Battle Through The Heavens Chapter 816 Demon Flame Valley

Chapter 816: Demon Flame Valley

The face of the man immediately rejoiced when he saw that Xiao Yan’s footsteps had paused. However, the eyes of the surrounding black-clothed people became dark and chilly.

“Brat. if you don’t wish to lose your life, you should lead your people and leave. Otherwise…” That leader of the black-clothed people’s voice was dark and cold as he spoke.

Xiao Yan completely ignored this threat. He turned around, narrowed his eyes, and studied the man and the purple-clothed, young lady. His voice was a little surprised as he asked.

“The both of you are people from the Jia Nan Academy?”

The man who was called Mai Di and the purple-clothed, young lady were startled when they saw Xiao Yan’s sudden change in attitude. The former continued to speak carefully, “I am an instructor of the Jia Nan Academy. She is my student Mo Ling.”

Xiao Yan nodded slightly when he heard this. He immediately said with a smile, “In that case, please leave with me.”

Mai Di and the purple-clothed, young lady widened their mouths when they saw Xiao Yan’s smiling face. They were unable to recover. This continued for quite awhile before the man pulled the purple-clothed, young lady with some hesitation. They swiftly picked up their speed as they headed toward Xiao Yan’s three man group.

“Brat, you are seeking death!” A cold glint flashed across the eyes of the black-clothed leader as he coldly cried.

“Kill all of the! Don’t allow any news to be leaked.”

The ten plus black-clothed people immediately responded with deep voices. They immediately brandished sharp longswords in their hands as their bodies moved and rushed toward Xiao Yan’s group. The dense killing intent caused the air of this part of the forest to solidify.

Mai Di’s expression suddenly changed when he sensed the dense killing intent that had suddenly surged. He immediately pulled the purple-clothed, young lady closer as he ran toward Xiao Yan’s group with all their might.

However, the speed of the two of them were obviously no match for those black-clothed people. Hence, two longswords that contained chilly glints swiftly appeared behind the two of them within a couple of blinks. They immediately shot forth like two poisonous snakes.

The dense chill that appeared behind them was also noticed by Mai Di and the purple-clothed, young lady. Their faces drastically changed. Given their current condition, they did not have the ability to dodge this kind of vicious attack.

Panic rose in the hearts of these two people as the dense killing aura approached. However, just when they could only shut their eyes tightly and await death, the tiny sound of a thunderous roar suddenly resonated in the woods. The two people immediately sensed their bodies soar. The entire process continued for a short instant. By the time they recovered, they were shocked to discover that they were already between Xiao Yan’s three people group. There was a hand on each of their shoulders.

The eyes of the both of them blinked. They immediately turned their heads slowly and the smiling face of a young, handsome man appeared in their sight.

“This… mister. Thank you very much.” At this point, Mai Di understood that this young man who appeared to be only around twenty years old definitely had a strength that far exceeded his expectations, regardless of how stupid the former may be. A wild joy immediately surged in his heart as he excitedly spoke.

The purple-clothed, young lady called Mo Ling by the side also widened her small mouth. Her watery large eyes were surprised as she looked at this person whom she had just regarded as a coward. It was unexpected that this fellow, who had given her a poor first impression, had a strength that was much stronger than Instructor Mai Di.

“Zi Yan, finish them off.”

Xiao Yan faintly swept his gaze over the black-clothed people rushing over as he spoke in a calm voice.

Zi Yan by the side curled her mouth when she heard this. She muttered something about ‘mistreating a child worker’ before slowly walking out.

“Be careful, they are all Da Dou Shi. That leader is a seven star expert Dou Ling… you… ugh…” Mai Di was immediately startled when he saw that Xiao Yan was actually asking a little girl to attack. However, he had just spoken when Zi Yan’s body transformed into a light figure that rushed forward. Immediately, he heard the sound of numerous muffled impacts of bodies contacting each other. Soon after, the human figures came falling from the sky one at a time, and violently landed on the surrounding muddy ground. No one knew if they were dead or alive.

“Clap clap”

The lovely figure slowly landed on the ground as she gently patted her small hand. She curled her small mouth and said, “A group of mediocre Da Dou Shi actually dares to block us.”

Mai Di and Mo Ling by the side stared at these black-clothed people on the ground whose fates were unknown. They were stunned. It had only been less than ten seconds, but over ten expert Da Dou Shi had already ended up in this manner? This little girl’s strength was actually this terrifying?”

“Finish off that fellow too.” Xiao Yan’s eyes shifted up. He observed the black-clothed leader on a tree branch before carelessly speaking.

“You… who exactly are all of you? We are the people from the Demon Flame Valley!” The face of the leader of the black-clothed people quickly changed. He put up a brave front as he cried out.

Zi Yan shook her head with irritation after his voice sounded. Her body flashed and she appeared in front of this black-clothed person. Her small fist was tightened before it was ruthlessly swung at that black-clothed person.

The heart of the black-clothed person was greatly shocked when he saw Zi Yan’s frightening speed. He hurriedly maneuvered the Dou Qi within his body to form a firm Dou Qi armor. Zi Yan’s small fist swiftly arrived the moment the armor took shape. Immediately, a frightening strength formed from all directions. The seemingly firm Dou Qi armor instantly cracked apart. The remaining force heavily smashed against the black-clothed person’s chest. Immediately, a mouthful of fresh blood that contained some broken internal organs was wildly spat out. His body also fell from the tree branch.

