Battle Through The Heavens Chapter 800 Sneak Attack

Chapter 800: Sneak Attack

Xie Bi Yan’s face changed slightly as he looked at the Little Fairy Doctor, whose entire body had suddenly emitted a strange aura. The gloating expression in his eyes disappeared. All that remained was a solemness that could not be voiced. From the strange aura that was emitted from the other person’s body, he could sense a thread of death.

“Woeful Poison Body. Looks like what Protector Tie said is true. You are able to reach this stage at such an age only because you are relying on this thing…” Xie Bi Yan was also an experienced person. He had also heard a little about the prowess of the Woeful Poison Body. As such, he immediately hissed in a sinister manner.

The Little Fairy Doctor slowly lifted her head. The colors within her eyes was so pure that it was terrifying. One was purple while the other was gray. There was no doping of other colors. It gave one a cold and indifferent feeling at a glance. Under this strange pair of eyes, Xie Bi Yan’s heart involuntarily leaped despite his strength.

Gray-purple eyes observed Xie Bi Yan. However, the Little Fairy Doctor did not open her mouth. She gently clenched her delicate hand. A hundred-foot-radius around her began to intensely fluctuate. It immediately twisted and formed an invisible cage. Following the distortion of space, the gaze that the outside world used to look in had also become blurry.

“Sky Poison Prison World!”

As the Little Fairy Doctor twisted space into a cage, one could see a grayish-purple thick fog suddenly surge from the Little Fairy Doctor’s body. It immediately scattered. Within a couple of blinks, it covered this space that was already distorted into a cage. In an instant, the gazes from the outside world were all completely blocked.

Xie Bi Yan’s face was gloomy within the space cage as he looked at the grayish-purple thick fog that spread all around him. He could sense that this kind of fog contained a lethal poison that even he did not dare to absorb into his body. Moreover, this fog also seemed to have the ability to disrupt one’s speed and agility. He found that his body had become much heavier following the spread of this poison fog.

“What a terrifying poison gas… it is actually able to pollute the natural energy within this sealed space. In this way, one would not dare to randomly absorb the energy in the world when fighting. This means that one could only exhaust one’s strength without being able to obtain any replenishment. If this goes on for too long, one’s ending will definitely be terrible. What a really vicious tactic. The Woeful Poison Body is indeed troublesome to deal with…”

Xie Bi Yan’s dark, cold eyes swept over the grayish-purple fog that spread all around him as he spoke within his heart in a deep voice. His heart immediately moved and he sealed off the pores all over his body. A layer of powerful Dou Qi completely covered his body to isolate himself from that gray-purple fog.

“However, each time the Woeful Poison Body completely erupts, it will result in the complete eruption of your poison body coming one step closer. The old me will accompany you if you really want to engage in an all out fight!”

A majestic blood-colored energy suddenly surged from Xie Bi Yan’s body after his cold, dark cry sounded. Two enormous pincers were violently waved. His eyes constantly looked all around him, readily waiting for the hidden the Little Fairy Doctor to attack!

A hundred-foot-wide grayish-purple space suddenly appeared in the distant sky. The grayish-purple poison fog coincidentally spread toward the edge of the distorted space. That manner was as though there was a transparently four walls isolating all around them. Inside it could be considered a world that was covered in poisonous gases.

Due to the isolation of the grayish-purple poison fog, everyone was unable to see the battle within it. Even though Xiao Yan tried his best to use his Spiritual Perception to scanned its interior, his Spiritual Perception would be bounced back at the spot where space was distorted. In this way, an outsider was completely unaware of the battle situation within it. The only thing they could do was to quietly wait for the life and death battle between the two to end.

Xiao Yan’s gaze was slowly withdrawn from the grayish-purple space. Although his expression was still somewhat solemn, he was at least no longer as worried as he was in the past. Looking at the Little Fairy Doctor’s earlier action, it seemed that she had also used something that caused her strength to soar. Moreover, she had specially formed a sealed space in the sky and should have some confidence. Given Xiao Yan’s understanding of her, the Little Fairy Doctor was not the type who would foolishly go and do something like seeking death in a fight.

“We can only now wait for the final ending…” Xiao Yan sighed once again within his heart. His gaze had also suddenly turned cold as it gradually slid to Xie Shan in front of him. His voice slowly said, “Since chief Xie Shan is so anxious to fight with me, I should really be blamed if I don’t give you the satisfaction today…”

Xiao Yan’s words might be calm but the killing intent within his voice was extremely obvious. Clearly, this fellow, who had repeatedly blocked him, had successfully recieved the fury and killing intent within his heart.

Xie Shan’s face gradually changed when he heard Xiao Yan’s words. He immediately laughed, “What an arrogant fellow. You should be feeling honored this this chief is personally fighting with you.”

