Battle Through The Heavens Chapter 795 Kill

Chapter 795: Kill

Xiao Yan ceased hesitating as this thought flashed across his heart. His hand seal also suddenly moved.

“Skyfire Three Mysterious Change!”

A soft cry sounded in Xiao Yan’s heart and the Glazed Fire Lotus Flame within his body immediately followed a mysterious vein pathway as it swiftly circulated. A wild and violent strength also slowly seemed out, causing the interior of Xiao Yan’s body to be filled with an incomparable surging strength.

Xiao Yan ignored the change in expressions of Wu Ya and the other person on the opposite side after his aura suddenly surged. The silver glow on his feet appeared and his body immediately shook before appearing behind the two people in a ghost-like manner. A hot palm of wind violently smashed against the backs of these two people.

The reactions of Wu Ya and the other person were quite quick. They immediately forcefully turned their bodies around when they sensed the hot wind from behind them. Immediately, their fists, which were filled with powerful Dou Qi, ruthlessly surged forth, and finally collided with both of Xiao Yan’s palms. A loud noise immediately resounded over the sky.

The wind ripple spread out and Xiao Yan took a step back. His shoulders shook and the hidden force that was transmitted from his arms was resolved.

Wu Ya’s body also took a step back as it intensely shook while the four star Dou Huang Elder by his side took a total of three to four steps back before managing to stabilize his body. A flushed redness surged onto his face. It was unexpected that he was turned into such a miserable state by this fellow, who appeared to only possess the strength of a one star Dou Huang, after only the first exchange. He really did lose a lot of face.

“Be careful. This fellow should have used some Secret Technique that raised his strength earlier. We only need to delay him. Once he is weakened, it will be only too easy to take his life!” Wu Ya was indeed an experienced person. He immediately managed to see the reason why Xiao Yan’s strength soared at a glance before uttering with a deep voice.

The four star expert Dou Huang nodded. His gaze ruthlessly cut through Xiao Yan’s body.

Xiao Yan’s eyes indifferently swept over the two of them. Having decided to swiftly end the battle in his heart, Xiao Yan no longer delayed his movements. A silver glow suddenly surged on his feet. His body immediately shook and an afterimage remained in the spot. His body had already leaped by Wu Ya without any warning and appeared in front of that four star Dou Huang.

Shock appeared past the heart of the four star Dou Huang when Xiao Yan suddenly appeared in front of him. Dou Qi surged wildly in his body. After which, a powerful Dou Qi pillar shot out of his hand and rushed toward Xiao Yan.

Jade-green flame suddenly rose on Xiao Yan’s body and refined the Dou Qi pillar in a forceful manner. Even by just relying on the marvel of the ‘Flame Mantra’, he would not be much weaker than a four star Dou Huang. Moreover, he was currently using the ‘Sky Fire Three Mysterious Change’. His strength had already far exceeded that of a four star Dou Huang. How could the other party’s attack hurt him at all?

Xiao Yan refined the Dou Qi pillar in an instant. His body suddenly leaned forward and prepared to collide with the Elder’s chest. His waist was twisted after that and all of his strength was gathered into his arm. He immediately swung forward and violently smashed the latter’s chest.

Powerful force seeped out. The face of that Elder turned white. A soft muffled moan was emitted from his throat. Clearly, this sudden and violent close range attack by Xiao Yan caused him to suffer some injuries after failing to react in time.

Besides feeling an anger in his heart, that Elder flapped the Dou Qi wings on his back and hurriedly retreated. However, he had yet to pull back for a couple of meters when Xiao Yan quickly followed like maggot in tarsal bones. The corner of the latter’s mouth was lifted into a dense arc as his fist carried the sharp sound of rushing wind. It tore through the air and violently smashed into the Elder’s chest.

“Octane Blast!”

A cold cry resounded in Xiao Yan’s heart the moment his fist struck the other party. The frightening hidden force that was sequestered away within the bones of his fist immediately surged out in all directions. Finally, it was transferred to the Elder’s body amid the shocked face of that Elder. It suddenly exploded an instant later!

This truly fatal attack caused a mouthful of fresh bright-red blood to be spat out from the Elder’s mouth. However, the fresh blood had just left his mouth when it transformed into a blood arrow that shot toward Xiao Yan’s body.

Xiao Yan did not even lift his eyes. He opened his mouth and exhaled just before the blood arrow arrived. A wisp of jade-green flame rushed out and incinerated it into smoke. The smoke was filled with a fishy stench. Clearly, the liquid blood contained a potent poison.

Although it took awhile to describe it, only a split second had past since Xiao Yan left behind the afterimage until the two back-to-back attacks. Only after that Dou Huang Elder’s life force swiftly diminished and his body suddenly fell did Wu Ya finally turn around in shock. His eyes were aghast as he looked at the back of Xiao Yan.

Xiao Yan’s eyes swiftly drifted toward the Dou Huang Elder who fell from the high sky. A coldness gradually rose within Wu Ya’s heart. After only a couple of exchanges… a four star expert Dou Huang had already died to Xiao Yan’s hands. Regardless of how stupid he was, he finally understood at this point that the young man was definitely not an ordinary one star Dou Huang like he had imagined.

