Battle Through The Heavens Chapter 802 Soul Bag

Chapter 802: Soul Bag

Two human figures were flashing around each other in ghost-like manners at that spot. Frightening energy ripples shook the space until it began to distort. Not a single expert from both sides dared to step into that battle. This was because everyone knew that in a battle between elite Dou Zongs, even a Dou Huang would not have enough strength to intervene.

“How is Cai Lin jie?”

A lovely little figure flashed over to Xiao Yan’s side. Zi Yan’s eyes studied the battleground as she sensed the frightening energy ripple that spread out. A solemness surfaced on her small face when she spoke.

“Her strength is similar to that of Protector Tie from the ‘Hall of Souls,’ and their battle is a stalemate. It is likely that the victor will have difficulty being decided within a short period of time.” Xiao Yan spoke while deep in thought. If the battle between elite Dou Zongs were to enter one involving life and death, it would usually last for a long time. However, given Medusa’s and that Protector Tie’s characters, they would naturally not allow this battle to last for long. Hence, it was likely that the victor of this battle would be determined within a short period of time.

Zi Yan slightly nodded upon hearing this. Her large gem-like eyes were raised once again as she studied the other battleground. There was a grayish-purple fog that filled the space over there, covering it. Any outsider would not be even the least bit aware of the situation within.

Xiao Yan’s eyes followed Zi Yan’s gaze as he looked over. He immediately knit his brows, Little Fairy Doctor and Xie Bi Yan had entered that covered space quite some time ago. However, there was still no activity at that place. No one was aware of just who had the upper hand.

Xiao Yan and Zi Yan remained suspended in the sky. Their gazes were focused intently on the battle between Protector Tie and Medusa. At this moment, the Poison Sect had completely taken the upper hand in the battle between their sect and the Ten Thousand Scorpion Gate after Xiao Yan had finished off three heavy weight expert Dou Huangs. Obtaining victory was only a matter of time.

Of course, the deciding factor was based on the two Dou Zong battle ground in the sky… if Medusa and the Little Fairy Doctor were victorious, it would not be necessary to mention the ending today. The Poison Sect would successfully swallow the Ten Thousand Scorpion Gate and become the strongest faction within the Chu Yun Empire. Xiao Yan would also gain what he desired, the successful capture of an expert from the ‘Hall of Souls.’ He would hopefully obtain news regarding the ‘Hall of Souls’ from the captured experts mouth.

If Protector Tie and Xie Bi Yan were eventually victorious, these victories by the Poison Sect would completely disappear. Xiao Yan and the others could only lead everyone to quickly flee. After all, even if they were to go all out, it was definitely impossible for them to be a match for two elite Dou Zongs. The last crucial factor of this big battle was in these two battlegrounds involving the Dou Zong class.

“Clang! Clang! Clang! Clang! Clang! Clang! Clang!”

Human figures crossed each other. The long sword and the chain intersected in the sky. They emitted sparks as well as a clear sound amid an intense energy ripple.

The human figures crossed each other. Medusa’s face was ice-cold as the longsword in her hand suddenly made a strange arc, and pierced into the ribs of Protector Tie in a tricky manner. Finally, she pierced that cluster of black fog.

The longsword pulled back after the attack. Medusa’s body flashed and she escaped from the attacking range of Protector Tie. She lowered her head and glanced at the longsword only to frown. There was no traces of fresh blood on it. Although no fresh blood was seen, one could tell from the intense fluctuation of the black fog around Protector Tie’s body that the sword earlier had some effect on him.

“What tricky swordplay. I really don’t know where someone as skillful as you has appeared from. I have not even heard of you in the past.” The fluctuation of the black fog slowed. Protector Tie’s dark and cold eyes looked at Medusa as he spoke.

Medusa completely ignored Protector Tie’s words. Her face was ice-cold, and her long pretty eyes were filled with a sharp killing intent. Other than when facing a familiar person, this Queen Medusa from the Snake-People Tribe would not be stingy about her killing intent.

Protector Tie was already used to Medusa’s icy-cold demeanor after having exchanged so many blows being. Hence, he just coldly laughed while his gaze swept over toward the battleground of Xiao Yan. He said, “The people from the Ten Thousand Scorpion Gate are indeed all useless. They have been defeated so badly despite having such an advantage.”

Although Protector Tie scolded in this manner with his mouth, he was also aware that he could not continue delaying the battle with Medusa. Otherwise, should the victor of the battle between the Little Fairy Doctor and Xie Bi Yan be determined, it was likely that his battleground might undergo great changes. It was still alright if Xie Bi Yan was the victor, but should the Little Fairy Doctor be victorious… even though Protector Tie had confidence in himself, he had no choice but to admit that his chances of victory were extremely low when faced with the Little Fairy Doctor and Medusa, whose strengths were not weaker than his…

After all, he was similarly quite aware of the Little Fairy Doctor’s so-called ‘Woeful Poison Body’. Once it was completely unleashed, its strength would be extremely terrifying. Therefore, he would not think it would be strange if Xie Bi Yan was really defeated.

“I cannot delay any longer…”

Protector Tie extended his hand and a cluster of black fog suddenly escaped from it. It was immediately suspended in front of him. The black fog was emitting a dense spiritual fluctuation.

