Chapter 1272

Chapter 1272 Once in a Lifetime Opportunity

“If I leave, what will happen to the Harmon family?” Natasha looked back and asked.

Her father had just passed away, and the Harmon family was on the brink of collapse. She felt guilty for leaving at this critical time.

“The Harmon family is the Harmon family, and you are you. Don’t burden yourself with unnecessary guilt. I only wish that you could live a happy life, and nothing else,” Duncan replied.

“But…” Natasha hesitated.

She had lived with the Harmon family for many years, and it was not easy for her to simply walk away.

“Never mind, I can make an exception and help the Harmon family,” Duncan said earnestly. “As long as you promise to come with me to Stonia, I guarantee that within a year, the Harmon family will recover to its peak, and within three years, it will surpass the Grant family and become the top among the Three Supreme Families. How does that sound?”

With these words, the entire Harmon family exploded with excitement.

They were filled with joy and enthusiasm.

Recovery to its peak within a year, surpassing the Grant family within three years to become the top among the Three Supreme Families – it was an incredible opportunity, a once-in-a-lifetime chance!

Of course, if anyone else had said this, they would have never believed it.

But when it came from the Duke, a person of immense power and influence, it was a promise of gold.

Anything he said could be achieved.

Even if it were to make a pig fly, it wouldn’t be surprising.

“Grandfather, are you really willing to help the Harmon family?” Natasha asked cautiously.

“Consider it a favor for you,” Duncan said calmly. “Of course, the condition is that you agree to come with me.”

“Well…” Natasha hesitated, still unsure.

“Um… Natasha, you have exceptional talent and potential. Staying in Millsburg is a waste. I believe that you should go with Duncan to Stonia for better development,” a senior member of the Harmon family spoke up boldly.

“Yes, yes! With your talent, you deserve better cultivation. The Harmon family is limited in its abilities and can’t help you. Only the Duke’s residence is worthy of you.”

“Natasha, there’s no need to think about it. You should agree quickly. Duncan has made a sincere offer, and you can’t let him down!”

At this moment, the Harmon family members began to persuade her urgently, their expressions filled with anxiety.

Previously, they had hoped that Natasha would become the family head and bear the heavy responsibility.

Now, the situation had completely reversed.

They couldn’t wait for Natasha to leave as soon as possible so that Duncan could fulfill his promise.

Such a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity could not be missed, or they would regret it for the rest of their lives.

“Grandfather, what do you think?” Natasha turned to her grandfather.

“Well…” Old Harmon appeared somewhat embarrassed, but he spoke reluctantly, “Natasha, actually, what your grandfather said is not wrong. Staying in Millsburg, you won’t be able to fully develop your potential. Going to Stonia is where you can truly shine.”

Upon hearing this, Natasha fell silent. After a while, she nodded and said, “Okay, since you all want me to go to Stonia, I’ll do as you wish.”

“That’s wonderful! Natasha, you’ve made the right decision in your life!” The Harmon family members were overjoyed.

“Hmph! A bunch of opportunists!” Duncan snorted disdainfully, his eyes filled with contempt.

They could change their stance so easily for a little benefit. No wonder the Harmon family had declined so rapidly.

“Grandfather, before I go to Stonia, there’s someone I need to see,” Natasha suddenly said.

“Oh? Who is it?” Duncan was curious.

“His name is Dustin, my future husband.”


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