Battle Through The Heavens Chapter 813 Information on the Hall of Souls

Chapter 813: Information on the Hall of Souls

Medusa’s and the Little Fairy Doctor’s eyes swept over the jade bottle in Xiao Yan’s hand, causing their eyes to slightly solidify. Immediately, they placed themselves with one at the front and the other behind, completely sealing the interior of this room. They felt some fear within their heart for that so-called Protector Tie of the ‘Hall of Souls’.

Xiao Yan laughed upon seeing the reaction of these two people. His hand rubbed the bottle’s mouth. The fluctuation of the invisible flame gradually became pale before finally disappearing.

An illusionary soul immediately rushed out following the scattering of the flame. Finally, he shot toward the ceiling without any care for his life.

An invisible fire wall suddenly appeared on the ceiling as Xiao Yan flicked his finger. That illusionary spiritual body knocked into it and immediately emitted a ‘chi chi’ sound. A sharp miserable cry subsequently appeared.

Xiao Yan observed the illusionary spiritual body, which was covering his head in panic. He smiled faintly as the seal on his hand moved. That invisible fire wall rushed down and accurately wrapped around the soul before slowly descending.

“Ke ke, Protector Tie, why do you need to run so quickly?” Xiao Yan spoke before he smiled and studied Protector Tie, who was carefully hiding within the flame. He did not dare allow his body to touch even a little of the surrounding fire wall.

“Just what do all of you want? Our Protectors from the ‘Hall of Souls’ have a spiritual imprint in the ‘Hall of Soul’. They will definitely sense it if you kill me. At that time, the enforcement unit of the ‘Hall of Souls’ will definitely not let all of you off!” Protector Tie glared at Xiao Yan’s group furiously as he roared.

“I am only asking a couple of questions. As long as Protector Tie replies honestly, I will naturally not kill you.” Xiao Yan was noncommittal with regards to Protector Tie’s threat as he spoke with a smile.

A light flashed across Protector Tie’s eyes when he heard this. He immediately laughed, “What do you wish to ask?”

“Give me some information that is related to the ‘Hall of Souls’.” Xiao Yan sat on a chair as he softly asked.

“Information related to the ‘Hall of Souls’?” Protector Tie was startled. His gaze was surprised as he looked at Xiao Yan. An ordinary person could not help, but want to avoid them. It was unexpected that this fellow had actually taken the initiative to inquire about information.

“Brat, you are really extremely bold. Don’t think that you can be arrogant just because you have two elite Dou Zongs by your side. In the eyes of the ‘Hall of Souls’, eliminating you is merely something as easy as raising one’s hands. If you are tactful, you will release me as soon as you can. Otherwise… ah!” The surrounding invisible flame suddenly shrank before Protector Tie finished speaking. Finally, it adhered to his soul. The hot temperature caused his body to repeatedly emit a ‘chi chi’ sound as a miserable sharp cry once again resounded throughout the room.

The flame grilled him for around half a minute before slowly withdrawing, leaving behind an extremely weary spiritual body.

Xiao Yan’s eyes were indifferent as he glanced at Protector Tie. His voice was calm as he said, “This is not the answer that I want. Don’t think that I won’t dare to kill you. Moreover, I will let you suffer sufficient pain before I do so…”

“You…” Protector Tie’s eyes were vicious as he stared intently at Xiao Yan before glancing at the burning invisible fire wall around him. Horror appeared in his eyes. A moment later, he finally asked in an extremely unwilling manner, “What information of the ‘Hall of Souls’ do you wish to know?”

“What is the strength of the ‘Hall of Souls’ like?” Xiao Yan tossed out a question that he paid great attention to. This mysterious organization was one that even Yao Lao was extremely afraid of. It was likely that its strength should be extremely frightening. Since he was planning to rescue Yao Lao and his father from them in the future, he would naturally need to have some understanding of their strength.

Ridicule surfaced in Protector Tie’s eyes when he heard this. He said, “Aren’t you afraid that asking this question will give you a blow to your confidence? The ranks within the ‘Hall of Souls’ are extremely well defined. The protector level itself is divided into three grades. I am but only a Human Grade Protector. On top of the protectors, there are the high-positioned Honorable Elders. With their strength, they can be said to have few opponents even in the entire Dou Qi continent… your so-called Poison Sect only requires a small branch hall to be sent out before it would be completely eliminated in the eyes of the ‘Hall of Souls’.”

A solemness flashed in Xiao Yan’s eyes when he heard Protector Tie’s words. A Dou Zong class expert was actually the lowest grade protector? Just what kind of strength did those above them possess?

“Do you know of a person called Protector Wu?” Xiao Yan’s finger gently tapped on the table as he slowly asked.

“ Wu Ying? You have met him?” This time around, it was Protector Tie’s turn to be a little surprise.

“We have exchanged blows.” Xiao Yan faintly replied.

Surprise flashed through Protector Tie’s eyes. He once again examined the young man in front of him. A moment later, he finally said, “He is also a protector in the ‘Hall of Souls’. However, his rank is higher than mine. He is an Earth Grade Protector.”

“An Earth Grade protector huh…” Xiao Yan muttered within his heart. After which, he asked in a deep voice, “What kind of strength does the hall’s chief of the ‘Hall of Soul’ possess?”

Protector Tie’s face became somewhat strange when he heard this question from Xiao Yan. It was a long while later before he coldly laughed, “The chief is extremely mysterious and unpredictable. Forget about me who is merely a Human Grade Protector. It is likely that even a Heaven Grade protector rarely sees him. Other than the few Honorable Elders and a couple of other people, no one knows just what kind of strength the chief possess.

