Chapter 1280

Chapter 1280 Eat it!

“This young doctor hit the jackpot, actually saving Miss Torby’s life. It’s truly meeting a guardian angel when you step out the door!”

As they gazed at that million-dollar check, the older folks couldn’t help but envy.

This sum of money would be enough to secure their retirement.

“Darn it!”

Elmer clenched his fist, grinding his teeth.

This unexpected jackpot prize should have been his, but it was snatched away by Dustin.

His chance to leap up the ladder had been completely ruined by this young man.

“Thank you.”

Dustin didn’t stand on ceremony and directly accepted the check.

While he didn’t save lives for the money, he couldn’t refuse when someone offered it.

“Dr. Rhys, I have other matters to attend to. We’ll meet again.”

“Remember, if you run into trouble, come find me at the Torbys Residence.”

Isabela gave a parting nod and briskly departed.

Having just been pulled out of the river, she was a mess and needed to freshen up quickly.


The head of the security team suddenly glared at Elmer and said menacingly, “You said that if Dr. Rhys can save my young lady with three needles, you will eat what’s on the ground. Now, eat it!”


Staring at the vomit on the ground, Elmer was left dumbfounded.

It was all stuff that had been puked up, sticky and gross, with a dead fish in there.

How could he possibly eat that?

“Eat it!”

The security team leader glared, his entire demeanor oozing menace.

Several other security personnel moved closer, their eyes full of aggression, ready to pounce if Elmer dared to refuse.

“Fine… I’ll eat it…”

Elmer had no choice but to reluctantly pick up the vomit from the ground and consume every last bit of it, not leaving a drop.

He felt nauseous several times and nearly vomited himself, but he forced it down in fear of being made to eat it again.

“Hmph! Consider yourself lucky, kid. It’s because Dr. Rhys saved you. Otherwise, I’d have torn you apart!”

The security team leader kicked Elmer to the ground and then led his men away in a huff.

Healwell had narrowly escaped disaster.

“You’re amazing, Dr. Rhys, bringing someone back from the brink of death like that? Incredible!”

“Young man, you must be Dr Grantwood’s direct disciple, right? How else could you have such incredible medical skills?”

“That’s right, that must be it. This young doctor is clearly Dr Grantwood’s successor, while that other guy is just a fake!”

As Isabela departed, a group of older folks immediately surrounded Dustin, showering him with praise and compliments, showing great enthusiasm.

As for Elmer, he stood on the sidelines, receiving nothing but cold stares.


Elmer gnashed his teeth in frustration.

Clearly, he was Master Elijah’s top disciple, so why was this young man more popular than him?

“Young doctor, your medical skills are so extraordinary. Would you mind taking a look at my ailment? My back has been in excruciating pain.”

“Ma’am, please don’t cut in line. I was here first.”

“My condition is more severe; let me see the doctor first.”

“I have a heart condition and can’t handle stress. If you say that, I’ll just lie down right here.”

The elderly folks chatted excitedly, all making requests for Dustin to treat their illnesses.

Seeing their overwhelming enthusiasm, Dustin couldn’t help but feel a headache coming on.

He never expected that saving someone’s life would bring him so much trouble.

“What’s going on?”

At that moment, an elderly man with white hair and beard, dressed in a long robe, entered the scene. Despite his advanced age, he had a dignified bearing and sharp, discerning eyes, giving him an air of wisdom and authority. It was none other than the renowned physician from Healwell, Dr. Elijah!





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