Battle Through The Heavens Chapter 811 Third In Ranking

Chapter 811: Third In Ranking

Xiao Yan’s hand rubbed his chest. He pulled apart his shirt and swept his gaze down only to realize that the surrounding area of that ‘Demon Poison Spot,’ that had been spreading a strange black color, was covered by an unusual seal. Moreover, it seemed that this seal had stopped the spread of the ‘Demon Poison Spot’.

“This is the poison sealing method that I have learned from the Seven Colored Poison Book that I obtained back when were were in the cave at the Qingshan Town. Adding this to the ‘Heavenly Flame’ that is helping you, it is likely that this ‘Demon Poison Spot’ will not erupt during these next two years.” The Little Fairy Doctor softly explained as she watched Xiao Yan.

“In other words, you must find an elite Dou Zun to help remove the poison within two years. Otherwise, the seal will automatically disappear at that time and the ‘Demon Poison Spot’ will completely erupt.” The Little Fairy Doctor’s face became a little solemn when she spoke these words.

“Aye, aye, I know.” Xiao Yan nodded slightly. He did not mention that he might be able to refine this ‘Demon Poison Spot’ if he could find a third kind of ‘Heavenly Flame’. After all, the difficulty of finding a third ‘Heavenly Flame’ was not any less than searching for an elite Dou Zun to lend a hand.

“Ugh, according to what I know, there is no elite Dou Zun present in the countries around here. It would be extremely difficult to find one even in the entire northwestern region…” The Little Fairy Doctor knit her brows together and sighed.

An elite Dou Zun. This class could already be considered the peak existence on the golden pagoda of the Dou Qi continent. It was likely that there were hardly any experts of such a class even on the entire Dou Qi continent. Those who possessed such an expert were all truly the top of the top tier on the continent. Compared to these large beings, the Poison Sect or the Yan Alliance both appeared extremely small. After all, this Jia Ma Empire and Chu Yun Empire were merely at an inconspicuous corner of this incomparably vast Dou Qi continent. Even in this northwestern region, the Jia Ma Empire and the Chu Yun Empire, that were located near an edge, likely did not have much right to speak.

“Let’s take things slow. In any case, we still have two years…” Xiao Yan quietly sighed. However, his face smiled in a nonchalant manner.

A somewhat familiar name suddenly flashed across Xiao Yan’s heart while he spoke these words. That expert who was once mentioned by Yao Lao and the First Elder Su Qian from the Jia Nan Academy Inner Academy…

Feng zun-zhe!

Zun-zhe. On the Dou Qi continent, only an expert of the Dou Zun class had the qualification to be addressed in this manner. Therefore, it was obvious that this very good friend of Yao Lao back then should be a genuine Dou Zun!

The position of an elite Dou Zun was incomparably high. Even if an ordinary person were to meet one, it was impossible to get the other party to lend a hand to help remove such poison. Hence, both parties must have some relationship. However, given the position of an elite Dou Zun, why would he or she establish a relationship with someone unless that person had a strength or some other ability that he or she valued?

Putting aside some special relationship, most friendships were established based on the strength of both parties. Although this point was a little realistic, it was undoubtedly the truth.

Therefore, if he really wanted to find one, that old friend who was rumored to have a friendship of life and death with Yao Lao should be a little more reliable. From what First Elder Su Qian had said, this Feng zun-zhe seemed to have an extremely deep relationship with Yao Lao. Even after the latter had disappeared many years ago, he still continued to relentlessly search for traces of him over the entire continent. Based on this, it was possible to tell that the friendship between the two was definitely far more solid than anyone could imagine.

If he was able to find this mysterious Feng zun-zhe, the other party was likely to lend a hand given his relationship with Yao Lao… however…

Xiao Yan immediately knit his brows together when he thought until this point. The Dou Qi continent was so huge. Where would he go to search for Feng zun-zhe? Should he really release rumors that he was Yao zun-zhe’s, Yao Chen’s disciple? At that time, it was likely that before Feng zun-zhe arrived, he would have drawn the ‘Hall of Souls’ as well as some enemies of Yao Lao in the past. Such an ending… would be quite terrible.

Xiao Yan did not make any headway no matter how he thought. He could only shake his head and helplessly smile at the Little Fairy Doctor who was staring at him. After which, he asked, “Where are Cai Lin and Zi Yan?”

“They are outside.” The Little Fairy Doctor faintly smiled. She immediately took a couple of gentle steps and her graceful body slowly walked toward the rock forest outside. “Let’s go. Since the sealing of the ‘Demon Poison Spot’ is complete, it will be detrimental for you to remain here.”

Xiao Yan nodded when he heard this. This place was filled with poisonous vapors. Although any ordinary poison that entered his body would be incinerated by the ‘Glazed Lotus Heart Flame’ until nothing remained, remaining here for a long time did indeed possess no benefits for him.

Xiao Yan and the Little Fairy Doctor had just walked to the rock forest when Medusa and Zi Yan, who were guarding at the exit, sensed him. They hurriedly came over and sighed in relief as they eyes looked at Xiao Yan’s somewhat good expression.

“Is it settled?” Medusa swiftly walked forward. Her long pupils swept over Xiao Yan’s body while her voice inquired in a concerned manner.

