Battle Through The Heavens Chapter 806 An All Out Strike

Chapter 806: An All Out Strike

The enormous grayish-purple space cage in the distant sky suddenly revealed some unusual fluctuations. One could see that the surrounding distorted spacial wall suddenly lifted and formed numerous ripples. In merely a moment, the distorted arc grew smaller. In the end, the distorted space began to slowly return to its earlier state.

With the disappearance of the spatial wall that covered that spot, the grayish-purple fog that filled the place began to spread without any restraint.

The faces of Xiao Yan and the others changed slightly upon seeing signs of the grayish-purple poison fog spreading apart. Although they were quite far away, that grayish-purple poison fog still gave them an unusual feeling. If it was allowed to spread without care, it was likely that all the life on this mountain peak would die to this poisonous gas.

While Xiao Yan and the others were planning to withdraw in a hurry, the grayish-purple poison fog, that was spreading, suddenly stilled. Immediately, a wild suction force was emitted from the middle, pulling the surrounding poison fog in a wild fashion.

The grayish-purple poison fog was shrinking at an extremely fast pace. Within a couple of blinks, the poison fog that was spreading everywhere shrank back. Following the withdrawal of the poison fog, the two figures hidden by it were finally revealed to everyone.

The Little Fairy Doctor stood in the empty air in the distant sky. Her deep-purple eye and gray eye were emitting glows, giving her an exceptionally strange appearance. Her body was covered with traces of blood. Even her arm had a savage half-foot-long mark.

A short distance away from the Little Fairy Doctor, the image of Xie Bi Yan was extremely miserable since he was drenched in fresh blood. Numerous bloody marks crossed each other on his body, forming a bloody drawing. One of the two enormous blood-colored pincers was broken. Fresh blood flowed from the cracked spot and dripped down. This was set off by his ferocious pale-white face, causing him to appear just like a fierce-looking demon.

Studying both their injuries, it was clear that the battle that had occurred in that grayish-purple poison fog was far more intense and fierce than the battle between Medusa and Protector Tie… however, judging from both parties’ auras, it seemed that Xie Bi Yan’s injuries were more serious.

The appearance of the two of them naturally caused all of the battles below to cease. A countless number of gazes were gathered on the two of them. That mysterious Protector Tie had already fallen into Xiao Yan’s hands. The Ten Thousand Scorpion Gate could only rely on this old ancestor, Xie Bi Yan…

“Old demon Xie, looks like this ‘Blood Spirit Skill’ of yours is not as strong as I had expected…” The Little Fairy Doctor slightly raised her delicate hand and gently licked a drop of fresh blood into her mouth. After which, she immediately looked at Xie Bi Yan as she spoke in a dense manner.

“You are merely relying on the ability of your ‘Woeful Poison Body’. What is there to be arrogant about? If you didn’t have this ‘Woeful Poison Body’, it is impossible for you to possess the qualification to even talk to this old me given your talent and your age!” Xie Bi Yan grit his teeth as he replied. He did not expect the complete unleashing of the ‘Woeful Poison Body’ would produce such a frightening strength. Even this ‘Blood Spirit Skill’ he had completely mastered had difficulty contending with it.

The Little Fairy Doctor faintly swept her gaze over him. The victor became the king while the defeated became the bandit. Only the loser would find numerous excuses. Although she relied on the ‘Woeful Poison Body’ in order to obtain this strength, this ‘Woeful Poison Body’ had also caused her to lose too many things.

“But you need not gloat. Each time this ‘Woeful Poison Body’ erupts, it will cause your Poison Body to be one step closer to losing control. Looking at you, it should not be long before you enter that stage. At that time, there will naturally be someone who will come and finish you off!” Xie Bi Yan spoke with a dark, cold laugh.

“Just finish him off. There is no need to waste your breath.”

A laugh was transmitted from below just as Little Fairy Doctor’s face gradually turned cold. Three human figures flashed over before finally appearing beside the Little Fairy Doctor. They were surprisingly Xiao Yan, Zi Yan, and Medusa.

The Little Fairy Doctor and Xie Bi Yan were startled when their eyes swept toward Medusa. The former revealed a joy within her strange grayish-purple eyes. On the other hand, the latter’s expression suddenly became unusually ugly.

“Have you finished off that fellow?” The Little Fairy Doctor inquired in surprise after sensing that Protector Tie’s aura seemed to have completely disappeared.

“Aye, aye.” Medusa slightly nodded. Her eyes stared at Xie Bi Yan and said, “Looks like you are unable to finish him off. Do you need me to intervene?”

“I have already inserted the blood of my ‘Woeful Poison Body’ into him. He will have difficulty escaping death today.” The Little Fairy Doctor appeared to be unwilling to lag behind Medusa. She shook her head as she replied in a faint voice.

Xiao Yan was startled when he heard this. He raised his eyes and swept them over Xie Bi Yan on the other side. The other fellow’s expression was indeed somewhat unusual. From the way he clenched his teeth, it seemed that he was trying his best to expel the so-called blood of the ‘Woeful Poison Body’ from his body.

