King of Kings

King of kings 1560

1560 Only then did Tang Huan nodded, “In that case, for your sake, I’ll save her once, and I’ll introduce her to you later.” “What? Introduce her to me?” “Yeah, I don’t want it anyway.” After saying that, Omi kicked open the door with a bang and walked inside the courtyard. At this moment, Lu …

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King of kings 1558

1558 Omi’s eyebrows furrowed lightly and smiled somewhat playfully, “Are you saying that Zhen Wuxiang won’t admit to being my little brother?” “Yeah, boss, are you lying to me.By the way, when I found Zhen Wu Xiang, he was instructing Lu Yu Xi in martial arts,” “No wonder.”Omi snorted. “Boss, is Zhen Wu Xiang really …

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King of kings 1555

1555 Omi bit his teeth, damn it, high profile for once. So, Omi quietly raised his hidden realm to the sixth stage of Body Tempering, and then walked out in full view of the public. “Wow, someone really reached the fifth stage of Body Tempering?It’s Don Omi?” “Heavens, Omi has only been in the Flying …

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