Battle Through The Heavens Chapter 801 Xie Shans Death

Chapter 801: Xie Shans Death

Chapter 801: Xie Shan’s Death

This gentle, weak, little fist caused an unusual redness to surge up Xie Shan’s face when it landed on his chest. His throat became sweet as a mouthful of fresh blood involuntarily spattered out.

Xie Shan’s body suddenly withdrew in a hurried and miserable manner as the fresh blood was spat out. He hurriedly moved back and his body staggered a little. Clearly, the firm contact of Zu Yan’s fist earlier caused him to enter a seriously injured state. After all, the frightening strength of the latter would definitely not be a fun thing for any expert Dou Huang to receive.

“Bastard, bastard, big bastard. You actually dare to launch a sneak attack!” Xie Shan’s body hurriedly withdrew and he immediately roared out in an extremely furious manner.

Xiao Yan shook his head in ridicule when he heard this. He did not say any nonsense as a silver glow flickered under his feet. In an instant, he appeared in front of Xie Shan, and his heavy ruler was lifted into a frightening arc. It immediately carried the terrifying sound of rushing wind as it smashed at the latter’s head in a merciless manner.

Xiao Yan did not discriminate against something like hitting a man when he was down. Instead, he would be even more vicious in his attacks if he got the chance.

The Dou Qi within Xie Shan’s body was circulating unusually slowly and appeared somewhat blocked because of that punch by Zi Yan earlier. His heart clearly understood that this was the sign of being seriously injured. When faced with this ferocious attack by Xiao Yan, he no longer dared to meet it head-on. Hence, he could only hurriedly move his body to miserably dodge the heavy ruler.

Xiao Yan let out a cold laugh when the heavy ruler missed. The heavy ruler continued to swing as it left his hand. After which, it violently shot at Xie Shan.

Dodging the earlier attack by Xiao Yan had caused the veins in Xie Shan’s body to feel a convulsing pain. Now, he naturally did not have any strength; therefore, he could only watch the heavy ruler fly at him with wide eyes before it finally struck his body.

A mouthful of fresh blood was once again spat out. Terror finally flashed across Xie Shan’s eyes. If this continued, it was likely that he would really die in Xiao Yan’s hands just like Wu Ya did.

Xie Shan clenched his teeth firmly as he forcefully maneuvered the Dou Qi in his body. He used all his strength to flap the Dou Qi wings on his back. Borrowing the pushing force of this heavy ruler, he shot in the direction of the Ten Thousand Scorpion Gate.

“You wish to escape?”

Xiao Yan once again coldly laughed upon seeing where Xie Shan was headed. His body flashed forward and his toes pressed on the back of the heavy ruler which he had launched earlier. His body was just like a large bird that charged at Xie Shan.

With Xiao Yan’s speed, it was naturally not much of a problem for him to catch up to the injured Xie Shan. Hence, his body appeared in front of Xie Shan after a mere couple of blinks. He revealed a savage smile while facing the latter. With a twist of his body, he strangely appeared behind Xie Shan.

The expression of Xie Shan suddenly became much paler when Xiao Yan gave chase. In his current condition, it was impossible for him to contend with the latter.

Elders in the Gate, why aren’t you coming to my rescue!”

Dou Qi was circulating very slowly within Xie Shan. In his despair, he could only furiously cry out to the Elders of the Ten Thousand Scorpion Gate who were still entangled with their opponents.

The few Elders clenched their teeth upon hearing Xie Shan’s furious roar. They did their best to attempt to escape from their opponents. However, only two expert Dou Huangs successfully did so. Their bodies suddenly moved before rushing to Xie Shan’s side in a lightning-like manner.

“Ha ha, ha ha, ha ha, it is not good to intervene in another person’s battle…”

A small lovely figure took the lead to appear in front of those two people when they rushed forward. Her body was suspended in mid-air before she smiled at them in a lovely manner.

“Get lost!”

The two expert Dou Huangs furiously cried out after they were blocked at such a critical moment. They waved their hands and two powerful Dou Qi pillars shot at Zi Yan.

Zi Yan merely curled her small lips when she saw these two people attack. She once again tightly clenched her small fist before unceremoniously striking on the two Dou Qi pillars with a low snort. A frightening strength shattered the two Dou Qi pillars into nothing in front of the stunned eyes of the two expert Dou Huangs.

“You actually dare to be fierce toward me. You are seeking death…” Zi Yan coldly snorted while curling her mouth. Powerful purple light suddenly surged out of Zi Yan’s body. Her figure flashed and charged at the chest of an expert Dou Huang. She waved her small fist and wildly swung it at the other party. Numerous scars appeared around her dancing fist. The sharp sound of rushing wind basically shattered the eardrums of the expert Dou Huang.

The face of that expert Dou Huang drastically changed in the face of this ferocious attack by Zi Yan. Powerful Dou Qi formed a thick light curtain on his body. However, this layer of light swiftly began to crumble from Zi Yan’s attack.

The two expert Dou Huangs naturally lost the best opportunity to provide support after being delayed by Zi Yan in this matter. Xie Shan could only ruthlessly clench his teeth upon seeing this scene. He prepared to forcefully circulate his Dou Qi. However, this thought had just rose in him when a faint laugh suddenly sounded from behind him.

