Chapter 1267

Chapter 1267 Pill for Everyone

At dusk, after bidding farewell to various associates, Dustin once again summoned all the hall masters of the Kirin Gang to convene a high-level meeting in the conference room.

“It’s been a busy day for everyone,” Dustin said as he took his seat at the head of the table. He gestured for everyone to sit down and continued, “I’ve called you all here on short notice because there are two announcements I need to make. First, I intend to appoint Elder Cornelius as the Deputy Gang Leader of the Kirin Gang, responsible for managing all internal affairs of the gang.”

Upon hearing this, the hall masters stood up and bowed to Elder Cornelius, saying, “Congratulations, Deputy Leader Cornelius! Congratulations, Deputy Leader Cornelius!”

Elder Cornelius was not only powerful and senior in rank, but also deeply loyal to the Kirin Gang. He was known for his efficiency and was Dustin’s right-hand man. His appointment as Deputy Leader was met with unanimous approval.

“Thank you for your trust, Dustin! I will dedicate myself to the role!” Elder Cornelius said with a serious expression, his hands clasped together.

Dustin had not only saved his life but also given him a new lease on life, and he was eternally grateful. Now, being given such an important position, he felt a deep sense of duty.

“Very well, now for the second announcement,” Dustin said with a slight smile. “In a few days, I plan to leave Millsburg to take care of some business. During my absence, Elder Cornelius will be in charge of all matters within the gang.”

“What? Leaving Millsburg?” Elder Cornelius was taken aback. He asked, “Dustin, if you have any tasks, you can simply instruct us to handle them. There’s no need for you to personally make the trip.”

“There’s something I must handle in person, and you can’t help me with it. I have to go,” Dustin replied with a shake of his head.

Ever since he had received news about Lorenzo, he couldn’t contain his inner turmoil. He planned to assist Natasha in organizing Hector’s funeral and then immediately head to Stonia. He wanted to save someone and uncover the truth about what happened in the past.

“Dustin, you are the backbone of our gang. What will we do without you?” the hall master, suddenly spoke up.

“The Kirin Gang is now on the right track, and my absence won’t have a significant impact. Moreover, if we encounter any major issues, Elder Cornelius is fully capable of handling them,” Dustin assured them.

As Dustin spoke, he pulled out a pill and handed it to Elder Cornelius. “This is a Concentration Pill (Spirit-Gathering Pill) I’ve refined. It will help you rapidly advance your cultivation. With this pill, you’ll have a great chance of breaking through to the Grandmaster level.”

“A Concentration Pill?!” Elder Cornelius’s eyes lit up as he looked at the blue pill in front of him. His breathing became rapid. The Concentration Pill was a rare treasure sought after by countless martial artists. It was said that by taking this pill, there was a high probability of directly breaking through to a higher realm.

In this world, there were many Half-Grandmaster level experts, but Martial Grandmasters were extremely rare. The main reason for this rarity was the formidable barrier to becoming a Grandmaster, which was exceedingly difficult to break through.

Elder Cornelius had been stuck at this bottleneck for over a decade, and it had become his obsession. Now, with this Concentration Pill, he had at least a fifty percent chance of reaching the Martial Grandmaster realm, a feat that would be like ascending to the heavens.

“Forget about the formalities. It’s for you, so take it,” Dustin said as he pushed the pill towards Elder Cornelius. “In the future, the Kirin Gang will rely on your dedication. The stronger you become, the more assistance you’ll provide to me and to yourself.”

“Deputy Leader, Dustin has a kind heart. You should accept it,” another hall master chimed in. “If you become a Martial Grandmaster, the rest of us in the Kirin Gang will also benefit.”

“Thank you for your generosity, Dustin!” Elder Cornelius finally accepted the pill and knelt down on the ground, clasping his hands together with a solemn expression. “I am willing to go through fire and water for you, even to the point of death!”

“Enough, get up quickly. Speaking like this is unnecessary,” Dustin said as he helped Elder Cornelius to his feet. While the Concentration Pill was invaluable, it was well worth it when used for one’s own comrades.

“It’s not just for Elder Cornelius; the rest of you will receive a Concentration Pill when your strength reaches a bottleneck,” Dustin announced with a smile.

“What? One Concentration Pill for each of us?!”


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