Chapter 1279

Chapter 1279 Million Dollar Life “Ugh!” Isabela suddenly sat up, emitting a choking groan. Then, as if being reborn, she began to gasp for air greedily, taking in large breaths of the surrounding air. The bluish color on her face quickly faded, gradually becoming rosy and radiant. “Ah?” The sudden turn of events startled everyone. No one had expected that just moments ago, Miss Torby, who seemed dead, would suddenly come back to life. “Is she awake? Could this be a fake death?” “Oh my god! Can a dead person really be revived? Is it real?” “What a divine doctor! Truly a divine doctor!” A group of elderly men and women exchanged glances, their faces filled with astonishment. Even though they were knowledgeable and well-versed in various rumors, they had never encountered such a situation before. She had clearly died, with no breath or heartbeat. Yet, after three needles from Dustin, she was miraculously brought back to life. This miraculous medical skill was unheard of. At that moment, the way everyone looked at Dustin changed completely. “No… this can’t be possible!” “She was already dead; how could she be saved?” Elmer was completely dumbfounded, staring wide-eyed and unable to believe it. Dustin had said he could wake her up with three needles, but could anything be so magical? “She’s alive, she’s alive! Miss is alive!” Torby’s bodyguards were first stunned, then their faces lit up with joy as they cheered. They knew that if Isabela had really died, they would be held responsible as well. They had narrowly escaped disaster now that she was alive. “Miss, how do you feel? Is there anything uncomfortable?” The head bodyguard quickly squatted down and began to inquire about her condition. “What happened? Why am I here?” Isabela looked around, her gaze eventually settling on Elmer, puzzled as she asked, “So, it was this doctor from Healwell who saved me?” “Humph?!” The head bodyguard glared at Elmer, then extended his hand towards Dustin, explaining, “It was this young divine doctor who came to your rescue and saved your life.” “Is that so?” Isabela turned her gaze to Dustin, nodded, and smiled, “Thank you, young divine doctor, for saving my life. I am deeply grateful.” “You’re welcome, Miss Torby. No sweat at all” Dustin replied with a calm expression. This calm response surprised Isabela. Ordinary people who saw her would usually have stars in their eyes, offering flattery and currying favor. But this person in front of her, on the other hand, showed no reaction as if he didn’t care at all. Could it be that he was using reverse psychology? “Dare I ask for the young divine doctor’s full name?” Isabela suddenly asked. “Dustin Rhys.” “Dustin, is it? Very well, I’ll remember you. If you ever encounter any trouble in the future, don’t hesitate to come to the Torbys and find me,” Isabela said, nodding with a smile. “Sir, I apologize for my rudeness earlier” the head bodyguard said, clasping his hands together and apologizing. “No worries, you were just doing your job,” Dustin replied, not minding at all. “Thank you for your magnanimity, Master.” The head bodyguard took out a check for one million and handed it over, saying, “This is a token of our appreciation from the Torbys. Please accept it, Master.” “My goodness! A one million check? Miss Torby is so generous!” “Nonsense! Miss Torby is worth a hundred million. A million is nothing” This action startled Dustin. He didn’t expect such a generous reward for his assistance.


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