“Chief Xie Shan, it looks like you will not have the opportunity to see your Ten Thousand Scorpion Gate victorious today…”

The faint laughing sound came from behind Xie Shan. That calm voice caused Xie Shan’s entire body to become icy-cold. He turned his head with great difficulty, and a short distance away, an indifferent, cold face appeared in his eyes.

Xiao Yan revealed a cold and indifferent smile to Xie Shan upon seeing the latter looking over. His fist was suddenly tightened as it violently smashed toward the latter’s back without any mercy.

“No! No!”

Xie Shan was terribly shocked upon seeing this action by Xiao Yan. Even his voice had become unusually sharp in front of the threat of death.

The cold laughter in Xiao Yan’s eyes grew even denser upon hearing the meaningless cry of the latter. A cold cry was suddenly transmitted from his mouth when his fist reached midway, “Octane Blast!”

The wind on the fist immediately soared as his cry sounded. A frightening hidden force swiftly agglomerated within his bones. An instant later, it heavily smashed into the latter’s back. A ferocious strength immediately erupted, and an obscure, but shockingly destructive, hidden force followed Xiao Yan’s fist as it entered into Xie Shan’s body.

A frightening strength exploded against Xie Shan’s back. The remnant wave of power shook his clothes until they shattered. Soon after, an unusually low and deeply muffled sound was emitted from Xie Shan’s body. Xie Shan’s body suddenly stiffened following the emission of this noise. The blood color on his face disappeared. An instant later, a mouthful of fresh blood was violently spat out. The fresh blood within it contained some shattered internal organs. Clearly, the hidden force that exploded in his body had truly given him a fatal blow!

A low and deep noise resounded over the sky. Some of the experts from both sides fighting around them stopped after hearing it. Their eyes were all gathered on the spot where Xiao Yan and Xie Shan were located. Upon seeing the pale face of Xie Yan and feeling his weakening aura, shock and wild joy immediately surged into the eyes of the experts from the Poison Sect. On the other hand, a chill gradually surged from the hearts of the experts from the Ten Thousand Scorpion Gate.

The pair of Dou Qi wings on Xie Shan’s back gradually became illusionary in front of the countless number of gazes. A moment later, they completely disappeared. Having lost the support of the wings, Xie Shan was just like a bird with broken wings as he fell down to the ground.

Xiao Yan watched Xie Shan’s falling body before sensing his weak aura finally disappear. Only then did Xiao Yan heave a heavy sigh of relief. This fellow was indeed tough to deal with. It was unexpected that the display of the ‘Flame Splitting Tsunami’ did not cause much harm to him. If Zi Yan had not launched a sneak attack, it was likely that the stalemate would have continued for quite a while longer before Xie Shan was defeated.


The eyes of those experts from the Ten Thousand Scorpion Gate slightly cracked upon seeing Xie Shan falling from the sky. A chief of a faction had actually been killed in front of so many people in this kind of big battle. The blow to the faction was not just a little. It was still alright for the experts but the ordinary Ten Thousand Scorpion Gate’s disciples on the ground had completely lost their morale. Their faces were pale-white.

“Bastard. Kill him, Take revenge for chief!”

Furious eyes instantly gathered on Xiao Yan’s body in the sky. Only a couple of hours had past since the start of the battle but there were already three experts from the Ten Thousand Scorpion Gate who had been killed in his hands. Moreover, they were all of the Dou Huang class. How could this not result in the experts from the Ten Thousand Scorpion Gate feeling great hatred for Xiao Yan.

This was especially the case with Xie Shan’s death. It caused the fury of the experts from the Ten Thousand Scorpion Gate to reach a peak. Immediately, numerous angry roars resounded over the sky. All of those experts from the Ten Thousand Scorpion Gate forcefully escaped from their opponents and furiously rushed to Xiao Yan.

Even Xiao Yan leaped in shock when he suddenly saw over ten human figures rushing at him. It seemed that these fellows were provoked until they were about to turn crazy.

“Hee hee, people from the Ten Thousand Scorpion Gate, your opponents are us. You should ask us first before attempting to find trouble with mister Yan….” Of course, the experts from the Poison Sect were not some useless people. Currently, they were occupying the upper hand and their morale was extremely high. Numerous light figures flashed over. However, the experts from the Poison Sect were the first to arrive beside Xiao Yan. Their bodies moved and they immediately surrounded Xiao Yan. Their eyes revealed a cold smile as they glanced at the other experts from the Ten Thousand Scorpion Gate who were thinking of attacking Xiao Yan.

“Mister Yan, you should rest first. Leave the remaining matter to us.” An expert Dou Huang from the Poison Sect turned his head toward Xiao Yan and laughed. His eyes were filled with respect. The performance of Xiao Yan earlier had completely subdued them.

Xiao Yan smiled and nodded. It was quite a big burden for him to deal with three expert Dou Haungs in a row. He immediately ceased putting things off. His body moved and he rushed out of the battleground before finally appearing in an even higher area. He stuffed some medicinal pills into his mouth before swallowing them hungrily into his stomach. Only after a feeling of pure energy appeared in his body did he sigh in relief. He raised his head, and observed the battleground between Medusa and Protector Tie from the ‘Hall of Souls’ with solemn eyes.


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