Chapter 1278

Chapter 1278 The Three Needles

Dustin waved his hand, signaling everyone to step back and give him enough space.

“Support her!”

Dustin signaled the head bodyguard to help Isabela up, then he extended his fingers, pried open her mouth, and pulled out her tongue.

Then he activated his inner energy and suddenly slapped her on the back.


There was a loud noise.

Isabela’s body trembled violently, her head jerked up, and she immediately “vomited” out a large amount of water.

As everyone watched in astonishment, they were horrified to find that among the vomit, there was actually a fish!

“My goodness! How could there be a fish in Miss Torby’s mouth?”

“Could it be that this fish got stuck in her throat, preventing her from breathing?”

“No wonder Elmer’s technique didn’t work. It turns out there was a fish blocking her airway. What terrible luck!”

The onlookers were amazed and discussed among themselves.

The reason for Miss Torby’s suffocation had finally been found.

“How…how is this possible?”

Elmer stared wide-eyed, finding it hard to believe.

Drunk driving and falling into a lake, and even getting a fish stuck in her throat, the probability seemed so unlikely to happen, right?

Who could have predicted this?

“My lady spat that fish along with the water from her mouth, so why is she still not breathing?” The head bodyguard first felt relieved but then quickly noticed something was wrong.

Although Isabela had vomited a lot, there were still no signs of life.

“Her heartbeat has stopped, so of course she’s not breathing. But don’t worry, after I give her three needles, she’ll wake up,” Dustin said indifferently.

“Humph! Shamelessly bragging! Do you think you’re a god?” Elmer began to tear down the stage without mercy.

The person was already dead, how could she possibly be saved?

“Elmer, you’re just a quack doctor who can’t do it,” Dustin retorted.

“Humph! You’re so young and arrogant. If you can wake Miss Torby up with three needles, I’ll eat everything on the ground!” Elmer pointed to the fish on the ground, along with Isabela’s vomit.

“Alright, I hope you’ll keep your word,” Dustin nodded, no longer saying much. He took out a silver needle and pierced it into the acupoint of the ‘shenque’ point (aka ‘Spirit Gate’ is an acupuncture point in the center of the abdomen and is a point representing the last closure of the abdominal wall that occurred at the end of the embryonic development) on Isabela’s navel.

Isabela lay still without any reaction.

“That’s the first needle,” Elmer sneered.

Dustin remained expressionless, moving the silver needle upward and piercing it heavily into Isabela’s “tanzhong” acupoint (aka ‘chest-center’, located in the anterior median line of the chest, at the level of the 4th intercostal space, at the midpoint between the two nipples) on her chest.

Isabela’s fingertips twitched slightly, but this subtle movement did not attract anyone’s attention.

“That’s the second needle,” Elmer continued to sneer.

Dustin still did not speak, and the third needle was bent with a flick of his finger, directly piercing Isabela’s Zhonglu acupoint (a powerful point for heart, located in the center of the breastbone) .

Isabela’s body suddenly trembled as if she had been shocked by electricity.

Afterwards, there was no more response.

“Humph! It’s already the third needle! You said she would wake up, why is there still no movement? In my opinion, you’re just a swindler!” Elmer urgently splashed dirty water on Dustin, shouting, “You should quickly arrest this kid! He obstructed and delayed Miss Torby’s rescue, which caused her death!”

His words had just fallen.

Isabela, who was lying on the ground like a corpse, suddenly sat up as if playing dead!




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