Xiao Yan smiled and nodded. He said, “It is all thanks to the Little Fairy Doctor’s poison sealing method. Otherwise, it would be really quite difficult to deal with this thing.” These words were indeed true. Just a tiny thread had caused Xiao Yan to exhaust two-thirds of his Dou Qi in order to refine it. If the ‘Demon Poison Spot’ were to completely erupt, it was likely that Xiao Yan would really not have the slightest ability to resist.

Moreover, his purpose of saying such words was undoubtedly to get the relationship between the Little Fairy Doctor and Medusa to become a little better. These two women were just like a sharp needle and an awn. They would involuntarily come into a conflict with each other whenever they met.

“How long will the eruption of this ‘Demon Poison Spot’ be delayed after being sealed?” Medusa pretended not to be aware of the words of Xiao Yan spoke. Instead, she frowned and asked the most important question.

Xiao Yan could only helplessly shake his head when he heard this. Why did this woman like to be so blunt all the time…

“The seal will remain for two years.” The Little Fairy Doctor by the side hesitated a moment before choosing to open her mouth first.

“Two years?” The frown of Medusa’s brows deepened. She sighed, “In other words, we must find an elite Dou Zun to help Xiao Yan remove the poison or the ‘Demon Poison Spot’ will once again erupt?”


“Are you able to seal it again two years from now?” Medusa asked in a deep voice.

“This… no. This kind of sealing method can only be used once. It will not have much of an effect if it is used a second time.” The Little Fairy Doctor paused for a moment before speaking with a bitter smile.

Medusa’s eyebrows were vertical. Looking at her manner, it seemed that Medusa was planning to coldly reprimand the Little Fairy Doctor again. Xiao Yan hurriedly inserted himself between the two upon seeing this. He helplessly said, “It is useless to say anything now. Let’s have a proper discussion on how we can find an elite Dou Zun instead. Little Fairy Doctor, help us arrange some accommodations. Cai Lin and Zi Yan have participated in a big battle and need to properly recuperate.”

The Little Fairy Doctor would naturally not refuse such a request. She softly responded to Xiao Yan before turning her body to leave. From the looks of her manner, she was planning on personally going to prepare their accommodations.

Xiao Yan finally turned his head to Medusa after seeing that the Little Fairy Doctor’s back had become distant. He bitterly laughed, “She has already given me enough help. You should stop finding trouble with her.”

Medusa was noncommittal in the face of Xiao Yan’s preaching. She raised her pretty eyes and said, “What do you plan on doing now? You can’t just sit and wait right?”

“Let’s wait and see first… we’ll rest for a day before prying some information about the ‘Hall of Souls’ from this fellow’s mouth tomorrow…” Xiao Yan spread his hands before immediately rubbing his Storage Ring. A dense coldness flashed across his dark-black eyes. The aim of traveling to the Chu Yun Empire this time around was to capture a person from the ‘Hall of Souls’ and obtain some information related to the ‘Hall of Souls’ or Yao Lao.

Medusa hesitated for a moment when she heard this. Finally, she could only sigh and nod her head.

A faint serene fragrance lingered within a spacious room. A warm light shone into it. The light expelled the darkness but did not appear too glaring.

Xiao Yan tightly shut both his eyes while he was on the bed. His hand had formed the training seal as he slowly absorbed the natural energy that floated in the surrounding air. Training was just like sailing a boat against a river’s flow. One would regress if one did not advance. Training was particular about persistence. In order to become an expert who would be the focus of attention, one must naturally put in an effort that others would have difficulty matching.

Two faint lines of white fog followed Xiao Yan’s breath as they lingered around his nose. They finally entered his body when he inhaled. After undergoing various refinements, there was a slight increase in the powerful Dou Qi within his body…

The training continued for around an hour before the faint energy fog that lingered around Xiao Yan’s nose began to gradually disappear. His tightly shut eyes were slowly opened.

Xiao Yan’s chest steadily sank. A turbid air was exhaled by Xiao Yan through a long breath. After performing this action, Xiao Yan’s body relaxed in a gradual manner. He was slightly silent before his hands once again pulled open his clothes. His eyes were frowning intently as he observed that strange ‘Demon Poison Spot’.

“An elite Dou Zun…”

Xiao Yan muttered to himself in his mouth. A moment later, he let out a bitter laugh. Rather than placing his hope on this, it was a little more reliable to place it on finding a third ‘Heavenly Flame’. If he was able to rely on his own strength to resolve this ‘Demon Poison Spot’ and absorb it, Xiao Yan clearly understood that the benefits he would obtain would definitely be much greater than inviting someone to help him.

“Heavenly Flame…”

Xiao Yan’s finger gently tapped on his knees as he softly muttered. His eyes stared at a flickering flame. A moment later, his finger trembled and a couple of tattered maps, which were filled with ancient auras, appeared in Xiao Yan’s hand.

The look of these maps was one of extreme age. Clearly, they had existed for a very long time. The edge of one of the tattered map contained some blurry lines. The lines slowly spread. At a rough glance, they were surprisingly a strange black lotus.

The lotus was dark-black in color. It seemed that there was a thin layer of black flames covering the surface of the lotus, giving it an exceptionally demon-like appearance.

Xiao Yan’s eyes were staring intently at the black lotus drawing. His heart suddenly pounded. The current him was no longer that ignorant young man from back then. Hence, he clearly knew what kind of terrifying thing this was.

The Purifying Demonic Lotus Flame, third in rank!


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