“Tsk tsk, how unexpected. That fellow actually ended up with such a fate… hee hee, but all of you are really bold. You actually dare to touch him. Regardless of your background, it is likely that all of you will have no peace in the future!” Xie Bi Yan was initially surprised before his eyes revealed a cruelty as he laughed.

“It is not only him. Your Ten Thousand Scorpion Sect’s chief Xie Shan also ended up with such a fate.” Xiao Yan shrugged his shoulders and laughed.

Xie Bi Yan’s old face suddenly trembled upon hearing this. His eyes viciously stared at Xiao Yan as he hissed, “Was it you?”

Xiao Yan nodded non-committally. He was completely unconcerned about that vicious gaze.

The viciousness in Xie Bi Yan’s face became more intense when he saw Xiao Yan nod his head. Before he could reply, the Little Fairy Doctor by the side waved her hand impatiently and her delicate hand suddenly formed a hand seal!

The blood of the ‘Woeful Poison Body’ within Xie Bi Yan suddenly erupted with a ‘bang’ following the formation of the hand seal by the Little Fairy Doctor. Finally, it transformed into a countless number of threads that invaded the blood of the latter’s body.

Xie Bi Yan suddenly trembled when the blood of the ‘Woeful Poison Body’ exploded in his body. His skin immediately turned into a grayish-purple color, appearing extremely miserable.

Xie Bi Yan clenched his teeth and tried his best to stimulate the Dou Qi within his body. However, the poisonous blood had already invaded his blood. The circulation of the liquid blood basically caused every part of his body to be infected by that poisonous blood.

If he was currently at his peak condition, Xie Bi Yan would naturally have a way to expel any of the poisonous blood. However, after a big life and death battle with the Little Fairy Doctor, the exhaustion of the Dou Qi within his body was unnaturally serious. He no longer had the strength to expel the poisonous blood as he intended.

With the increase in the erosion rate of the Woeful Poison Blood, Xie Bi Yan emitted an intense cough from his mouth. Fresh blood uncontrollably surged out from his mouth each time he coughed before finally drenching his clothes.

“Old Xie, with your current strength, it is impossible for you to withstand the corrosion of the Woeful Poison Blood… hence, goodbye.” The Little Fairy Doctor slowly spoke. Her eyes were indifferent as she looked at Xie Bi Yan who was repeatedly spitting blood.

“Tsk tsk, ‘Woeful Poison Body’… it is indeed frightening. *Cough*, today, the old me… *cough* has finally witnessed it…” Xie Bi Yan’s eyes stared intently at the Little Fairy Doctor. Fresh blood repeatedly flowed out as he spoke, causing his voice to be one that caused one’s pores to stand.

The entire sky was completely silent. Everyone could see that Xie Bi Yan had reached the end of his journey. As long as he fell, the entire Ten Thousand Scorpion Gate would lose the final pillar of support…

“Hee hee, the old me might have difficulty escaping a calamity today, but all of you will also have to pay a blood price if you want the old me to die!”

Xie Bi Yan raised his face and revealed a cruel smile toward Xiao Yan’s group. The walking stick in his hand was slammed against the ground, and one could see that the interior of his body seemed to be boiling. Numerous blood blisters appeared on his skin in a densely packed fashion. Moreover, one could see boiling blood within these blood blisters. The frightening way it boiled gave one goosebumps as a chill rose in their hearts.

Xiao Yan and the Little Fairy Doctor were stunned to see what was happening to Xie Bi Yan.

“Be careful, move aside. He wants to self-destruct!” Medusa cried out in a deep voice. Her face was covered with a solemn look. The strength of a self-destructing elite Dou Zong was extremely frightening.

Medusa’s voice had just sounded when the blood blisters on Xie Bi Yan’s body grew larger. A strange bang suddenly sounded as his body expanded to its limit!

Xiao Yan’s group was hurrying away when the sound appeared. They could see that Xie Bi Yan’s body had once again strangely shrunk. The expected self-destruction did not occur. While they were still stunned, Xie Bi Yan revealed a savage smile once again. The blood blisters on his body burst apart one at a time. His mouth expanded and his head was tilted back!

The blood blisters swiftly burst apart. Xie Bi Yan’s mouth suddenly widened and a fleeting dark-black light instantly shot from his mouth.

This black-colored light was not large. It was merely the size of a thumb. However, its speed seemed to be such that it was able to shuttle through air. The tail of the light had just left Xie Bi Yan’s mouth when its head had already appeared in front of the Little Fairy Doctor’s group a hundred meters away.

Such speed was faster than lightning, causing Xiao Yan’s group to lack the time to dodge!

The Little Fairy Doctor and Medusa were also somewhat caught off-guard by this sudden all out attack by Xie Bi Yan. They only had the time to circulate their Dou Qi to the surface of their body at this critical moment, forming a powerful Dou Qi defense on the outside of their bodies.

That dark-black blood glow suddenly shot over just as their defenses were established. However, it unexpectedly turned when it was just about to strike their bodies. It immediately rushed over to Xiao Yan by their sides!

The target of this attack by Xie Bi Yan was not actually the Little Fairy Doctor but Xiao Yan!


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