Battle Through The Heavens Chapter 804 Miserable Protector Tie

Chapter 804: Miserable Protector Tie

According to what Xun Er had said, the ‘God Seal Skill’ was one of the secret skills of her clan. Only those clan members with outstanding talent had the qualification to practice it. From her solemn expression, Xiao Yan could tell that this Dou Technique could be considered a high grade Dou Techniques even within her clan. Hence, she had instructed Xiao Yan not to easily use it unless it was a critical moment. Some trouble would be unavoidable should someone recognize it. The most troublesome thing was if this matter were to spread to the clan. If the members of the clan learned that such a secret skill was being practiced by an outsider, they would definitely dispatch someone to retrieve it!

There was only an extremely simple method for the retrieval of a Dou Technique. That was to kill this person. In that case, the Dou Technique that existed within his mind would naturally disappear…

The killing intent in Xiao Yan’s heart soared when that Protector Tie’s mouth emitted an involuntary cry. Xiao Yan recalled the solemn expression that Xun Er revealed when she was reminding him. This person must not be allowed to flee.

A storm had similarly surged within Protector Tie’s heart while killing intent surged in Xiao Yan’s heart. He had never expected the Dou Technique the ‘Hall of Soul’ warned him to be careful of would actually appear from the body of an unknown, young man.

The shock lasted for an instant before it was forcefully expelled by the frightening energy pressure that had suddenly arrived. Protector Tie’s face was solemn. His hands moved. Following their movements, the dense black fog around his body suddenly fluctuated and shrank at a pace visible to the naked eye. Within a short couple of breaths, the black fog that spread over the place completely disappeared. A dark-black energy ball the size of a head replaced it, and appeared in front of Protector Tie.

The black energy ball was suspended in front of him. The color on its surface was dark and deep. At a glance, one would feel as though one’s mind was about to be pulled into it. This caused a person to feel afraid of that strange black ball while perspiration dripped from all over their bodies.

As the black ball appeared, the aura all over Protector Tie’s body suddenly became a lot more sluggish. He immediately clenched his teeth and flicked his finger. The black ball suddenly rushed out. An instant later, it violently collided with the jade-green crystal that came rushing over.

Two frightening energies, that caused even elite Dou Zongs’ faces to change, collided like meteorites with a bang in front of a countless number of gazes!

The expected loud sound from the collision of the two did not appear. The two frightening energies transformed into a jade-green and dark-black color in the sky. They repeatedly eroded each other. The space was extremely distorted at the spot where the two made contact. That manner caused one to worry if the space would suddenly rip apart.

During the erosion between the two frightening energies, numerous energy ripples, that were over a thousand feet large, spread out from the point of contact. With the spread of this kind of frightening energy ripple, the experts from both parties were so shocked that they hurriedly landed. They clearly knew that if this wild and violent energy made contact with them, their ending today would likely be extremely miserable.

The energy ripple was spread over an extremely wide area. It nearly occupied a thousand feet in radius. In an instant, wild wind blew in the sky and cloud layers swiftly rolled. That earth-shaking unusual phenomenon caused a countless number of people to become panic stricken. Their faces were pale as a sheet….

The corrosion of the two energies continued for a couple of minutes. Finally, an extremely sturdy black-green energy ripple suddenly swept out with an angry thunder-like roar!

The black-green energy ripple swept over the sky. The pressure that was contained in this energy was extremely strong and it caused the trees in the mountain range below to emit a crackling sound as all of them broke apart, waking a countless number of Magical Beast that were hidden. Some parts of the towering mountain range broke apart under this energy ripple. The mountain peak collapsed as it carried a countless number of enormous rocks, that rumbled and smashed, down from the mountain peak. This Sky Scorpion Mountain Range descended into the most chaotic state experienced yet.

That black-green energy ripple had naturally also enveloped Xiao Yan and Protector Tie. The former was still alright. Medusa, who was observing the area, moved the moment she saw that the situation was bad, and immediately dragged Xiao Yan and Zi Yan far away. That protector Tie, however, was far too close to the point where the intense energies crossed each other. This resulted in him being struck by the remanent waves. A muffled groan was emitted and his body withdrew in a somewhat anxious and staggering manner.

Following the most frightening energy ripple spreading over from the sky, the point where the two frightening energies collided with each other gradually calmed down. Finally, they slowly eliminated each other…

Everyone present sighed in relief upon seeing the frightening energy finally neutralize each other and scatter. The energy ripple from earlier was really too frightening. If a couple more were to arrive, it was likely that the entire Sky Scorpion Mountain Range would be completely razed…

The whistling wild wind and the surging clouds gradually calmed down following the gradual elimination of the energy. The black figure in the sky flashed and one could see the somewhat miserable looking Protector Tie appear.

