Battle Through The Heavens Chapter 807 Demon Poison Spot

Chapter 807: Demon Poison Spot

The sudden arrival of this black light caused Xiao Yan to be momentarily absent-minded. The skin on his head involuntarily turned a little numb as he sensed the frightening energy contained within the black light. The Dou Qi in his body appeared to activate at this critical moment. It involuntarily broke free and rose to the surface of his body.

That black glow suddenly reached its target just as the Dou Qi surged out. It contained a fishy scent that caused one to puke as it violently shot into Xiao Yan’s protective Dou Qi.

The hot jade-green Dou Qi seemed to be like snow that met boiling oil when the two collided. It instantly scattered. In a breath’s time, the protective Dou Qi was forcefully torn apart by the black glow, and violently struck Xiao Yan’s body in an unceremonial manner.

The collision did not result in any force. However, the black light seemed to be like a liquid as it instantly disappeared into Xiao Yan’s skin.

Only a mere second passed by the time the black glow broke the protective Dou Qi and entered Xiao Yan’s body. By the time Xiao Yan had recovered, the black glow had already entered his body. A thumb-sized black spot remained at the spot where it entered his skin.

The first thing that Xiao Yan did after recovering was touch the black spot on his chest with his hand. He lowered his head only to be stunned. He discovered that the black spot was swiftly spreading by threads of tiny black lines. The places that these black lines spread to were the location of some important acupuncture points and veins. Xiao Yan’s face immediately changed upon seeing this scene. He suddenly raised his head and yelled at Xie Bi Yan, “What have you done?”

“Tsk tsk…”

The current Xie Bi Yan appeared to have had his age doubled after having spat out that black light. The white hair on his head began to fall out. His bows were piled together, appearing like massive gullies. Despite having turned into this state, the vicious, cold laughter in his turbid eyes became denser.

“Brat, you have killed so many people from my Ten Thousand Scorpion Gate. How can the old me let you off?”

Medusa and the Little Fairy Doctor’s faces suddenly changed upon seeing the viciousness on Xie Bi Yan’s face. Their bodies flashed and they appeared beside Xiao Yan before hurrying to take a look.

“Are you alright?” Medusa’s delicate hand rubbed all over Xiao Yan’s body. She inquired with a somewhat anxious voice. That frightening strike from Xie Bi Yan earlier was definitely not just putting up an appearance. Given Xiao Yan’s strength, his fate after being struck by it would not be anything good.

Xiao Yan also knit his brows. His mind swiftly observed the interior of his body, but did not discover anything wrong.

The Little Fairy Doctor’s pretty face was extremely solemn. Her gaze swept over Xiao Yan’s body and appeared to have discovered something. She immediately pulled apart Xiao Yan’s robes with her hand. The strange black spot with many black lines spreading from it appeared in the eyes of the three people.

“What is this?” Medusa hurriedly asked. She felt startled when she saw this thing.

The Little Fairy Doctor’s eyes stared intently at this strange black spot. She inhaled a deep breath of air, clenched her silver teeth and said, “It is actually the ‘Demon Poison Spot’. This old bastard is really ruthless!”

“Demon Poison Spot? What is that?” Medusa and Zi Yan by the side hurriedly asked when they heard what she said.

“A vicious skill for those that practice Poison Dou Qi within the Chu Yun Empire. It is able to gather all of one’s poison Dou Qi together and insert it into an enemy’s body. Finally, it will form a black spot. This black spot will continue to unleash poison lines. When these poison lines cover every single acupuncture point, the Qi Paths in the body of the person who was struck by it will swiftly fester. Finally, that person will suffer an endless amount of pain and slowly die.” The Little Fairy Doctor’s voice was filled with a fury.

“However, once one uses this skill, the person who used it will lose all of their Dou Qi and become a useless person!”

The expression of Xiao Yan’s three men group suddenly changed upon hearing the Little Fairy Doctor’s words. The Dou Qi within the latter’s body swiftly surged out. After which, his mind swept over every single part of his body. However, he was still unable to discover just where that black spot was located.

“How can it be resolved?” Medusa’s face was so gloomy that it was frightening. The space around her began to fluctuate intensely at this moment. Clearly, her heart was extremely volatile.

“If it was an ordinary Dou Wang or even a Dou Huang who used this ‘Demon Poison Spot’, I would have been able to undo it. However, this time around… that old stoke Xie Bi Yan is an elite Dou Zong. It is extremely troublesome even for me to undo it…” The Little Fairy Doctor hesitated for a moment before speaking in an ashamed manner.

A killing intent that soared to the sky surged from Medusa’s body once the Little Fairy Doctor’s voice sounded. This killing intent was extremely dense. Even with the Little Fairy Doctor’s mental fortitude, her face also involuntarily changed.

“Old stoke, hand over the antidote!”

Medusa’s smooth hair moved despite the absence of any wind. Her body flashed and she appeared beside the vicious-faced Xie Bi Yan. Her delicate hand grabbed his throat as a dark, cold voice that seemed to come from the depths of hell was emitted.

