Chapter 1277

Chapter 1277 Last Three Minutes “Wait a minute…” At this moment, Elmer suddenly regained his senses and quickly said, “You don’t really believe this kid’s words, do you? He’s not from our Healwell Clinic, you must not be deceived!” “Deceived?” The head bodyguard looked Dustin up and down, furrowing his brows and asked, “You’re not a doctor from our Healwell Clinic?” “I’m not a doctor from Healwell Clinic, but I have some knowledge of medicine,” Dustin replied calmly. “Humph! You’re not even from our Healwell Clinic, and you dare to interfere?” Elmer shouted loudly. “I don’t want to argue with you. Get out of the way and don’t interfere with me saving this person,” Dustin said impatiently. He couldn’t understand what kind of person this was. If he couldn’t save the person, why not let others try? “Kid! I warn you, this is the Torby’s young lady. If you harm her in any way, ten lives won’t be enough to compensate!” Elmer threatened. With this statement, the surrounding crowd nodded in agreement. “Hey lad, even the doctors at Healwell Clinic couldn’t do anything, what can you do?” “Yeah! Human life is at stake, don’t play around. Now is not the time for you to show off!” “Young people these days, they don’t know their place. They learn a little trick and dare to come out and show off. They don’t take human life seriously!” This group of middle-aged men and women were all talking at once, some were persuading, some were doubting, and some were warning. In their eyes, Healwell Clinic was the best clinic in the city. Any headache, fever, or difficult illness could be resolved here. A young man in his twenties dared to show off his medical skills in front of Healwell Clinic. It was like trying to show off a big sword in front of Warren Corvet, the God of War. “Time is running out. Whether you want me to treat or not, it’s up to you to decide,” Dustin said indifferently, looking at the head bodyguard. “If you believe me, I’ll save her, and there’s still a chance for your young lady to survive. If you don’t believe me, then consider me not having said anything.” Although he had the intention to save the person, he wouldn’t stick his neck out unnecessarily, in case he ended up with an ungrateful situation. “Don’t believe him, he’s just a swindler!” “This kind of person is willing to do anything for the limelight!” “In my opinion, it’s best to send Miss Torby to the hospital now, maybe there’s still a chance!” Elmer was anxious, trying to persuade everyone. If Isabela died in Healwell Clinic, he would never be able to wash away his guilt. But if she died in the hospital, he could still use his master’s reputation to shift the blame. “It’s too late to send her to the hospital now. Miss Torby only has three minutes of rescue time left. After this point, even immortals won’t be able to save her,” Dustin spoke again. “You’re talking nonsense! Miss Torby has a strong body. As long as she’s sent to the hospital in time, she’ll be fine. If you continue to mess around and delay Miss Torby’s treatment, you’ll be committing a heinous crime!” Elmer angrily shouted. “Enough talk, it won’t help. Make your choice now. Do you want me to treat her or not?” Dustin stared at the head bodyguard. The head bodyguard looked at Isabela, who was essentially lifeless, and nodded heavily, “Treat her! Treat her right away!” Although he didn’t understand medicine, he understood that they had to make an immediate attempt at saving her life. The nearest hospital was a twenty-minute drive away, and there was simply not enough time. They had no choice but to resort to desperate measures. “Miss Torby is a lady of wealth and nobility. How can you let this swindler treat her at will? What if something goes wrong? Who will be responsible?” Elmer was getting anxious. “Shut up, you!” The head bodyguard gave Elmer another slap and scolded, “You scum! It’s all because of you! If anything happens to my young lady, I’ll personally kill you!” “Ah?” Elmer covered his face and felt as if his soul had left his body. Originally, he had wanted to find an excuse to shift the blame, but now it was over. “Everyone, please step aside.”


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