Battle Through The Heavens Chapter 803 Sea Flipping Seal

Chapter 803: Sea Flipping Seal!

A seven colored sword glow and the black python-like metal chains crossed each other in a lightning-like manner in the sky. They erupted into a soul-stirring clear sound as glaring sparks splashed about.

Medusa’s body withdrew. Her face was also quite solemn. After having swallowed a couple of spiritual bodies, the strength of Protector Tie had clearly increased. These wild and violent attacks had caused Medusa’s hands to become slightly numb.

Protector Tie’s body stood in the empty sky. His gaze was dark and vicious as he looked at Medusa. His mouth emitted a strange laugh that was filled with killing intent. Protector Tie did not give Medusa even a moment to catch her breath. His hand moved and the black-colored enormous-python-like chains emitted the whizz of pressurized wind as it swept across the sky. Finally, it swung violently toward Medusa.

A cold glint flashed across Medusa’s eyes when she was faced with this fast attack by Protector Tie. Powerful Dou Qi was circulated in her body to the maximum. A bright seven colored glow seeped out of her body. She looked like a seven colored light figure against the sky. An enormous sword glow over a hundred feet long swung out each time the longsword in her hand was waved. A soul-stirring energy explosion erupted each time the sword glow and the black python-like chain collided. This momentum was indeed worthy of being a battle between elite Dou Zongs.

Xiao Yan’s expression, who was outside of the battleground, grew increasingly more pale as the battle between Medusa and Protector Tie truly entered an intense phase. As his expression paled, an intense fluctuation of frightening energy slowly agglomerated. It was formed within the swift moving hand seal.

The heart of Zi Yan by the side was filled with anxiety upon seeing Xiao Yan’s face. She clearly knew that if one failed to successfully unleash such powerful Dou Qi, there was the chance of a backlash occurring. Should that happen, it was not surprising for one to suffer serious injuries if one was lucky and might even die should it be more serious.

Although she was anxious, she did not dare to open her mouth and interrupt. She could only do her best to help protect him. Should anyone come over and interrupt at this moment, it would be a fatal blow for Xiao Yan.

While Xiao Yan was solemnly waiting, the frightening energy that was agglomerating in Xiao Yan’s hand seal suddenly became chaotic. A low muffled sound was also emitted from his throat.

Zi Yan’s heart immediately became tense upon hearing the muffled sound. She turned her head to take a look only to see Xiao Yan’s tight frown. His face was filled with a solemn expression. Clearly, he had felt great difficulty using this Dou Skill, which possessed frightening power.

The minimum requirement to use the ‘Sea Flipping Seal’ was that one must possess the strength of a Dou Huang. Xiao Yan’s strength had only just reached this stage. Normally speaking, if it was not because of him being different from an ordinary expert Dou Huang, it was likely that he would not have the qualification to use the ‘Sea Flipping Seal’ with his strength. After all, the Dou Qi required for a Dou Technique with such a frightening strength was really too terrifying. Moreover, the degree of precision that one would need to control the Dou Qi was also quite harsh.

Xiao Yan had indeed met quite some trouble at this moment. Although he had once practiced for a period of time in the small valley, there was still quite some risk when he wanted to use it as he desired in a battle. One example was this time around…

Xiao Yan could only do his best to spread his mind upon sensing the somewhat sporadic flight of powerful Dou Qi within his body. He could only try to control it from escaping in all directions. After which, he hurriedly controlled and circulated that escaping energy along the determined veins. In this way, the exhaustion of his mind was unusually great. However, the formation of the hand seals in the outside world must be maintained with the same rhythm as that of the circulation of Dou Qi. Such precise control caused even the current Xiao Yan to scramble. If his Spiritual Strength was not stronger than ordinary people, it was likely that he would have failed now because of his insufficient control.

Even though this was the case, the collaboration between Xiao Yan’s hand seal and the Dou Qi gradually showed some signs of disorder after he forcefully maintained it for awhile. Some Dou Qi that his mind had lost control of began to randomly charge about. Even with the degree of strength of Xiao Yan’s veins, it still emitted a slight twitching pain.

“Dammit, nothing must go wrong this time around…”

Xiao Yan tightly clenched his teeth. He forcefully endured the faint tiredness that was emitted from his mind as he forcefully used his mind to control the agreement between the Dou Qi and the transformation of his hand seals. Under this anxiety, the situation had turned increasingly worst. Finally, the Dou Qi within his body had begun to run about in a chaotic matter.

Xiao Yan’s expression finally changed upon sensing the chaos within his body. If this were to continue, not only would he fail to use the ‘Sea Flipping Seal’ but he would also end up seriously injured due to the backlash.

The chaos in Xiao Yan’s heart had just flashed and appeared when he suppressed it as quick as possible. As long as there was even a slight mistake at this moment, it was likely that he would completely fail. Currently, he was no longer that ignorant young man from back then. Being unusually rich in combat experience, he clearly understood the importance of remaining calm at such a moment.

