Chapter 1281

Chapter 1281 Meet Dr Elijah

“Dr Grantwood? Dr Grantwood is here?”

As soon as the crowd spotted Dr. Elijah, they immediately swarmed around him, leaving Dustin free from the commotion.

Although Dustin’s recent performance was impressive, he still couldn’t compare to the renown of Dr. Elijah, who had built a deep and lasting reputation over the years.

His status was unshakeable.

“Dr Grantwood, you’ve finally arrived! Healwell was on the brink of disaster just moments ago!”

“Yes, that’s right! There was almost a tragedy, but luckily, a young doctor stepped in and saved Healwell’s reputation!”

“Dr Grantwood, is that young doctor perhaps your new disciple?”

The older folks chatted and gossiped, living up to their reputation as gossip enthusiasts.

Their excited chatter and noise left Dr. Elijah momentarily bewildered when he entered the scene.

He stood still, not understanding what was going on.

“Ladies and gentlemen, please calm down… let’s take it easy…”

Dr. Elijah raised his hand, trying to quiet down the crowd. When they gradually settled, he inquired, “So, what happened exactly? Let’s discuss it calmly.”

“I’ll explain, I’ll explain! I used to be a storyteller under the Bridge!”

One elderly gentleman eagerly volunteered and proceeded to embellish the recent events, emphasizing how Dustin had saved a life, brought someone back from the brink of death, and heroically preserved Healwell’s reputation.

He spoke eloquently, painting a vivid picture of the heroic act.

His storytelling prowess won applause and admiration from the surrounding older ladies, and they looked at him with a touch of worship.

His skillful storytelling even earned him priority in choosing a partner.

“I see.”

After listening, Dr. Elijah nodded in understanding and walked over to Dustin with a smile. “Young man, thank you for your timely intervention. I never expected someone as young as you to possess such remarkable medical skills. Truly, heroes emerge from the young generation.”

“You’re too kind, Dr Grantwood. It was just some minor tricks; nothing worth mentioning,” Dustin humbly replied.

“Good, humble and composed. Indeed impressive.”

Dr. Elijah nodded approvingly. Young people studying traditional Chinese medicine were becoming increasingly rare, and those with genuine talent were even rarer. He had been searching for a suitable successor for a long time, but none had met his expectations. Now, with Dustin’s appearance, he saw a glimmer of hope.

Although he hadn’t witnessed it firsthand, he was confident that the young man before him was extraordinary.

“Dr Grantwood, I came to visit because I have something to consult you about. May we have a private conversation?” Dustin politely asked, cupping his hands.

“Of course, please follow me upstairs.”

Dr. Elijah didn’t refuse and led Dustin to the second floor.

Healwell had three levels:

The first floor was where the clinic consultations took place.

The second floor was Dr. Elijah’s residence, occasionally used to welcome important guests.

The third floor remained permanently closed to the public.

Dustin followed Dr. Elijah upstairs, and as soon as they entered the living room, they saw a beautiful young lady lounging on the couch, engrossed in her smartphone.

She wore a t-shirt and shorts, sprawled lazily with her long, slender legs swinging back and forth, occasionally brushing against her shapely buttocks, displaying remarkable elasticity.

Her exquisite feet were like flawless white jade, resembling a perfect work of art, undeniably alluring.

“Allow me to introduce you. Dustin Rhys, this is my granddaughter, Miss Roselyn Grantwood. She’s quite accomplished in both traditional and Western medicine,” Dr. Elijah said with a smile.

“Hello, Miss Roselyn,” Dustin greeted politely.


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