Protector Tie emitted an intense dry cough after revealing himself. The black fog that covered his body immediately became much thinner. Clearly, that energy ripple from earlier had affected him quite greatly.

“Dammit, how could this fellow practice the ‘God Seal Skill’? Just what is his background?” Protector Tie’s eyes revealed some remaining fear as he studied Xiao Yan’s figure in the distance. His expression was extremely ugly. The ‘Hall of Souls’ always had a rumor that one should be extremely cautious when meeting a person who practiced the ‘God Seal Skill’. Moreover, most of the experts who practiced this Dou Technique had some great relationship with that mysterious ancient clan. It should be known that the ancient clan was something that even someone with an unfathomable strength, like the hall leader, was afraid of.

“Don’t tell me that this fellow is from that ancient clan?” A thought that caused his heart to pound in fear appeared. Protector Tie’s face also changed. There were not many fractions on this Dou Qi continent that caused the ‘Hall of Souls’ to feel fear. Other than the ‘Pill Tower’, this ancient clan was one of them!

“No wonder he is able to arrive at such a stage at such an age… dammit, I’m really unlucky. Why would I meet them here… forget it, I should leave first for today and make the decision another day after this fellow leaves…” Numerous thoughts flashed through Protector Tie’s heart. His eyes once again looked in the distant sky toward the grayish-purple cage that did not have much activity. He clenched his teeth and immediately started to quickly retreat.

“You wish to leave?”

A cold laugh was instantly transmitted over as Protector Tie’s body just moved back. A lovely figure immediately flashed over. The longsword in her hand was waved and a sharp sword aura that was over a hundred feet in size violently shot at Protector Tie.

Protector Tie waved his hand as he sensed the sharp wind that came from behind him. He waved his arm and a chain was hurriedly shot out. Finally, it collided with that blade aura. However, the chain was thrown off by the blade aura during this collision. That slightly weakened blade aura still shot toward Protector Tie in a straight line.


Panic surfaced in Protector Tie’s heart as he sensed the weak feeling being transmitted by his body. The strange black ball he had used earlier exhausted a great amount of his energy. At this moment, he had undoubtedly landed into a disadvantageous position when compared with Medusa.

Protector Tie’s body hurriedly withdrew. His arm trembled and a couple of enormous chains explosively shot out. Finally, they were like large black pythons that violently knocked into that blade aura. Only then did he resolve the remaining energy.

Medusa’s body was suspended in the sky. Her eyes observed Protector Tie who needed to use two attacks to block her blade aura. She was slightly startled before immediately understanding the reason. The coldness in her eyes suddenly soared. She did not waste her breath as a majestic seven colored energy erupted from her body in all directions. It swiftly gathered above her head. An instant later, it transformed into a large seven colored python that was a couple of hundred feet in length.

This huge python’s outer appearance was clearly no different from that of the ‘Heaven Swallowing Python’. The only difference was that its size was larger than the ‘Heaven Swallowing Python’ from before. The fierce aura that spread over the place was at least a couple of times denser.

The enormous seven colored python that was gathered from Medusa’s energy was just like a living ‘Heaven Swallowing Python’. The dense feeling within those enormous eyes was life like, appearing as though it possessed an intelligence.


Medusa pointed her delicate finger and coldly cried when the enormous seven colored python was formed.

As her voice sounded, the ‘Seven Colored Heaven Swallowing Python,’ that lingered in the sky, swung its enormous tail. A large body rushed out like lightning in an instant and violently shot toward that Protector Tie.

Protector Tie’s face became extremely ugly when he saw the ‘Seven Colored Heaven Swallowing Python’ basically transform into a seven colored ray of light that shot out. His face had become extremely ugly. With his current condition, how was it possible for him to receive this full force attack by the unhurt Medusa?

However, things had already developed until this point. Any other thoughts were pointless. Since he was unable to receive it, he could only flee.

Protector Tie did not hesitate when this thought flashed appeared in his head. He turned around and black fog surged over his body before he suddenly shot to the sky as a black-colored ray of light.

Medusa emitted a cold snort when she saw Protector Tie flee. She suddenly clenched her delicate hand. The space not far in front of Protector Tie suddenly became distorted. His fleeing figure had become much slowly because of it.

With the help of the obstruction of the distorted space, that enormous ‘Seven Colored Heaven Swallowing Python’ instantly arrived. After which, it emitted an earth-shaking hiss. It violently struck at Protector Tie with a terrifying energy!

Protector Tie turned his head in shock as he sensed the close frightening wind. He looked at the seven colored enormous python that was swiftly magnified in his eyes. A terror seeped out from deep within his heart.


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