Battle Through The Heavens Chapter 815 Encounter Along the Way

Chapter 815: Encounter Along the Way

Xiao Yan led the Little Fairy Doctor and Zi Yan as they flew at a low altitude along the route from his memory. When they passed by some ‘Black-Corner Region’ city along the way, they would land and pass through them by foot. They would pause for a moment at some auction houses and medicinal shops while crossing the cities in an attempt to search for the ingredients that they needed.

The speed of Xiao Yan’s group was naturally much slower because of this. However, they also avoided much trouble. Xiao Yan tried to inquire about some news of ‘Xiao Gate’ along the way, but perhaps because this was the outer region of the ‘Black-Corner Region’, there was no detailed news about them despite many people having heard about this new faction that had suddenly risen within the last couple of years. Therefore, Xiao Yan felt quite helpless. Nevertheless, he was able to tell that ‘Xiao Gate’ did not meet too much trouble from the news that he had obtained. This caused him to sigh in relief.

Since he had learned that ‘Xiao Gate’ was fine, Xiao Yan was in no hurry to get there. He led the Little Fairy Doctor and Zi Yan along the many cities as he gathered some information about the few necessary ingredients needed to control the ‘Woeful Poison Body’. Moreover, Xiao Yan was extremely interested in the large scale auctions that this ‘Black-Corner Region’ held because of the ‘Purifying Demonic Lotus Flame’ map fragment that he had obtained from an auction the last time. He also inquired about these auctions while gathering information.

Xiao Yan’s three men group spent over ten days traveling and gathering information in this manner. They gradually arrived in the middle region of the ‘Black-Corner Region’. It was in this place that Xiao Yan luckily obtained some information regarding a large scale auction.

Almost every city within this ‘Black-Corner Region’ would frequently hold an auction. However, the size of these individual auctions held were not big. Hence, it was difficult for them to attract Xiao Yan’s attention. However, every once in awhile, there would be some extremely powerful factions within the ‘Black-Corner Region’ who would join hands with some other factions to gather many auction items together. Finally, they would hold a large-scale joint auction. The size of these auctions could basically be considered a big matter in the ‘Black-Corner Region’. The grade and rarity of the auction items was enough to attract a countless number of experts and factions within the ‘Black-Corner Region’…

The things that were auctioned in these places were far from what the Primer clan within the Jia Ma Empire could contend with. By just recalling how Xiao Yan’s Three Thousand Lightning Movement, a Di class agility Dou Skill that even an expert Dou Huang coveted, was taken out at such an auction allowed one to tell just what kind of weight this kind of auction possessed.

The Primer clan’s auctions would at the very most attract the attention of some expert Dou Wangs. It did not possess much attraction to someone like Xiao Yan. However, this kind of large scale auction in the ‘Black-Corner Region’ was different. It was not surprising that the experts that were attracted by such auctions included those of the Dou Zong class.

The auction which Xiao Yan had heard about this time around was held in a city called the Black Emperor City, which was located on the western side of the ‘Black-Corner Region’. The owner of this city was the ‘Black Emperor Sect’.

The Black Emperor Sect was quite renowned within the ‘Black-Corner Region’. However, it was different from the other factions. It usually kept an exceptionally low profile when it did things. Its sect leader also did not enter the ‘Black-Corner Region’ Black Ranking. However, there were extremely few factions who had gone to the region where the Black Emperor Sect ruled and provoked them. This sect had stood for quite a long time within the ‘Black-Corner Region’. It was rumored that the Gold Silver Elders were quite polite when meeting with this sect leader, who kept a low profile. From this, one could tell that this person’s strength was definitely extraordinary.

The ‘Black-Corner Region’ was filled with various hidden tigers and dragons. These words were indeed true. This so-called Black Ranking did indeed possess some quality, but it did not encompass everyone. The true experts in this chaotic region mostly chose to hide…

Xiao Yan mused for a moment when he heard that the Black Emperor Sect was about to hold a large-scale auction. After which, he chose to head to the Black Emperor City. He possessed a lot of interest for such a large-scale auction. If he was lucky, he might even be able to obtain the news of the last map fragment when he was there. Even if he could not obtain news about the map, such a large-scale auction would end up gathering experts from all over the place. That place would definitely be extremely rich with information. Should he be lucky, he might even be able to obtain some information about a ‘Heavenly Flame’ or one of the three kinds of ingredients needed to control the ‘Woeful Poison Body’.

Xiao Yan did not delay any longer once he made his decision. After purchasing a map of the ‘Black-Corner Region’ at a high price, he led the Little Fairy Doctor and Zi Yan out of the city, and rushed to that so-called Black Emperor City.

The ‘Black-Corner Region’ was extremely vast. Its area was something that even the sum of the Jia Ma Empire and Chu Yun Empire could not compare with. This large region that was filled with chaos naturally groomed many strong people. Even with Xiao Yan’s strength, he needed to be a little cautious when wandering around this place. Although he had caused quite a number of factions from the ‘Black-Corner Region’ to suffer losses in his hands back then, those were only but a small portion present. With the growth in Xiao Yan’s strength, his field of vision had also become much grander. Hence, he was clearly aware that in a place like the ‘Black-Corner Region’, it was naturally impossible for the strength of the Gold Silver Elders to be the strongest. The truly frightening people were the people who kept a low profile…

Therefore, one must remain cautious when dealing with anything in the ‘Black-Corner Region’.