“Hee hee, however, by being able to develop the ‘Hall of Souls’ into such a large organization, you can even think with your buttocks to know just how frightening the strength of the chief is. I will say some unceremonious words. The few of you don’t even have the qualification to come into contact with those extremely strong people who possess that kind of strength.” Protector Tie mocked when he saw Xiao Yan frowning slightly.

“If you do not wish to endure the suffering from being grilled, all you need to do is answer the questions. Leave any other words to rot in your stomach.” Xiao Yan’s icy-cold eyes swept over him before he asked, “Do you know why the ‘Hall of Souls’ needs so many souls?”

“No. My mission is only to search for souls, capture them and bring them back to the ‘Hall of Souls’. No one knows why the ‘Hall of Souls’ requires so many spirits. I am not lying. There is nothing I can do if you don’t believe me.” Protector Tie did not even think as he opened his mouth to reply. He hurriedly added another two sentences when he saw Xiao Yan’s gloomy face after he spoke.

“Where is the headquarters of the ‘Hall of Souls’?”

“This… I don’t know this either.” Protector Tie responded with a helpless face.

“In that case, where do you hand over the souls that you capture?” Xiao Yan’s eyes were ice-cold as he studied Protector Tie. He only smiled coldly when he saw the latter’s helpless expression.

“Normally, we will have a target number to meet and must complete our task within a specified time. Only then will we go back and hand them over. However, we will not return to the headquarters of the ‘Hall of Souls’… the ‘Hall of Souls’ possesses quite a number of branch halls on the continent. They are the places where we hand over the souls.”

“How many branch hall locations do you know of?” Xiao Yan pressed with his question.

“One. A Human Grade protector only has the qualification to know of the location of one branch hall each time he comes out to perform a task. An Earth Grade protector can know two of them, a Heaven Grade protector can know three of them… “ Protector Tie indirectly looked at the fire wall that was surrounding his body. He sensed the heat within it and his spirit trembled slightly. All he could do was open his mouth and reply.

“Where is it?” Xiao Yan narrowed his eyes and slowly asked.

Protector Tie clenched his teeth when he heard this. However, he shook his head and said, “This is a secret of the ‘Hall of Souls’. If I expose it, my ending will be many times worse than dying in your hands.”

A cold glint flashed across Xiao Yan’s dark-black eyes. He suddenly and tightly clenched his hand, and the invisible fire wall immediately shrank. An instant later it adhered to Protector Tie’s body. A ‘chi chi’ sound once again appeared and Protector Tie’s miserable sharp cry followed.

“You have two choices. One is to suffer the grilling of the flame and die while the other is to pray that your divulgence of a secret will not be known by the ‘Hall of Souls’.” Xiao Yan indifferently spoke to Protector Tie whose entire body was emitting a white smoke.

“You… bastard, ah… I will speak. Let me go!” Protector Tie cursed when that invisible flame temperature was suddenly raised. He could only hurriedly cry out loud under that intense pain.

The tightly shrinking fire wall slowly spread apart when Xiao Yan heard his voice. It revealed the former’s extremely weary and miserable spiritual body.

“That branch hall I know of is extremely far from the Chu Yun Empire. It is in a place called the Burial Stream within Sky Heart Empire, which is on the border between the middle of the continent and the northwestern region.” Protector Tie’s soul trembled slightly before finally speaking in a desolate manner.

“Sky Heart Empire… Burial Stream?” Xiao Yan softly muttered. His gaze swept toward the Little Fairy Doctor and Medusa. The various big and small empires within the Dou Qi continent were as numerous as the amount of hairs on a goat. He had never heard of whatever Sky Heart Empire.

The Little Fairy Doctor mused for a moment when she saw Xiao Yan looking over. Only then did she uncertainly say, “I seem to have heard of this Sky Heart Empire… but I am not very certain if this empire really has this Burial Stream.”

Xiao Yan vaguely nodded. He glanced at Protector Tie who still trembling before saying with a faint voice, “Hopefully, what you said is the truth. Otherwise, if I am unable to find that place when the time comes, your ending will likely not be good.”

“You are actually still thinking of imprisoning me?” Protector Tie furiously roared. His face changed after hearing Xiao Yan’s words.

“Don’t tell me that I should just let you off in this manner?” Xiao Yan coldly laughed. He did not wait for Protector Tie to curse angrily before waving his hand. A suction force surged out and once again sucked the latter into the jade bottle. Finally, an invisible flame was poured into it, repeatedly emitting a high temperature while sealing the jade bottle. This caused Protector Tie’s body to ultimately end up in a seriously injured condition.

Xiao Yan gently sighed after having once again sealed Protector Tie. His expression immediately became somewhat solemn. From what Protector Tie had said, he was only able to see a corner of the iceberg that was the enormous being known as the ‘Hall of Souls’. However, this small corner caused him to feel shaken. It was indeed worthy of being a frightening faction that even Yao Lao was extremely afraid of…

“What do you plan to do now?” Medusa slowly opened her mouth and asked.

“I will first head to the ‘Black-Corner Region’ first and investigate some things at the same time that I am searching for the ‘Heavenly Flame’. According to what Protector Tie said, my current strength is unable to pose any threat to the ‘Hall of Souls’. Hence… I should raise my strength as quickly as I can.” Xiao Yan softly sighed. He muttered to himself before immediately waving his hand.


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