Chapter 1268

Chapter 1268 The Pain of Losing

As soon as these words left Dustin’s mouth, the entire room erupted in excitement. All the hall masters were thrilled beyond words.

Seeing Elder Cornelius receive the Concentration Pill, if they claimed not to be envious, it would surely be a lie. After all, such a top-tier treasure was a rare find.

However, Dustin’s promise transformed their envy into sheer delight. It turned out that everyone would have their treasure, and the key word here was fairness.

This equal treatment, this sense of unity, won over everyone present.

“Thank you, Dustin!”

“From now on, we are willing to go to great lengths for Dustin!”

All the hall masters knelt down in unison and paid their respects.

“We are all brothers within the gang, no need for such formalities,” Dustin said, raising his hand to signal them to rise. He continued, “I won’t make any grand claims, but I can guarantee one thing: from now on, we will share our joys and sorrows together!”

A simple sentence, but it filled everyone with renewed determination. Being able to follow such a gifted, powerful, and well-connected leader was an honor for them. They were confident that under Dustin’s leadership, the Kirin Gang would surely make a name for itself.

“Dustin, Miss Natasha has already awakened,” a female disciple of the Kirin Gang suddenly entered and reported.

“Awakened?” Dustin’s expression changed, and he immediately walked out.

“Dustin, Natasha is not in her room; she has just gone to the Hall of Spirits,” the female disciple quickly added.

“So, she already knows?” Dustin’s face grew serious.

“Most likely,” the female disciple nodded.

“Alright, all of you can leave. There’s no need to watch over her,” Dustin said. He took a deep breath and then headed towards the Hall of Spirits.

Hector’s body was lying inside the Hall of Spirits, and he wasn’t sure if Natasha could handle the shock when she saw it.

When Dustin entered the Hall of Spirits, he found Natasha kneeling silently in front of the coffin. She seemed frozen, motionless.

There were no loud wails or mournful cries. The entire Hall of Spirits was silent as the grave.

“Natasha?” Dustin’s expression changed, and he hurriedly approached.

Natasha had tear streaks on her face, her expression vacant, and her eyes lifeless. At first glance, it seemed as though she had lost her soul.

“Natasha! What’s wrong?” Dustin suddenly felt anxious.

When something unusual happened, there was usually a reason behind it. If Natasha had been weeping and wailing, he could have accepted it. However, this soulless appearance indicated that something was amiss.

“Natasha! Please don’t scare me. Look up and see who I am!” Dustin knelt in front of Natasha, cradling her face in his hands, and called her name repeatedly.

“Dustin?” After a long moment, Natasha seemed to come back to her senses. Her gaze slowly focused.

Once she saw Dustin’s face clearly, it was as if she had just awakened from a dream, and she suddenly broke down.

She threw herself into Dustin’s arms, sobbing uncontrollably, tears flowing like a river.

Until this moment, she had been suppressing her emotions, and now they were pouring out.

“Cry, it’s okay to cry… it might make you feel a little better,” Dustin said softly as he held Natasha tightly, gently patting her back.

At this moment, any comforting words were meaningless. The pain of losing a father was something no one could fully understand. All Dustin could do now was to be there for her.

She had to overcome this emotional hurdle on her own.


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