Battle Through The Heavens Chapter 814 Hurrying to the Black Corner Region

Chapter 814: Hurrying to the Black Corner Region

A couple of human figures stood on a mountain outside of the Sky Poison City on the next morning.

Their eyes looked at the enormous city under their feet as XIao Yan exhaled a breath of air. He turned his head and softly said to Little Fairy Doctor by the side, “Are you really planning on leaving with me?”

“Yes, I have already settled everything within the sect. Moreover, it doesn’t matter even if something really happened after I return. I was able to establish the poison sect once and will naturally be able to do it again.” Little Fairy Doctor said in an unconcerned manner. She had established the Poison Sect back then on a wimp. If she was to really discuss about it, the effort that she had put into it was naturally unlike what Xiao Yan did for the Yan Alliance.

Xiao Yan did not say anything more upon seeing this. His eyes looked towards Medusa and he spoke in a deep voice, “I will leave the Yan Alliance to you.”

“The Yan Alliance will not fall as long as I am alive.” Medusa nodded gently. Her voice was quite firm.

“If I am unable to return within two years, I will get someone to deliver the ‘Heaven Soul Blood Bone Pill’ to you.” Xiao Yan looked at the exquisite bewitching face and felt a little moved in his heart. Medusa had really helped him greatly.

“It will be best for you to deliver it personally.” Medusa lowered her eyes and softly said.

Xiao Yan was startled. A warm smile immediately surfaced on the corner of his mouth. He slowly took a step forward, hesitated for a moment, and extended both of his hand to gently hug Medusa.

His hand had just touched Medusa when the latter’s body suddenly tensed up. A faint alluring flush surfaced on her cold face. However, she did not shrink away.

Xiao Yan’s hand gently hugged that soft lovely body before releasing her. He softly spoke to Medusa, “Take care.”

“You… should also be careful. Inform me if you meet any trouble that you cannot resolve. I will hurry over regardless of where you are.” The back of Medusa’s teeth gently bit her lips. Her voice was also unusually soft. This appearance was extremely rare on this Snake-People tribe queen, who did not even blink when she killed.

Zi Yan by the side involuntarily rolled her eyes as she looked at the both of them in such a bored manner. They were only leaving for a period of time, yet these people must act as though they were going to be separated by death.

Xiao Yan appeared to have sensed the disdainful eyes of Zi Yan by the side. He once again softly spoke to Medusa before slowly taking a step back. His shoulders shook and jade green fire wings were extended. Finally, those fire wings were flapped and his body swiftly rose to the sky. Finally, he did not delay any longer as he turned around and flew towards the horizon.

“Sister Cai Lin, take care. Wait for me to come back and visit you again.” Zi Yan waved her small hand towards Medusa. After which, her lovely figure also rose into the air and chased XIao Yan, who was in front of her.

Little Fairy Doctor’s eyes glanced at Medusa. She was about to rise into the air when the latter suddenly said, “Protect him properly.”

Little Fairy Doctor was startled. She saw a trace of pled in Medusa’s icy cold eyes. Her pretty face became much warmer as she immediately replied softly, “He is my only friend. Relax, even if I die, I will do so before him.”

“Thank you.”

“If I am able to return this time around and control the Woeful Poison Body, I might be able to have a proper chat with you.” Little Fairy Doctor said laughingly. Her lovely figure moved immediately and rushed into the air. Finally, she stepped gently on the empty air before turning into a ray of light that quickly disappeared into the horizon.

Medusa stood alone on the mountain. She simply looked at the spot where Xiao Yan’s group had vanished. It was a long while later before she sighed softly. She had a feeling that the time Xiao Yan would take during this trip away would likely be longer than any other time. Moreover, when the time come, it was likely that even she could only look up to his strength…

Medusa actually did not feel any resistance in her heart when she thought of this. Instead, there was a faint anticipation. This was quite an incredulous thing for a strong woman like her.

“Xiao Yan… by the time you return, the entire north-western continent would likely end up being subdued by you just like the current Jia Ma Empire… I am awaiting for that day to come.”

Three rays of light were flashing past the distant sky with great speed. That shocking speed had attracted the notice of quite a number of experts from the Chu Yun Empire. However, all of them quickly gave up the thought of probing after sensing the great strength of those three auras.

