Chapter 1263

Chapter 1263 People Change

After everything had settled down, Dustin returned to the Zypher Lodge with his people.

Natasha and Ruth were still unconscious, and Dustin chose not to wake them deliberately.

Hector was dead, and so were Trent and the entire Harmon family. The whole clan had become fragmented and broken.

For Natasha, this was undoubtedly a massive blow, and she would likely have a hard time coping with it.

All Dustin could do now was to take care of the aftermath of Hector’s death and try to alleviate some of the pressure on Natasha.

When a father died, there was no one who could truly understand the pain except for the immediate family.

Natasha had to overcome this hurdle on her own.

“Don’t make any hasty moves with the Harmon family’s related industries. The Harmon family has been severely weakened this time and needs to be reorganized properly.”

“As for those who were opportunistic and betrayed the Harmon family, detain them all for now. We’ll deal with them separately after Natasha wakes up.”

“Also, the funeral for Trent should be done with the highest standards, leaving no room for carelessness.”

“Go now…”

In the conference room, Dustin issued a series of orders, and the disciples of the Kirin Gang immediately began to carry them out.

“Big Brother!”

At this moment, Thorian, along with his mother (Elara), the Princess of Theswe, entered the conference room.

The King of Theswe’s wife was named Elara Crowder, the eldest princess of the Dragonmarsh, who had been married off to King of Theswe, Rufus Rhys, many years ago.

At that time, Rufus already had a wife, who was Dustin’s mother.

However, Elara, as the eldest princess of Dragonmarsh, didn’t mind being a concubine and forcibly arranged this marriage.

After marrying to West Lucozia, Elara behaved modestly, performed her duties as a wife, and was widely recognized as virtuous and kind. She often did charitable deeds and had an impeccable reputation.

Throughout West Lucozia, whenever Elara’s name was mentioned, people would give her a thumbs-up.

However, Dustin knew very well that this woman, who appeared to have a heart of gold, was actually very cunning.

“Princess Elara.”

Dustin immediately got up to greet her respectfully, with a calm expression.

Although he didn’t like this woman, he couldn’t say he hated her either.

“Logan we’re all family, no need for such formalities,” Elara smiled slightly.

“Yeah, brother, even though it’s been ten years since we last saw each other, our feelings are still there. Why create such distance? Just sit down.” Thorian, with his casual demeanor, sat down next to Dustin.

“Princess Elara, please.”

With a gesture, Dustin invited Elara to sit down, and he returned to his seat.

“Logan, this time it’s your birthday, and your father originally intended to come in person, but due to some unforeseen circumstances, he couldn’t make it, so he (Thorian) and I came instead. I hope you don’t mind,” Elara opened the conversation.

“Princess don’t mention it. It’s an honor for you to come,” Dustin politely replied.

“Logan it seems like you’ve changed a lot compared to ten years ago,” Elara looked him up and down and said, “You used to be young and impetuous, full of vigor and vitality. But now, you’ve tempered your edges and become much more mature and stable.”

“Ten years have passed, and people always change,” Dustin nodded with a faint smile.

“Logan you’ve been away from West Lucozia for so long, when are you planning to go back?” Elara suddenly asked.

“Yeah, Big Brother, our friends from West Lucozia have been looking forward to your return,” Thorian added eagerly.

“I have many things to do, so I don’t plan to go back for now,” Dustin shook his head.

“No matter what it is, Logan, I can solve it for you!” Thorian assured him, thumping his chest.


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