Chapter 1265

Chapter 1265 The Unexpected Help

“Help me?”

Upon hearing this, Dustin couldn’t help but be slightly surprised and skeptical. “Princess, with your status, it may not be appropriate for you to intervene in this matter.”

The turmoil in the Bayhaven City ten years ago was something that could not have happened without the involvement of the royal authority. Elara’s identity alone might not be enough to gain trust.

“What’s wrong? Do you think I can’t help you, or do you not trust me?” Elara said with a meaningful tone.

“I’m just worried that it might cause you trouble,” Dustin replied vaguely.

“Logan, I know you have concerns, but I sincerely want to help you.”

Elara’s expression was sincere as she said, “I am no longer the princess but rather the King’s Consort. I am your stepmother now. We share the same fate. I believe you should understand that.”

“I understand, but I’m curious, how do you plan to help me?” Dustin asked.

“Regarding the events from ten years ago, the mansion has been investigating secretly for a long time and has collected a lot of information. Although we haven’t yet found the real mastermind, we have some leads.”

Elara said, taking out an envelope and placing it on the table. “We have been investigating for a long time, and we have discovered that in addition to you and the Wine Madman (Gregory), there was another survivor in the turmoil in the Bayhaven City ten years ago. He should be able to help identify the true culprit.”

“Another survivor? Who is it?” Dustin immediately became alert.

“It’s Lorenzo Daley!” Elara uttered three words.

“What? Uncle Lorenzo is still alive? Are you sure?” Dustin jumped up in surprise.

Lorenzo was his captain of the personal guard, and he was incredibly powerful. When they were ambushed back then, Lorenzo led the way, fought bravely, and was fearless of death. Dustin remembered very clearly that it was Lorenzo who disregarded his own life, led him out of the encirclement, and then stayed behind alone to delay the pursuit of the enemy. In the end, he could only watch as Lorenzo was swallowed by the sea of people.

He thought that Lorenzo was dead for sure, so hearing the news that he was still alive was incredibly exciting.

“It’s absolutely true.”

Elara said solemnly, “Although Lorenzo was severely injured at the time, his strong foundation saved his life. He was later rescued by someone and managed to survive.”

“Uncle Lorenzo is actually still alive! This is fantastic!” Dustin showed a look of surprise, “Where is he now? Can I meet him?”

“Lorenzo is in Stonia. His specific address is in this letter, but it might not be easy to see him,” Elara shook her head.

“What do you mean? Is Uncle Lorenzo being held captive?” Dustin frowned.

“He hasn’t been captured, but after that great battle, Lorenzo was severely injured. Although he survived, he has been in a vegetative state and hasn’t awakened,” Elara explained.

“In a vegetative state?” Dustin’s face turned unsightly.

For ten years, he had been bedridden, conscious but unable to move. This kind of torment was beyond what an ordinary person could bear.

“This is unacceptable, I will definitely cure Uncle Lorenzo. No matter what it takes, I will make him wake up!” Dustin clenched his fists, and his eyes were unusually determined.

“Logan, Stonia is not our territory, and it will be difficult for our forces to grow there. The information we can obtain is limited. Therefore, I won’t be able to help you much in the future. It will depend on your own efforts,” Elara said with deep meaning.

“If he cannot be awakened, then we can only leave it to fate,” Thorian interjected.

“No! I will definitely cure Uncle Lorenzo, no matter the cost. I won’t give up on him!” Dustin’s determination was resolute.

“Logan, after all these years, I believe you have grown stronger and wiser. I hope that you can find the answers you seek and resolve the knots in your heart,” Elara said with a gentle expression.

Dustin nodded, and a faint sense of determination filled his eyes. The memories of the past ten years and the desire for revenge sti


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