The territories of the Chu Yun Empire was not any smaller than the Jia Ma Empire. Hence, even with the speed of Xiao Yan’s group, they had spent a total of two full days before they managed to hurry out of the Chu Yun Empire’s borders.

Due to there being only the three of them on this trip to the Black-Corner Region, there was naturally no need for Xiao Yan’s group to use a flying beast. Their speed were much faster than that thing. If it was not because of the large group accompanying him back then, Xiao Yan would also not chose to use that travel method, which was extremely slow in his eyes.

The three of them paused at the borders of the Chu Yun Empire. They took out a map and got their bearings. After which, they continued to flash across the sky and hurry towards that distant destination.

Although the Chu Yun Empire was extremely far from the Black-Corner Region, Xiao Yan trio were not ordinary people. Xiao Yan and Zi Yan were both Dou Huangs. Although using Dou Qi wings to travel greatly exhausted Dou Qi, this was not much of a problem with Xiao Yan’s many medicinal pills to recover Dou Qi. Little Fairy Doctor, on the other hand, had reached the Dou Zong class and no longer need to use Dou Qi wings to travel. All she needed was a thought and she would be able to maneuver the energy in the outside world as she pleased. Flying in this manner was not only quick but also exhausted little Dou Qi. This little exhaustion was basically insignificant for an elite Dou Zong.

Amidst this seemingly endless journey, Xiao Yan trio had passed by some mountains that were filled with energy. They would land and rest while search around the mountains at the same time in an attempt to find those few ingredients for Little Fairy Doctor to control her Woeful Poison Body.

It was unavoidable for Xiao Yan’s group to fight with some of the powerful Magical Beasts in the mountain as they searched. Although they had failed to obtain the few ingredients they needed as they fought and charged through, they did obtain quite a lot of rare medicinal ingredients because of Zi Yan’s special treasure seeking ability. Amongst these ingredients included a couple of medicinal ingredients to refine the Heaven Soul Blood Bone Pill. This caused Xiao Yan to be a little joyous.

Xiao Yan trio continued to tirelessly choose to fly towards some seemingly dangerous mountain range after obtaining such great benefits. However, this journey was not as peaceful as they had imagined. There were many truly fierce beasts hidden within those many dangerous mountain range. They had even met some rank 7 super Magical Beasts a couple of times. If it was not because Little Fairy Doctor had intervened, it was likely that Xiao Yan and Zi Yan would have really met with a great trouble.

Xiao Yan had kept a lower profile after meeting these incidents a couple of times. They did not dare to randomly charge into those mountain range with an extremely powerful aura covering it. Otherwise, things would not be fun if they were to provoke an ultimate ferocious beast that even Little Fairy Doctor could not beat.

This continuous search for various natural treasures along the way caused the journey to be less dull. However, the time they took had ended up being significantly lengthened. Base on Xiao Yan’s calculations, it had likely been three to four months since they had left the Chu Yun Empire. This amount of time was comparable to when the large contingent had returned to the Jia Ma Empire.

Despite this greater amount of time spent, Xiao Yan had also ended up benefitting from it. After this long period of travelling and the life and death battles with Magical Beasts in the mountain forest, Xiao Yan’s aura had become increasingly powerful and dangerous during these four months. His agility had also been raised. Most importantly, Xiao Yan’s strength had advanced to the three star Dou Huang level amidst these many battles. This caused Xiao Yan to be extremely excited. The four months of travel and camping outdoors in the forest was indeed extremely beneficial towards him.

After this outdoor camping continued for five months, the seemingly endless mountain range had finally disappeared from their sight. A black large plain that stretched to the horizon seemed to be like a black curtain covering the ground as it appeared in the sight of Xiao Yan trio.

Xiao Yan’s group finally stopped after they saw the somewhat familiar large black plain. A joy of having been relieved of a great burden surged onto the former’s face. Finally, he laughed out loud while facing the sky. The loud laughter was like a rolling thunder, which spread in all directions from his position.

“Black-Corner Region, Jia Nan Academy, Xiao Yan is back!”

Little Fairy Doctor smiled slightly as she looked at the joyous Xiao Yan. Her eyes watched that enormous black plain and softly muttered, “Is this the Black-Corner Region?”


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