Battle Through The Heavens Chapter 799 Eruption of Dou Zong Battle

Chapter 799: Eruption of Dou Zong Battle

All the eyes in this area instantly turned following the unusual appearance of that figure. All of these people were stunned when they saw that the person who had appeared was actually a woman with a beautiful face.

“She is actually the other VIP that the sect leader invited… it is unexpected… she is actually an elite Dou Zong?”

The faces of the experts from the Poison Sect were stunned when they saw the woman reveal her face. No one expected that the person who had intervened earlier was actually her. After being stunned, a wild joy surged from deep within their hearts. From hearing the cry of Protector Tie earlier, it seemed that this person was also an elite Dou Zong. Moreover, the act of distorting space with a hand was something that only an expert Dou Zong could achieve. This point was something that the expert Dou Huangs present were extremely clear about.

At this moment, the morale of the people from the Poison Sect, which had been greatly lost from the intervention of Protector Tie, immediately soared. The other party had two elite Dou Zongs and they also had two. They still possessed quite a large advantage in this big battle.

The person who intervened was naturally Medusa who had been hiding. She was still covered by that Mysterious Beast Skin, and her unforgettable bewitching face had become a lot more ordinary. Despite this, the bewitching aura that was emitted from her bones still caused the eyes of quite a number of people to pause on her for a little longer.

“Looks like you are really planning on intervening in this matter?” Protector Tie’s eyes were dark and cold as they swept over Medusa’s body. His heart felt a little awed. He could sense that this mysterious expert of unknown origin had a strength that was not any weaker than him.

“Leave him to me.” Medusa glanced faintly at Protector Tie. She clenched her delicate hand and a longsword appeared in it. She was afraid of exposing traces of who she was, but she had never used the snake shaped longsword in the four empire’s big battle.

“Aye, be careful. I will come and help you after I finish off that fellow.” Xiao Yan nodded. His malicious gaze glanced at Xie Shan who had descended into a dull state due to the appearance of Medusa.

“Relax, I won’t let him run. I know that the target of this trip of yours is him.” Medusa’s face was lifted into a slight arc. Although her current appearance could not be compared to her originally bewitching one, it still had some remaining charm.

Xiao Yan smiled and nodded. His dark, dense gaze swept over Protector Tie before slowly stepping back.

“Tsk tsk, what an arrogant woman. Even though you are an elite Dou Zong, you are nothing in the eyes of our ‘Hall of Souls’. In the future, you might regret this decision of yours to offend our ‘Hall of Souls’!” Medusa’s attitude caused some fury to surge in Protector Tie’s heart. He immediately revealed a cold smile.

“The people from your ‘Hall of Souls’ always like to say such pointless words…” Medusa’s finger flicked gently on the longsword. She heard a clear sharp clang before lifting her head to faintly reply to Protector Tie.

“You have even seen other people from the ‘Hall of Souls’?” Protector Tie’s eyes flashed slightly as he cried out in surprise upon hearing the meaning that was contained in Medusa’s words.

Medusa did not respond to Protector Tie’s question. Majestic Dou Qi circulated like a mountain stream within her body. Numerous visible fluctuations rose around her. She was able to stir a transformation of the outside world by just relying on the circulation of Dou Qi within her body. Other than an elite Dou Zong, no one at the Dou Huang level would be able to achieve this.

A killing intent also flashed through Protector Tie’s eyes when he saw that Medusa had become silent again. He coldly snorted, “This protector will see if you have the qualification to be this arrogant today!”

Protector Tie’s finger moved as his cold snort sounded. A clear crashing sound immediately resounded over the sky. His chains were letting out a clanging sound as they adopted an octopus-like shape. It was then violently thrown toward Medusa.

Medusa’s face did not change in the face of the shocking momentum of this act. The longsword in her hand suddenly stabbed out, and it immediately pierced a certain point on the chain in a lightning-like manner. A wild, violet strength erupted and sent the enormous chain flying in a forceful manner. She was not a Dou Wang or a Dou Huang. Such an attack by Protector Tie did not pose much of a threat to her.

Although it was only an initial exchange of blows, the spot where the longsword and the chain met had already erupted into a soul-stirring loud sound. A surging energy ripple spread in all directions…

Seeing that another two elite Dou Zongs had already entered the fiery hot battle, the surrounding experts from both sides began to hurriedly withdraw. All of them were afraid that they would be implicated, which would leave them with a fate that would definitely not allow them to escape from the word ‘death’.

The expression of Xie Bi Hua in the distant sky, which was still a somewhat gloating one, instantly stiffened because of Medusa’s appearance. This was especially so after he saw that the other party was actually able to fight with Protector Tie. The corner of his eyes suddenly twitched. A moment later, he finally turned his gaze to the Little Fairy Doctor as he said in a dark, deep voice, “It is unexpected that you have also invited a helper. No wonder you actually dare to be reckless.”

“The same can be said for you.” The Little Fairy Doctor faintly smiled. Her grayish-purple eyes swept below her as she mocked, “Looks like the hope of your Ten Thousand Scorpion Gate to swallow my Poison Sect is about to fail.”

“Hei, I’m afraid that it is a little too early for you to be happy. The old me has trained for many years. Don’t believe that I cannot finish a member of the younger generation like you.” Xie Bi Yan laughed from his anger. His walking stick violently slammed the empty air as his robes were torn apart.

