Chapter 1274

Chapter 1274 The Miracle Clinic

Dustin slowly raised his head, his interest piqued.

The address given to him by Elara had shown that Lorenzo was living in Healwell Clinic.

And Healwell Clinic was the medical clinic opened by Dr. Elijah Grantwood.

Back then, Elijah had saved the critically injured and dying Lorenzo and had hidden him away.

Lorenzo had been unconscious for ten years, and it was Elijah who had taken meticulous care of him.

“More than knowing him? I’m not bragging, but I have a life-and-death relationship with Dr. Elijah. He often rides in my car. If you’re going for a check-up, just mention my name, and I guarantee you’ll get a discount!” the balding man said boldly.

“Oh? What kind of person is Doctor Elijah?” Dustin asked.

“Doctor Elijah has impeccable character; he’s got a heart of gold!”

The balding man gave a thumbs-up and praised, “For poor patients, he basically doesn’t take a cent, and even gives away medicine for free. If he does charge, it’s just a symbolic fee for the herbs, and it’s ridiculously cheap. Nowadays, genuine miracle-working doctors like him are too rare.”

“Listening to you, I really want to meet this Doctor Elijah.” Dustin nodded thoughtfully.

He was becoming more curious about Elijah as a person.

The balding man continued to talk incessantly, with no pause in his words.

Dustin simply closed his eyes and rested, not bothering to engage in conversation.

After about forty minutes, the taxi finally came to a stop.

“Young man, we’ve arrived at Healwell Clinic.”

The balding man turned around and shouted.

Dustin opened his eyes and saw not far from the street corner, a quaintly decorated medical clinic.

The clinic was not small, with a total of three floors, and there was a constant stream of patients inside, even forming a long queue.

A golden plaque with name hung above the clinic’s front door—Healwell Clinic!

“Thank you.”

After confirming the address was correct, Dustin left two hundred dollars bills and got out of the car.

At this moment, there was a lively atmosphere inside Healwell Clinic.

The over 1,000-square-meter center was packed, and patients were lined up outside.

Dustin walked through the front door, looked around, and saw four or five doctors and some apprentices, but he didn’t see Elijah.

He walked up to a young doctor, “Elmer Greene” on his chest badge.

“Excuse me, is Doctor Elijah here?” Dustin politely asked.

“Dr. Elijah isn’t here. If you’re here for medical treatment, please wait in line over there first,” Elmer Greene replied with a lowered head, busy with his phone and sounding somewhat impatient.

“I’m not here for medical treatment. I came specifically to visit Doctor Elijah and seek his advice on some matters,” Dustin replied calmly.

“Even if you’re not here for medical treatment, you still have to wait in line!”

Elmer said impatiently, “Who is Doctor Elijah? It’s not like you can just see him whenever you want. There’s no sense of urgency at all! Just wait on the side and don’t disturb me from playing my game!”


Dustin furrowed his brow slightly and was about to retort.

Suddenly, there was a commotion at the entrance.

“Move aside! Get out of the way!”

“Doctor! Doctor, where are you? Come out quickly to save someone!”

Accompanied by roaring, a group of suited bodyguards burst in, carrying a drenched woman and rushing in with great momentum.

Wherever they went, the crowd was directly pushed aside, and their actions were extremely rough.

“Who the hell is shouting like this…”

Elmer raised his head to scold but changed his expression instantly, abandoning his arrogance, and quickly threw away his phone, rushing over.





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