Xiao Yan inhaled a deep breath of air. He slowly suppressed the anxiety within his heart and gradually withdrew his focused mind. He actually ceased controlling the chaotic Dou Qi that was causing a mess in his body. It was as though he was a third party who was calmly observing the chaotic Dou Qi that was spreading in all directions. At the same time, the change of his hand seals quietly slowed.

Xiao Yan had completely calmed down following the increased focus of his mind. Under this extreme calm, he appeared to have entered a mysterious condition. His ears had become completely calm.


A low cry suddenly sounded deep within his heart. Threads of thin, almost hair-like, mental threads flashed out in a lightning-like manner in all directions. Finally, they grabbed the chaotic Dou Qi that was seeping out. All of them were like numerous small streams that agglomerated from all directions before finally gathering together.

Xiao Yan’s mind was distributed in a manner that was not the least bit inefficient. Under this kind of extremely calm condition, almost every thread of his mind had unleashed its maximum effect. In this way, the disorder from the earlier rush of Dou Qi immediately disappeared…

When the Dou Qi within his body was completely controlled, the tight frown on Xiao Yan’s brows slowly relaxed. The speed which his hand seals changed suddenly sped up. Afterimages flew. A moment later, the hand seals suddenly stiffened on a strange seal!

Xiao Yan’s hand seal was one with his thumbs pointing at him. All of his ten fingers were in a half-wounded condition in a snake-like manner. His index fingers faced each other, giving people a mysterious feeling at a glance.

Xiao Yan’s hand seal solidified. His tightly shut eyes suddenly opened. A piercing glow shot out in a substance-like manner, causing Zi Yan’s heart to beat violently by his side.

Powerful Dou Qi within Xiao Yan’s body flowed along his Qi Paths and arrived at this hand while the hand seal solidified. A bright jade-green glow immediately erupted from his hand. A layer of strange jade-green crystal followed Xiao Yan’s hand seal, and surged out while the light glow spread. In merely a moment, a palm-sized jade-crystal, with a hand seal shape, adhered to his hand.

The space around Xiao Yan suddenly fluctuated the moment the jade-crystal hand seal appeared. The powerful force that spread out caused even Zi Yan’s heart to feel pressure.

The frightening energy that suddenly appeared also aroused the surrounding experts attention. Immediately, numerous shocked gazes were shot over. Finally, they focused onto Xiao Yan’s hand. Everyone’s expression drastically changed as they sensed the frightening energy that was contained in that crystal hand seal.

This kind of frightening energy was something that would cause even an expert Dou Huang to feel genuine fear.

It was naturally difficult for the appearance of the jade crystal hand seal to escape the attention of Medusa and Protector Tie. This was especially when they had sensed the terrifying energy that even a Dou Zong would not dare to easily slight. Their faces changed as their gazes were instantly thrown to the position where the energy was transmitted from. The both of them were stunned when they saw that the frightening energy was created by Xiao Yan.

“Cai Lin, move aside!”

Xiao Yan sternly cried out. A glint flickered in Xiao Yan’s eyes as they were suddenly thrown toward Protector Tie.

Medusa hesitated for a moment upon hearing this. She vaguely nodded and a seven colored glow flashed from her body. Immediately, she transformed into a light figure that swiftly withdrew.

“Sea Flipping Seal!”

Medusa’s body had just withdrawn when Xiao Yan’s heart suddenly emitted a cold cry. He curled his thumb and his hand seal violently pushed forward. A jade-crystal hand-seal-shaped layer immediately left his hand. Finally, it transformed into a palm-sized crystal glow that rushed toward Protector Tie in a lightning-like manner.

Protector Tie was startled upon seeing the bright glow being shot over. He was just about to withdraw when he was shocked to discover that the bright glow was already locked onto his aura…

“This… what is this Dou Technique? How can that brat be able to use it given his Dou Huang strength?”

Protector Tie’s eyes were tightly focused on the crystal glow that shot over. His expression gradually became solemn upon sensing the frightening energy that was contained within it. He discovered that he seemed to have underestimated this young man since the very beginning…

A dense black fog surged out of Protector Tie’s body. The surging energy contained within the black fog caused the air to fluctuate.

The jade-green crystal rushed through the sky. In an instant, it appeared in front of the black fog. At this moment, Protector Tie was finally able to clearly see just what this crystal glow was…

“Crystal seal?”

Protector Tie intently frowned upon seeing this thing. His gaze immediately swept past the shape that was formed by the hand seal and was momentarily startled. Disbelief surfaced within his eyes. He involuntarily and sharply cried out, “It is actually the ‘God Seal Skill’?”

A short distance away, Xiao Yan’s entire body trembled upon hearing this involuntary cry by Protector Tie. The killing intent in his eyes soared. This fellow was actually able to recognize the ‘Sea Flipping Skill’?


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