“No wonder he was invited by the Sky Poison Woman. He is indeed not medicore…”

Xiao Yan killing a Dou Huang within a few short exchanges was seen by the experts from both parties, who were all fighting within that chaotic battleground. Shock immediately surfaced in everyone’s eyes. A joy quickly appeared in the hearts of those from the Poison Sect. A person that was invited by the sect leader was indeed extraordinary…

At this moment, the doubt that the experts from the Poison Sect felt for Xiao Yan’s group in their hearts completely disappeared. The strength that Xiao Yan had displayed was enough to allow his group to be a VIP within the Poison Sect.

Of course, compared to the people from the Poison Sect, the faces of those experts from the Ten Thousand Scorpion Gate were quite ugly. Despite the strength of the Ten Thousand Scorpion Gate, they could not simply ignore the fall of an expert Dou Huang. After all, such a fighting strength was already considered top level in their faction. Losing one of them would cause them to feel a great heartache.

Moreover, the thing that caused them to feel the greatest shock was that the expert Dou Huang was killed by Xiao Yan within a few short exchanges. No one ever thought that there would be such an expert in the lineup of the Poison Sect other than the Little Fairy Doctor.

Xiao Yan ignored the surrounding surprised or shocked eyes. His gaze slowly turned to Wu Ya. He slightly smiled to him.

Wu Ya cautiously took a few hurried steps back after seeing Xiao Yan’s smile. His expression was solemn as he watched Xiao Yan. The Dou Qi within his body was circulated to the limit at that moment. His heart did not dare to slight the other party by even a little.

“I should also quickly finish you off…”

Xiao Yan smiled at Wu Ya. His hand suddenly formed a mysterious hand seal. As the hand seals flew, numerous afterimages surfaced. The surrounding natural energy suddenly began to fluctuate following the complicated change of the hand seals.

Shock once again flashed in Wu Ya’s eyes after having sensed the fluctuation of the surrounding natural energy. His heart could not help but feel some regret over having taken the initiative to look for this fellow. Looking at this transformation, it was obvious that this fellow was using a Dou Skill with extremely great strength.

These thought flashed in Wu Ya’s heart. An instant later, he clenched his teeth and a fierce glow flashed across his eyes. If he were to flee in this kind of big battle, he would no longer be able to stand within the Ten Thousand Scorpion Gate in the future.

Since he could not withdraw, he could only take a gamble. Wu Ya’s face suddenly became ferocious when he thought until this point. The black centipede that was tattooed on his face appeared even more frightening.

A somewhat fishy-scented Dou Qi surged from Wu Ya’s body. Finally, the Dou Qi swiftly transformed into a seventy-to-eighty-foot-wide energy centipede as Dou Qi danced on his shriveled hand. Wu Ya sighed in relief upon seeing that the centipede was formed. He bit the tip of his tongue and spat out a mouthful of fresh blood that was scattered on the energy centipede.

The energy centipede swiftly transformed into a blood-red color after the liquid blood was poured in, appearing extremely ferocious.


Wu Ya’s finger pointed toward Xiao Yan as he furiously yelled. The countless numbers of legs belonging to the blood-colored centipede moved in an orderly fashion. Its enormous body transformed into a blood figure that rushed through the sky. It contained a fishy scent as it charged at Xiao Yan from every direction.

Xiao Yan’s eyes were calmed as he observed the enormous blood-colored centipede that was rushing over. However, the transformation of his hand seals did not slow even a little. An instant later, the hand seals suddenly paused, forming a somewhat strange seal. The surrounding ripples of natural energy also solidified at this moment.

“Open Mountain Seal!”

A soft cry sounded within Xiao Yan’s heart. Faint redness surged onto his face as the surging energy within his body followed a couple of fixed veins and unceasingly gathered at his hand. After a mere breath, the glaring glow on his hand suddenly surged and an energy light seal that was over ten feet large suddenly erupted from Xiao Yan’s hand!

The energy light seal flew through the air. An intense fluctuation appeared at this moment while the air fled in all directions wherever the light seal passed, forming a vacuum. Seeing the momentum that this light seal created, most of the faces of those present changed once again.

The light seal and the blood-colored centipede rushed to the sky before colliding in front of the countless numbers of gazes!


A low and deep explosion resounded across the sky as numerous substance-like energy ripples spread in all directions. The surrounding experts from both parties hurriedly fled under this ripple. All of them were afraid of being implicated by it.

The blood-colored centipede failed to endure and exploded out of the blue a couple of blinks after both sides made contact. Blood glow spread in all directions.

A pale-whiteness surged on Wu Ya’s face after the blood-colored centipede was broken. A thread of blood trace seeped out from his mouth. His eyes were filled with disbelief. That blood-colored centipede was a kind of substance transformation Dou Skill which he was extremely proud of. It had an extremely great strength. He did not expect it to just break right after they met.

The light seal shook and shattered the blood-colored centipede as though it was crushing dry weeds and rotten wood. It immediately penetrated through the layer of blood fog with a whistle. It flashed and appeared above Wu Ya’s head. After which, it suddenly smashed down in front of many shocked gazes!


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