“In that case, I will invite chief Xie to hand your head over!” The corner of Xiao Yan’s mouth was lifted into a ferocious smile. His feet violently stomped on the empty air. A silver glow flickered and his body suddenly rushed forward. A couple of afterimages surfaced in the sky. An instant later, Xiao Yan appeared above Xie Shan’s head. His hands tightly gripped the heavy ruler as he immediately hacked viciously at the latter’s head without any fancy moves.

The enormous ruler carried an intense pressurizing wind that created a whistle. That wind caused Xie Shan’s clothes to be tightly pressed to his body.

“Hmph! Hmph! Hmph! Hmph!”

Xie Shan emitted a cold snort. The blue rod in his hand was violently lifted up. It colloded with that heavy ruler without giving in.


A clear metallic collision sound appeared. Sparks flew as a powerful force spread out from the point of contact. Two human figures swiftly withdrew.

Xiao Yan’s body rolled in the air. The fire wings on his back were flapped as he stabilized himself. Instead, Xie Shan’s feet staggered a couple of steps back before stopping. Moreover, the hand that was holding the rod appeared to tremble.

Xiao Yan was naturally much stronger than Xie Shan when it came to physical strength. Adding the heaviness of the Heavy Xuan Ruler and the power of his physical body, that had undergone the refinement of many natural treasures, it was naturally foolish for Xie Shan to choose a head-on collision.

Xiao Yan’s body was suspended in the sky. He looked at the fiercer and more ruthless looking Xie Shan who had taken a couple of steps back. A cold glint flashed in his eyes. Hot jade-green Dou Qi naturally surged from his body and immediately shot toward the Heavy Xuan Ruler in all directions. In a moment, the dark-black heavy ruler transformed into a jade-green color. Threads of jade-green flames quietly shuttled over it.

Xie Shan’s expression slightly changed when he sensed the enormous energy that was agglomerated on the Heavy Xuan Ruler. The blue rod in his hand danced and formed numerous afterimages. Powerful Dou Qi swiftly circulated in his body. Finally, it followed his veins and poured into the rod. Following the pouring in of the Dou Qi, the size of the blue rod greatly soared. It looked like a blue pillar. From the looks of the situation, it seemed that the both of them were using quite powerful Dou Techniques. Those experts around them hurriedly withdrew upon seeing this scene, afraid of being implicated.

The jade-green color on the ruler became denser. At a certain moment, Xiao Yan’s eyes suddenly became sharper. Both his hands tightly grasped the ruler’s hilt and the veins on his arms pulsed. He violently hacked at Xie Shan from a distance while adopting a ferocious expression.

“Flame Splitting Tsunami!:

A jade-green fire glow that was over a hundred feet large immediately shot from the ruler’s tip as the cry resounded in Xiao Yan’s heart. The air fluctuated repeatedly wherever the fire glow passed. The high temperature contained on it caused the surrounding space to appear distorted.

“Heaven Shaking Rod!”

Following the ruler glow that shot over with hot wind and powerful energy, Xie Shan clenched his teeth and suddenly waved the blue rod in his hand. It made a strange trembling rhythm amid a piercing blue glow as it violently smashed toward the ruler glow.


The ruler glow and the blue glow instantly intertwined in front of a countless number of gazes. A thunder-like explosion immediately resounded over the sky!

An intense energy ripple containing a hot fire wave surged out from the point of contact. It struck Xie Shan until he emitted a muffled groan. The hand that was holding the blue rod emitted white smoke with a ‘chi chi’ sound. However, he forcefully grit his teeth and continued to hold onto it. His body moved and he withdrew in a hurried fashion. The strange flame that was contained on the ruler’s glow caused him to suffer a great disadvantage in this collision.

Xiao Yan let out a cold laugh when he saw Xie Shan pulling back. His gaze drifted to a certain space as a silver glow flickered under his feet. In a couple of flashes, he appeared in front of Xie Shan. He raised his heavy ruler and violently swept it over.

Xie Shan’s body was hurriedly expelling and refining that irritating hot force. His feet slipped in a strange manner when he sensed the wind, allowing him to narrowly dodge the attack. After having dodging it, his body once again withdrew. His gaze drifted and paused on his original spot when he withdrew but did not see Xiao Yan giving chase. He immediately emitted a cold laugh was. However, a lovely, little figure suddenly flashed and appeared behind him while that cold laugh was still in his throat. A clear voice sounded.

“Ha ha, eat my punch!”

That tender clear voice had just sounded when a pale little fist instantly shot over. A purple glow flickered on the fist. It contained a terrifying strength.

Shock surged into Xie Shan’s eyes when he sensed that frightening strength that had suddenly appeared behind him. He forcefully turned around and used the blue rod in his hand to block his chest.


The little fist firmly stuck the blue rod. However, before Xie Shan could sigh in relief, a cracking sound caused a chill to spread all over his body. One could see that the blue rod, with a hardness that was not weaker than steel, cracked apart at this moment. That little fist passed through it and finally landed on Xie Shan’s chest.


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