“A mere Dou Ling actually dares to receive my fist? Hmph, you are looking for death…” Zi Yan glanced at the falling corpse as her toes pressed against a tree branch. Her lovely small body twisted in the air before steadily landing. She snorted at Xiao Yan, “By getting me to act this time, you must return that ‘Blood Spirit Grass’ to me.”

The price that Zi Yan requested only caused Xiao Yan to roll his eyes. He immediately flipped his gaze to Mai Di and Mo Ling.

Mai Di hurriedly cupped his hands and started to speak when he saw Xiao Yan look over. “Mister, thank you very much for helping us. May I know your name?”

“Ke ke, Instructor Mai Di, there is no need to be so courteous. You can just call me Xiao Yan. If we were to talk about it, we are all comrades…” Xiao Yan laughed.

“Comrades?” Mai Di was also startled when he heard this. A moment later, he spoke with surprise, “Don’t tell me you are also someone from the Jia Nan Academy?”

Mo Ling by the side was stunned when she heard Mai Di’s words. Her eyes immediately swept over this young, black-robed man, who possessed an unusually frightening strength, in a bizarre manner. A moment later, her delicate willow-like eyebrows were tightly pressed together while she muttered to herself, “Xiao Yan? It seems quite familiar?”

“Xiao Yan? You… you are that Xiao Yan from the Inner Academy?” Mai Di also frowned. He mused for a moment before suddenly recalling something. After which, he suddenly cried out in an involuntary manner.

Xiao Yan smiled as he looked at the surprise on the faces of the two people. He said, “If there is no one else with a similar name in the Inner Academy, I think that the person whom you are speaking of should be me.”

The shocked expression on Mai Di’s and Mo Ling’s faces was even denser when they saw Xiao Yan nod his head. The name Xiao Yan had become renowned so that everyone within the Jia Nan Academy knew of it during these few years. Everyone knew that this young man, who had merely trained for three years within the Inner Academy, had already killed some extremely fierce experts from the ‘Black-Corner Region’ with his hands. The faction ‘Pan’s Gate’ he had established within the Inner Academy had currently become the largest faction within the Jia Nan Academy. Almost every new student who entered would hear about this renowned faction until they became extremely familiar with it. Moreover, ‘Xiao Gate’ within the ‘Black-Corner Region’ had provided the greatest protective umbrella when the many students gained experience in the ‘Black-Corner Region’. Similarly, this enormous faction’s founder was a person who was regarded as an idol and even a legend within the hearts of a countless number of students.

Although it had been over two years since Xiao Yan left the Jia Nan Academy, his reputation did not become weaker following the flow of time. Instead, it was brewed during this time until he became the idol within the hearts of many people. There were even many young ladies within the academy who held some beautiful illusions about this senior, who had never shown himself… Mo Ling at the front had once heard her good friend used an extravagant tone while speaking about Xiao Yan’s stories. Although her face had remained calm, a faint impression was indeed left behind in her heart…

Currently, the one who was rumored to be a mythical perfect person within the Jia Nan Academy had actually appeared in front of her. This would undoubtedly cause her to feel a somewhat surreal moment.

“It is unexpected that there is someone who still remembers me despite not having returned for two years.” Xiao Yan involuntarily laughed as he observed the expressions of the two people.

Mai Di finally recovered from his shock after hearing Xiao Yan’s laughter. He suddenly took a step forward, grabbed Xiao Yan’s hand and spoke anxiously, “They are safe. Elder Wu and the others are saved!”

“Elder Wu? What’s the matter?” Xiao Yan frowned slightly and asked in a deep voice.

“This is a long story. Our Academy would basically send out quite a number of students to train every half a year. Most of the students who come out to train are quietly followed by people from the Inner Academy or by the Elders.” Mai Di bitterly laughed when he spoke until this point. He immediately sighed, “This time around, Elder Wu from the Inner Academy is leading the group. Originally, everything was progressing smoothly. However, information was leaked in the end. When this training group of ours were hunting Magical Beast in this mountain, the Demon Flame Valley launched a sneak attack on us. In this emergency, Elder Wu went all out to stop them. Finally, he lead quite a number of students, who were out training, to hide in a small valley. Nevertheless, they were completely surrounded by the people from the Demon Flame Valley. Mo Ling and I went all out to escape. Originally, we were hoping to search for help but we were discovered by the Demon Flame Valley’s patrol. Hence, they began chasing us…”

“Senior Xiao Yan… there are over thirty students trapped there. If they were to land in the hands of the Demon Flame Valley, it is likely that they would have difficulty escaping death. This damn faction is the enemy of ‘Xiao Gate’. They purposefully target our Jia Nan Academy.” Mo Ling by the side bit her lower lip with the back of her teeth as she softly spoke.

Xiao Yan’s expression sank slightly when he heard the words of these two. He had quite a deep relationship with the Jia Nan Academy. Regardless of what he was thinking, he must definitely intervene in such a situation.

“How is the strength of that Elder Wu like? I don’t seem to remember hearing of such an Inner Academy Elder.” Xiao Yan nodded slightly before randomly asking.

“Elder Wu was promoted only last year. He was originally also a student of the Inner Academy. He is called Wu Hao…” Mai Di hurriedly replied.

“Wu Hao?”

Xiao Yan was initially startled when he heard this name. After which, his face immediately became completely gloomy.


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