Three human figures walked slowly down a small, lush, green mountain forest path. The black-robed, young man in front held a piece of green grass within his mouth. His arms were crossed behind his head while his face was a lazy one. He allowed the warm sunlight that scattered down from the sky to shine on him through the gaps between the leaves.

“Xiao Yan, just how far away is this damn broken city?” The purple-haired, little girl behind the young man scrunched up her small face while she furiously questioned.

“Soon.” The young man who was chewing the grass that contained a slight bitterness replied in a lazy manner.

“You have already said these words for more than ten times!” Zi Yan immediately erupted upon hearing these words. She leaped on Xiao Yan and hung onto him like a sloth while she bit randomly.

The girl wearing a white-colored dress by the side smiled when she saw Zi Yan’s action. She immediately and involuntarily shook her head.

“Little girl, walking is also a form of training. Don’t keep thinking of flying all day.” Xiao Yan glanced at Zi Yan, who was hanging on his body. He ignored her as his footsteps kept a steady pace while his mouth revealed laughter.

“Who wants to commit to such boring training? The best training is for you to give me those medicinal ingredients that I have found.” Zi Yan indignantly responded. She had found quite a number of rare medicinal ingredients during this half a year. In the end, all of them had been seized by this detestable fellow. Moreover, he even euphemistically said that one should make the best use of things.

Xiao Yan shrugged his shoulders. He was just about to speak when his footsteps suddenly paused. His dark-black eyes narrowed as he glanced at the distant mountain woods.

“What is it?” Zi Yan uncertainly asked while blinking her large eyes when she saw Xiao Yan paused.

“There is someone in front who is heading toward this place. It appears that they are fleeing.” The Little Fairy Doctor casually mentioned. She looked at Xiao Yan when she spoke. She seemed to be waiting for his decision.

“There is no need to get involved. We will continue walking on our own.” Xiao Yan vaguely smiled. Everyday, vengeful killings would play out within this ‘Black-Corner Region’. He did not have the interest to go and rescue every one of them.

Two worn figures appeared on the edge of the small path within the mountain forest in a miserable manner while Xiao Yan’s three man group was conversing. Numerous black figures appeared not far behind them. The dense killing intent was transmitted over despite them being far apart.

Xiao Yan finally saw the two figures as they fled even more intensely. They were one man and one woman. The man was around thirty years old while the woman was but a young lady.

The man’s footsteps were staggering and his body showed some traces of blood. Clearly, he was injured. That young lady who was wearing a pale-purple dress appeared a little better. However, that exquisitely moving face of hers was filled with panic at this moment.

Perhaps it was because of the injuries, but the man’s footsteps were sloppy while he was fleeing; therefore he nearly fell down. The young lady hurriedly lifted him up. A pair of sparkling, large eyes revealed some moisture because of her panic.

The many black figures behind suddenly closed the gap while these two people were delayed in this manner. Dark and cold killing intent caused the backs of these two people to be filled with dense cold sweat.

The man grit his teeth. He turned his head to glance at the people closing in on them. Despair involuntarily surfaced in his heart. Just when this despair surfaced, his eyes coincidentally saw the three human figures not far in front of him. He immediately grabbed hold of the last straw and hurriedly cried out, “Friends in front. Please lend a hand and rescue us. We will definitely reward you heavily after this!”

The group of people giving chase suddenly increased their speed when this cry was emitted. Finally, they flashed and encircled the two. Coincidentally, Xiao Yan’s three people group was also within this encirclement.

“Tsk tsk, you are still thinking of fleeing?” A black-clothed person looked down at the miserable pair from a higher vantage point as he laughed in a strange manner.

The hopelessness in the eyes and heart of the man grew even denser following the sealing off of his escape path. Immediately, he could only throw his eyes, that were crying for help, to Xiao Yan’s three people group.

Xiao Yan’s eyes glanced at the man. His gaze immediately swept over the purple-clothed, young lady by the side. Although the latter’s forehead was covered by a thread of black hair, any sharp-eyed person could tell with a glance that this young lady was quite a beauty. Once she matured over time, it was likely that she would cause quite a number of men to grovel under her skirt. Unfortunately, however… she would not have sufficient time.

“Little fellow, the roads under the sky are very wide and we can each take one side. Please do not meddle in another’s business!” The black-clothed people also discovered Xiao Yan’s three people group. The eyes of the man who had spoken earlier chilled as he spoke in a deep voice.

“I am only passing by…” Xiao Yan faintly replied. After which, his gaze was withdrawn from the hopeful eyes of the purple-clothed, young lady. His expression was indifferent as he avoided them.

The faces of the man and young lady instantly turned pale-white when they saw Xiao Yan’s action. The latter tightly clenched her silver teeth and viciously stared at Xiao Yan’s back. She seemed to be unable to understand why this person who was quite handsome was such a coward.

The surrounding black-clothed people were extremely satisfied with this tactful action of Xiao Yan. All of them laughed in a strange manner.

“This friend, we are people from the Jia Nan Academy. Please lend a hand and rescue us. This matter is of great importance. The academy will definitely provide a satisfactory reward after this!” That man seemed to be unwilling to give up as he cried out once again.

“Instructor Mai Di, don’t beg him. He will not help. Do you actually expect that this kind of cowardly indifferent person would chase away these fellows?” The purple-clothed, young lady by the side clenched her silver teeth as she replied.

Unexpectedly, Xiao Yan, who was about to exit the encirclement of the black-clothed people, suddenly paused his footsteps when the man’s voice sounded.


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