Chapter 1283

Chapter 1283 Debt of Gratitude

After closing the door on the second floor, Dr. Elijah hesitated for a moment before finally ascending to the third floor.

The third floor was tightly sealed, with multiple layers of locks, including iron doors, iron grids, security doors, surveillance cameras, and alarm systems.

The security was so tight that not even a fly could get in.

After going through a series of unlocking procedures, Dr. Elijah finally reached the third floor.

The third floor was dimly lit, and most of the rooms were filled with miscellaneous items meant to conceal their true purpose.

However, the innermost room was clean, tidy, and warm.

At this moment, on the bed in the room, lay a middle-aged man who was thin and pale.

The man was unconscious, with weak and almost imperceptible breathing, as if he were dead.

Dr. Elijah approached the man’s bedside and habitually checked his pulse before letting out a long sigh.

“Ah… It’s been ten years. I wonder when you’ll wake up.”

“It’s a pity that I, Elijah, have the reputation of a divine physician, but I can’t cure your illness. It’s truly lamentable!”

Dr. Elijah shook his head and took out a pill, which he fed to the man. His expression was tinged with sadness.

He had been guarding Lorenzo for a full ten years.

During those ten years, he had consulted various ancient texts and tried various methods, but he had never been able to awaken Lorenzo.

The only thing he could do was to preserve her life.

“Master, I have something to tell you.”

“Today, a young man named Dustin came looking for you, but I didn’t know his background, so I sent him away.”

“I can tell that this young man is not ordinary. If he’s an enemy, then we’re in trouble.”

“He managed to trace his way here, which means he came prepared. It might not be long before Healwell can’t hide you anymore.”

“Master, if you can hear me, please wake up soon.”

Dr. Elijah muttered to himself as he massaged Lorenzo’s body.

For ten years, he had come upstairs every day to speak to the person in front of him.

It had become a habit.

“Dr Grantwood, would you mind if I tried to help Uncle Lorenzo’s condition?” A calm voice suddenly sounded at the doorway.


Dr. Elijah was startled and turned around abruptly to see Dustin’s eyes. He was taken aback and exclaimed, “It’s you? How are you here? Why didn’t you leave?!”

He had finally realized that he had been tricked.

“I’m sorry, Dr Grantwood. I lied to you just now, but I had no choice. Please forgive me.” Dustin bowed deeply, apologizing with both hands clasped together.

Dr. Elijah clearly didn’t trust him. He knew that relentless questioning would get him nowhere. So, he decided to use a different approach, luring his opponent into exposing himself.

Although it was somewhat unscrupulous, it was his only option.

“Who are you, and why did you come here?!” Dr. Elijah asked, still on guard, and he positioned himself to protect Lorenzo.

Although he had no martial arts skills, he was ready to fight if necessary.

“I mean no harm, Dr Grantwood. I’m here not for revenge but to repay a debt of gratitude,” Dustin said seriously.

“Repay a debt of gratitude?”

Dr. Elijah furrowed his brows, still suspicious. “Do you know Lorenzo? What’s your relationship with him?”

“To be honest, Dr Grantwood, I have a history with Uncle Lorenzo, and he once saved my life. It was difficult for me to find his whereabouts this time, so I came to visit him in hopes of repaying my debt. I hope you won’t take it to your heart, Dr Grantwood.” Dustin lowered his head slightly.

“A history? Repay a debt?”


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