion tattoo on his face was partially visible, causing him to gain an additional savage aura.

Xiao Yan glanced indifferently at the two of them. He laughed, “Since you have delivered yourself to me, you can only blame yourselves for having a terrible fate.”

Wu Ya immediately let out a furious laugh when he heard the arrogant words from Xiao Yan. Ridicule and disdain flashed across the eyes of the Dou Huang Elder by his side. They could tell that Xiao Yan was merely just a one star Dou Huang. One of the two of them was at the peak of the Dou Huang class while the other was a four star Dou Huang. Their strengths far exceeded the other party’s level. With two against one, the ending was already something that could be predicted.

They did not think that it was Xiao Yan’s strength that allowed him to forcefully receive the five peoples combined attack head on. Instead, in their hearts, they thought that it was because the Little Fairy Doctor had quietly helped him earlier. After all, a one star Dou Huang attempting to block the attack of five Dou Huangs was a fantasy. Regardless of what happened, it was difficult for them to imagine that this one star Dou Haung in front of them possessed a strength that basically made it difficult for an opponent to match him within the Dou Huang class.

A hot jade-green Dou Qi slowly seeped out of Xiao Yan’s body. His gaze swept over the battles occurring all over the place. He knit his brows slightly upon the discovery that the Poison Sect had obviously ended up at a disadvantage. It seemed that he needed to quickly finish these two old fellows…


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