A blood-colored enormous scorpion tattoo appeared on his chest after his clothes were torn apart. This blood scorpion was just like a living thing and was filled with a fierce, evil aura. The degree of its ruthlessness seemed to be even greater than the Four Wing Sky Demon Scorpion from earlier. Moreover, this was merely just a tattoo. If it was the actual thing, it was likely that it would be even more terrifying.

“Blood Demon Scorpion Emperor?” The Little Fairy Doctor’s eyes studied the blood-colored tattoo. It did not appear be much different than an ordinary scorpion. Her brows were knit before her face drastically changed.

“Hee hee, not long after the old me advanced to the Dou Zong class back then, I was lucky to meet a seriously injured Blood Demon Scorpion Emperor, which also happened to be about to breakthrough to the Dou Zong class. After spending a great effort to kill it, I refined its blood and flesh before sealing its spirit into my body. It can be considered to have gradually been refined over many years. Today, I shall allow you to be the first to try the power of our Ten Thousand Scorpion Gate’s ‘Blood Spirit Skill’ at its complete mastery!” Jia Bu Yan immediately laughed upon seeing the stunned look on the Little Fairy Doctor’s face.

The hand seal of Jia Bi Yan’s hand changed abruptly as his cold laughter sounded. One could see the blood scorpion tattoo on his chest wiggle more. Threads of it began to enter his body. Following the entrance of the tattoo, Xie Bi Yan’s body became bloated. Both of his hands were extremely distorted. An instant later, a dense white bone broke through his skin. It wiggled before transforming into two blood-colored enormous pincers.

The refinement was still continuing. By the time it came to a gradual stop, Jia Bi Yan had already transformed into a monster that was half-human, half-scorpion. His entire body was drenched in blood. A violent and brutal aura surged to the sky.

The Little Fairy Doctor’s face was solemn as she looked at Jia Bi Yan, whose aura had greatly surged. The current Jia Bi Yan was likely comparable to a five star Dou Zong.

“Sky Poison Woman. Today, I will let you become the first tribute to the complete mastery of my ‘Blood Spirit Skill’!” An enormous blood-colored pincer was pointed at Little Fairy Doctor. Xie Bi Yan’s face revealed a savageness. Perhaps it was due to the Qi Method but his voice had gained a hissing tone.

The evil aura that suddenly surged to the sky naturally attracted the attention of everyone below. Numerous gazes were immediately raised. Their faces changed when they saw Xie Bi Yan’s body, which was neither a human nor a scorpion. It was easy to see the change especially after having sensed the frightening aura that surged out of the latter’s body. The expressions of everyone from the Poison Sect turned white.

“That old fellow’s aura is currently pushing to the peak of a five star Dou Zong. It has already surpassed the Little Fairy Doctor. In this way, the Little Fairy Doctor will definitely have difficulty contending with him…” Xiao Yan borrowed his sharp Spiritual Perception and was able to sense the transformation of Xie Bi Yan one step ahead of the others. His heart sank slightly. He did not expect that Xie Bi Yan was actually hiding this tactic.

“I must go and aid the Little Fairy Doctor first! Otherwise, the ending will not be good…”

Xiao Yan’s body moved suddenly as this thought flashed past his heart. However, he was just about to fly up when a human figure came blocking in front of him. A cold laugh was swiftly transmitted over, “Brat, you should just peacefully remain here.”

A chill flashed across Xiao Yan’s eyes as he looked at Xie Shan who was blocking him. He did not waste his breath. A heavy ruler flashed and appeared as he clenched his hand. Immediately, he charged forward in an extremely ferocious manner. That fierce aura suppressed Xie Shan until he was momentarily dull.

While Xiao Yan was entangled with Xie Shan, that Xie Bi Yan had also unleashed his attack. One could only see his body flash and appear in front of the Little Fairy Doctor. The huge blood-colored pincers danced as they clamped toward the latter’s waist.

Little Fairy Doctor’s sharp fingernail suddenly soared before immediately hacking at the blood-colored huge pincers. Glaring sparks erupted. However, they did not cause any actual harm to the other party.

“Hee hee…”

The enormous pincer was twisted in a strange manner following Xie Bi Yan’s cold laughter. A violent clamping movement immediately followed. One could only hear waves of metallic sound as the hard metal-like nails of the Little Fairy Doctor were actually broken.

The Little Fairy Doctor’s body hurriedly moved back after she suffered a disadvantage, appearing slightly miserable.

“Youngling, the old me will see just how arrogantly you can act!” Xie Bi Yan immediately laughed in a cold gloating manner after having caused the other party to suffer a disadvantage.

The Little Fairy Doctor’s cold and indifferent eyes slowly moved up after having glanced her broken nails. After which, she paused on the savage smiling Xie Bi Yan. Her delicate hand was gently extended before being placed into that little mouth of hers. The back of her teeth bit down and bright-red blood seeped out.

Her finger that contained some blood traces slowly shifted to her smooth forehead. It slowly moved and a strange seal appeared on her forehead an instant later.

The savage smile on Xie Bi Yan’s face gradually diminished after seeing the unusual movement of the Little Fairy Doctor. He frowned while his heart felt slightly uneasy.

Little Fairy Doctor’s grayish-purple eyes suddenly unleashed an unusual glow after the appearance of the seal. Her eyes rotated and her left eye turned into a deep-purple while her right eye became an unusual grayish color.

“You are also the first person able to get me to completely unleash my ‘Woeful Poison Body’. Being able to die from this is worthy of your status…”


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