Protector Tie stared at this cluster of black fog with some heartache. He hesitated for a moment before viciously clenching his teeth. His hand moved and that cluster of black fog suddenly expanded. Finally, it swiftly shrank. An illusionary spiritual body immediately shot out of it.

Protector Tie opened his mouth and spat out a black fog. It surrounded the spiritual body after it had appeared. The spiritual body that was wrapped by the black fog appeared to have sensed something, and immediately began an intense struggle. A shocking spiritual ripple spread out.

“Humph!” “Humph!” “Humph!”

Protector Tie immediately let out a cold snort the moment he saw the struggling spiritual body. He opened his mouth and a large force surged out before immediately sucking it into his body.

The black fog surrounding Protector Tie immediately became much denser after swallowing this spiritual body. His aura also became a little more powerful.

Protector Tie did not immediately stop after having swallowed one spiritual body. Instead, another spiritual body was spat out from that black fog and he continued the swallowing… Following the increase in the number of spiritual bodies being swallowed, the strange black fog also began to spread out. Protector Tie’s aura became increasingly more powerful.

“Cai Lin, attack! Stop him from swallowing spirits!”

Outside the battleground, Xiao Yan was also a momentarily absent-minded because of this action of Protector Tie. He abruptly recalled the matter of Protector Wu swallowing Yun Shan back then, causing him to hurriedly cry out.

Although these spiritual bodies were far inferior to the strength of Yun Shan’s soul, there was quite a number of them. Should Protector Tie swallow a sufficiently large amount of them, it would definitely allow his strength to increase a quite a bit.

Medusa instantly rushed forward the moment Xiao Yan’s cry sounded. Her hand held a longsword that contained a sharp wind that caused the air to fluctuate. It penetrated through the space like a lighting glow. It violently struck the cluster of black fog in front of Protector Tie with a momentum that was as fast as thunder.

The wind struck the black fog and Protector Tie’s expression drastically changed. He was just about to move when the black fog in front of him suddenly burst apart. Numerous illusionary spiritual bodies shot out. Finally, they wildly fled in all directions in front of the stunned gazes of Xiao Yan and the others.

“These… are actually all spiritual bodies…”

Xiao Yan’s eyes were dull as he saw over a hundred spiritual bodies. He immediately felt that his throat was somewhat dry. Just what was this fellow from the ‘Hall of Souls’ attempting to do by obtaining so many spiritual bodies?

“Bastard! You actually dared to destroy my Soul Bag!”

Protector Tie’s eyes immediately turned blood-red as he watched those spiritual bodies flee in all directions. A rich killing intent surged from his body. He had spent a year in order to obtain these spiritual bodies. If he failed to contribute his share that was requested by his superiors when he returned this time around, his fate…

The killing intent within Protector Tie’s heart was even denser the moment he thought about the punishment should he fail his task. His killing intent immediately soared to the limit. Finally he emitted a wild roar. The dark-black metal chain was just like a python as it emitted a clanging noise. It viciously swung toward Medusa.

Medusa swiftly withdrew in the face of this furious attack by Protector Tie. Seven colored energy surged out of her body. The longsword in her hand turned into a seven colored sword glow that violently struck the chain.

“Bang!” “Bang!” “Bang!”

A clear sound appeared and a frightening energy ripple surged out from the point where they made contact. The space fluctuated and the long sword in Medusa’s hand immediately burst apart. He had also emitted a muffled snort as his body withdrew swiftly.

“No matter what your origin is, today, this Protector will use your soul to make up for the spiritual bodies that have escaped!”

Protector Tie’s furious roar resounded across the sky. Five dark-black chains immediately surged from his body. The strange black fog that was on each chain was at least twice as dense as it was earlier.

Those five dark-black chains suddenly lowered following Protector Tie’s roar. After which, they emitted a swishing sound as they chased after Medusa. The killing intent on the chains was extremely dense.

Medusa instantly became disadvantaged when faced with Protector Tie’s attacks, which had suddenly become much more wild and violent. All she could do was use her high agility to dodge.

The faces of Xiao Yan and Zi Yan, who were standing outside of the battleground, changed upon seeing Medusa’s situation.

“I will go and help Cai Lin jie.” Zi Yan’s brows were a little anxious. Her body moved. She tried to charge into the battleground. However, she was blocked by Xiao Yan.

“With your strength, you will only be a burden by going…”

Xiao Yan shook his head. He immediately spoke in a deep voice, “Help protect me. Don’t allow anyone to disturb me!”

Xiao Yan inhaled a deep breath of air after his words sounded. He raised his hand slightly and immediately began to form some unique seals. The seal forming speed grew faster with the flow of time. In the end, numerous afterimages appeared. Xiao Yan’s forehead was also covered with a cold sweat. The redness on his face was gradually replaced by a paleness.

Zi Yan by the side looked at the Xiao Yan’s increasingly pale expression, and became somewhat anxious. However, she did not say anything to disrupt him. This was because she could sense Xiao Yan preparing a Dou Skill that possessed extremely frightening strength. Should he succeed, he would definitely be able to give Protector Tie a vicious attack…


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