Battle Through The Heavens Chapter 797 Revealing Oneself

Chapter 797: Revealing Oneself

Xiao Yan and Xie Shan hurriedly raised their heads upon hearing that tender laughter. They were stunned to see a purple-haired little girl was suspended in the sky in front of the Four Wings Sky Demon Scorpion at this moment. Her figure was extremely agile as she dodged the wild attacks by the latter. Each time she dodged, the little girl would strike her palm on the large shell of the Four Wings Sky Demon Scorpion.

What seemed like a tender, white, little hand would emit a clear metallic sound each time it struck the Four Wings Sky Demon Scorpion. The enormous Four Wing Sky Demon Scorpion entire body shook and fell back in front of numerous stunned gazes. Clearly, that purple-haired little girl’s fist contained a kind of frightening strength that even the Four Wing Sky Demon Scorpion had difficulty withstanding.

Such repeated defeats caused the Four Wing Sky Demon Scorpion to become much more irritated. A wild, violent blood glint flickered in its enormous eyes. Two large pincers closed repeatedly like large scissors as it clipped randomly at Zi Yan. Even tough rocks were cut apart wherever the pincers past. Some towering enormous trees broke at their middle. One could see the sharpness of the enormous pincers from this.

“Ke ke, big fellow, it is useless to randomly clip about.”

Zi Yan laughed out loud when she saw the mad Four Wing Sky Demon Scorpion. Her small body strangely moved through the air and dodged all of the wild attacks of the former. This continued for awhile before her body suddenly paused. Two snow-white small hands were extended out before grabbing one of the Four Wing Sky Demon Scorpion’s enormous pincers in front of a countless number of gazes.

A powerful purple light suddenly blasted out of Zi Yan’s body after she grabbed the enormous pincer of the Four Wing Sky Demon Scorpion with both hands. A frightening strength immediately surged out from her body. Everyone was stunned when they saw that the few-hundred-foot-large Four Wing Sky Demon Scorpion was lifted up by this small girl and swung around a couple of times with a great force. It was finally ruthlessly tossed toward the spot where the Ten Thousand Scorpion Mountain was located.


The enormous Four Wing Sky Demon Scorpion appeared to be like a giant cannonball that violently shot toward the Ten Thousand Scorpion Gate’s entrance, which was covered by a green poison fog. A countless number of miserable cries suddenly sounded. The fog spread and rock fragments shot out. Clearly, the Ten Thousand Scorpion Gate’s disciples who were hiding behind the poison fog suffered great losses under the enormous body of the Four Wing Sky Demon Scorpion.

After this fiddling around, the green poison fog that permeated the area became much fainter, revealing a large swath of ruins and the enormous Four Wing Sky Demon Scorpion that was struggling to climb to its feet.

The large army of the Poison Sect outside immediately let out a deafening cheer and some laughter when they saw this sudden action. The numerous gazes which were looking at the purple-haired little girl in the sky also showed some additional respect and fear. At this moment, there was no longer anyone who dared to underestimate this girl who appeared extremely cute. That terrifying strength that even the Four Wing Sky Demon Scorpion could not match was something that even someone at the peak of the Dou Huang class did not dare to receive.


The slightly injured Four Wing Sky Demon Scorpion’s mouth emitted a furious hissing. Both of its eyes were blood-red as they stared at Zi Yan in the sky. Its four enormous wings flapped with great force as it once again rose into the air and launched an attack against Zi Yan, feeling an unwillingness to reconcile with the situation.

Zi Yan rejoiced instead of feeling angry when she saw the Four Wing Sky Demon Scorpion attack once again. The Dou Qi wings on her back were flapped and she once again excitedly went forward. Some of the surrounding experts from the Poison Sect involuntarily threw a pitiful look to the Four Wing Sky Demon Scorpion when they saw the eagerness on Zi Yan’s small face. This large fellow was ultimately a Magical Beast with an overwhelmingly fierce reputation within the Chu Yun Empire. It was rumored that it had even committed savage acts like massacring a city. It was unexpected that it was actually defeated so miserably by the hands of a little girl today.

Xiao Yan involuntarily let out a loud laugh as he looked at the completely disproportional size of the human and beast in the sky. His gaze immediately shifted down, and he laughed more when he saw the unusually gloomy face of Xie Shan because of the miserable defeat of the Four Wing Sky Demon Scorpion. “Chief Xie Shan. It looks like this guardian Magical Beast of yours cannot make it.”

The corner of Xie Shan’s mouth twitched slightly when he heard the ridicule that was contained in Xiao Yan’s words. He sinisterly spoke, “Brat, you better not be happy so soon. The person who laughs at the end is the victor. Trying to gain an advantage in argument now will only cause your ending to be even more miserable.”

Xiao Yan faintly smiled. His gaze looked all around him as he said, “Unfortunately, the advantage in this situation has already turned to our side. Looks like your Ten Thousand Scorpion Gate cannot hold out for long.”

Xie Shan’s eyes swept around upon hearing Xiao Yan’s words. His heart slightly sank. Originally, the Poison Sect was a little stronger than the Ten Thousand Scorpion Gate. Although the betrayal of the five Elders caused both parties strength to become even, it was unexpected that Xiao Yan had appeared along the way. Not only did he rely on his own strength to kill two Dou Huangs, but he had also delayed Xie Shan. From the looks of it, the tiny advantage of the Ten Thousand Scorpion Gate from earlier had now vanished. The Poison Sect had also relied on this change in momentum. Currently, the situation of the Ten Thousand Scorpion Gate was a little bad regardless of whether it was an expert big battle in the sky or the massacre of the ordinary disciples on the ground.

