King of Kings

King of kings 2528

2528 For example, at this time. omi’s eyes blinked, and suddenly, the void around him was distorted, and hundreds of thousands of divine beasts were crushed to smithereens by that distortion.This ability was something that omi had stripped from the genes of a certain few hundred divine beasts and then synthesized. Another example, omi wielded …

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King of kings 2523

2523 At that moment, Guchen said, “Xinghe, don’t provoke him now.” “Grandfather, didn’t you hear him say that death would not make anything for us?” “So, you must not offend him now.” “Grandpa.” “Alright, you go out first, let me talk to Wind Lightning.” “Yes, grandpa.”Gu Xinghe walked out of the main hall. Guchen said …

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