“Hee hee, the old me will not be able to live for long after having used the ‘Demon Poison Spot’. I will not be lonely now that this brat will accompany me…” Xie Bi Yan laughed dryly as he looked at Medusa’s eyes that were filled with killing intent.

Medusa’s face was ice-cold. Her delicate hand grabbed Xie Bi Yan’s shoulder and suddenly pulled. Fresh blood flew all over the place. The latter’s arm was just pulled off.

“Are you going to speak? There is still your legs if your hands are gone. Should your legs be gone, I can still help you to cut open your stomach!” Medusa’s voice was still ice-cold and void of emotion even after breaking his arm off.

The intense pain caused Xie Bi Yan to emit a hissing suction sound from his mouth. His forehead was covered with cold sweat. However, he still clenched his teeth and said with a sharp voice, “Ha ha, are all of you very angry that he is coming to accompany this old me? Ha ha, I want this kind of effect!”

A cold glint flashed in Medusa’s eyes. Her leg kicked one of Xie Bi Yan’s knees. The sound of bones breaking could be heard.

“The more ruthless you are to me, the more I will be aware of this brat’s high position in your heart. Ha ha, in this way, you will be more miserable!”

The killing intent on Medusa’s face had already turned into a cruel one. She swung her foot and the other knee belonging to Xie Bu Yan was broken. Both of his legs were curled at strange angle. His entire body was no longer like that of a human.

The breath from Xie Bi Yan’s mouth grew increasingly weaker under this ruthless torture by Medusa. However, the smile on his face grew increasingly denser.

The killing intent in Medusa’s heart once again surged when she saw that smile on his face. Her voice was sinister as she coldly said, “After you die, I will let everyone from the Ten Thousand Scorpion Gate accompany you in death. I will definitely not let even a single dog of your Ten Thousand Scorpion Gate off.”

These words of Medusa that were filled with a dense killing intent finally caused the smile on Xie Bi Yan’s face to stiffen. A moment later, he slowly shut his eyes. “You can do what you want. This ‘Demon Poison Spot’ is something that even the user is unable to undo. Hence, even I don’t have any antidote.”

The little patience within Medusa’s heart was finally covered by the killing intent that came from all directions. A fierce glint flashed across her eyes. Her delicate hand was just like a blade that was inserted into Xie Bi Yan’s chest. She suddenly clenched her delicate hand and his heart immediately burst apart.

The remaining life force in Xie Bi Yan’s face gradually withdrew when his heart burst apart. A moment later, he transformed into an ice-cold corpse.

Medusa slowly withdrew her hand and randomly threw aside Xie Bi Yan’s corpse. The long hair behind her danced while fresh blood dripped down from her hand. Her figure seemed to be one that had just walked out of hell.

The killing intent that spread from Medusa’s body increased instead of decreasing after having killed Xie Bi Yan. Her long, pretty eyes slowly slid to the entrance of the Ten Thousand Scorpion Gate below. A killing intent that surged to the sky caused everyone from the Ten Thousand Scorpion Gate to feel as though they were in an icehouse.

A helpless cry sounded just as Medusa, who had bright red eyes, was preparing to start a massacre.

“Cai Lin, come back!”

Medusa’s lovely body shook upon hearing this familiar cry. Only then did the bright redness in her eyes weaken a little. She struggled for a moment before finally turning around and rushing to the position in the sky where Xiao Yan was located.

Xiao Yan let out a bitter smile and sighed when he saw Medusa clenching her teeth in front of him. He took out a cloth from his storage ring and rubbed off the fresh blood that was on her delicate hand.

“Let’s go, I will bring you back to the Jia Ma Empire. If Gu He is unable to help you expel the poison, I will bring you to the continent to find someone to help you!” Medusa grabbed Xiao Yan’s hand as she suddenly declared.

Xiao Yan was startled. He looked at her somewhat ordinary appearance formed by that Mysterious Beast Skin. His heart felt touched. She was actually able to do things to such an extent just for him…

“The person who specializes in using poison is here. Where else are you going to look?” Xiao Yan vaguely smiled. He threw away that cloth, turned to the Little Fairy Doctor and asked, “Is there really no method to resolve this?”

The Little Fairy Doctor tightly knit her brows. She mused for a long while before finally shaking her head as she said, “I really don’t have the ability to undo the ‘Demon Poison Spot’ that an elite Dou Zong has created. If you are able to find an expert who is one class higher, that person might be able to undo it.”

“A person one class higher than the person who used it? Doesn’t that mean that it requires a legendary elite Dou Zun?” Xiao Yan frowned and questioned after hearing her response.

The corner of the Little Fairy Doctor’s mouth carried some bitterness as she nodded. She looked at the tightly frowning Xiao Yan, and hesitated for a moment before speaking slowly, “This ‘Demon Poison Spot’ might be extremely poisonous but it is not without benefits. It contains all of Xie Bi Yan’s Dou Qi within it. If you are able to endure and resolve it, the enormous amount of Dou Qi would be inherited by you… of course, this is on the precondition that you are able to undo it.”


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