All of these changes were because of this damn person in front of him…

Xie Shan grit his teeth and quietly spoke in his heart, “Just where did this fellow actually appear from? Why have I not heard of such a young elite Dou Huang appearing within the empire?”

Xier Shan’s eyes were suddenly thrown toward that intense battleground in the distant sky as these thoughts flashed through his heart. At this moment, Little Fairy Doctor and Xie Bi Yan had clearly entered into a white hot battle. Frightening energy collisions caused the space on that side to repeatedly fluctuate. The occasionally terrifying energy that shot out would cause the experts from both parties to hurriedly dodge in fear.

“It is unexpected that the Sky Poison Woman’s strength is also so great. She is actually able to fight with Old Xie until this stage… however, if this is the case, our Ten Thousand Scorpion Gate will become more and more disadvantaged. At that time, our losses will be far to severe. How will it be possible to swallow the Poison Sect?”

A hot wind suddenly shot over while Xie Shan’s gaze flickered, causing him to hurriedly recover. The blue rod in his hand was swung and he completely blocked it. At the same time, Xiao Yan’s faint laughter was transmitted over.

“Chief Xie, you cannot get distracted at such a moment. If you were to follow in Wu Ya’s footsteps, that Xie Bi Yan might really become totally furious.”

“There is no need for you to worry about that, junior!” A cold glint flashed across Xie Shan’s eyes. A powerful Dou Qi suddenly surged from the blue rod in his hand. After which, rod figures spread all over the sky and enveloped all the vital points on Xiao Yan’s body.

Xiao Yan eyes were indifferent as he looked at Xie Shan’s attack. He held the heavy ruler in his hand and charged forward without giving in. The heavy ruler was just like an enormous black curtain that was violently swung in front of him. This heavy weapon was just as agile as a longsword in Xiao Yan’s hand. Moreover, the ruler’s attack came one after another without the slightest gap between them. Instead, it appeared just like a wave with one stacking on the other. Each time the heavy ruler stacked on its previous attack, the great force that it contained would cause the blue rod in Xie Shan’s hand to violently shake.

The huge ruler and the blue rod contacted each other in a lightning-like manner in mid-air. Both parties attacks were incomparably vicious. All the targets were the other party’s vital points. In this kind of situation, it was likely that the person who made a mistake first would be the first one to be injured.

Following the increase in the intensity of the exchanges, Xie Shan’s expression became increasingly darker and more cold. Only at this moment when he truly exchanged blows with Xiao Yan did he really feel just how difficult it was to deal with the other party. The heavy ruler did not reveal even the slightest sluggishness as it danced. Moreover, the attack momentum became heavier and heavier. It was just like a great tide that did not give others even the slightest chance to catch their breath. Moreover, the thing that caused his heart to feel the greatest shock was that the other parties Dou Qi made the air extremely hot. This strange hot air would move along the rod and quietly enter his body each time both sides made contact, causing him to have no choice but to divert some attention to dispatch some Dou Qi to expel and refine it.

Under this kind of extremely hot air, the dark and cold poison air that was contained in Xie Shan’s poison Dou Qi did not have the slightest ability to unleash its strength. This caused him to feel a little depressed. Such a battle was too suffocating…


The heavy ruler once again collided violently with the blue rod. The air wave that erupted shook Xiao Yan and Xie Shan until they took a step back. The latter’s expression was dark and solemn as he took the opportunity to hurriedly retreat. The poison Dou Qi within his body surged out and resolved the hot air in his body that caused him great discomfort.

“Xie Shan, use the signal to summon that person over!”

An elderly cry suddenly sounded beside Xie Shan’s ear just as his body stabilized.

Xie Shan was startled when he heard this. The voice naturally came from Xie Bi Yan who was engaging in an intense battle with Little Fairy Doctor. Hearing the solemness in his voice, it seemed that Little Fairy Doctor’s strength had somewhat exceeded his expectations.

However, Xie Shan heaved a sigh of relief upon hearing Xie Bu Yan’s words. If they did not invite that person out in this current situation, it was likely that the ending would really be difficult to predict.

“Brat, no matter how you jump around today, our Ten Thousand Scorpion Gate will definitely be victorious!” Xie Shan sinisterly spoke to Xiao Yan. His face revealed a savage smile as he recalled that person’s strength.

Xiao Yan stood while holding the ruler. His eyes were calm as they stared at Xie Shan. The corner of his mouth faintly contained a slight disdain.

Fury burned in Xie Shan’s heart when he saw this manner of Xiao Yan. He immediately ceased hesitating as he swiftly took out something that was in the form of a cluster of black fog. After which, he violently pressed it. The black fog immediately burst apart and a strange sonic wave was spread out from within it.

“After capturing you, this chief will entertain you properly. The poisonous scorpions that I am rearing have not eaten the flesh of an expert Dou Huang for a long time.” The savageness on Xie Shan’s face grew even denser when he saw the black fog burst apart. He smiled cruelly toward Xiao Yan.

Xiao Yan ignored him. He sensed a slight spiritual ripple when the strange sonic wave was transmitted out. From the looks of it, the other party should be summoning something.

A majestic aura that caused the faces of the many experts present to change as it slowly seeped out from deep within the Ten Thousand Scorpion Gate just as this thought was flashing through Xiao Yan’s heart. Finally, it covered the entire Ten Thousand Scorpion Mountain…

The dense killing intent in Xiao Yan’s eyes suddenly soared as he sensed this somewhat familiar aura.

“Is he finally about to reveal himself…”


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