Chapter 1284

Chapter 1284 The Powerful Energy Seal

Dr. Elijah fixed his gaze on Dustin, as if trying to discern something from his expression. However, he couldn’t find any flaws, and he became more cautious.

“Why should I trust you?” Dr. Elijah said warily.

“Dr Grantwood, if I were here for revenge, I could easily kill both of you,” Dustin replied calmly, his fingers flicking as he released a burst of energy.

In the next moment, a vase on the windowsill exploded with a loud “bang,” and shards scattered all over the floor.


Dr. Elijah blinked, his face showing a solemn expression.

Being able to shatter a vase from a distance with energy clearly indicated that Dustin possessed martial arts skills. If he truly had malicious intentions, Dr Grantwood would be defenseless.

Therefore, he had no choice now.

“Dr Grantwood, I apologize for any offense. Please forgive me.” Dustin bowed again.

“Very well! I will temporarily trust that you came here out of gratitude. However, it’s a pity that you have come too late.”

Dr. Elijah stepped aside, his gaze falling on Lorenzo on the bed. He said, “Lorenzo has been in a vegetative state for ten years now, and I have tried various methods, but he has yet to wake up.”

“Dr Grantwood, let me try. I am proficient in some esoteric medical techniques, and I might be able to help,” Dustin said as he walked to the bedside.


Dr. Elijah shook his head. “Young man, it’s not that I look down on you, but Lorenzo’s condition is far from simple. His body contains a powerful energy that I have been unable to dissipate to this day. I can only rely on elixirs to keep him alive.”

Ten years ago, Lorenzo’s injuries had been severe, resulting in a significant loss of vital energy and nearly complete organ failure.

Although Dr. Elijah had managed to prolong his life, it was only a temporary solution and couldn’t bring him back to consciousness.

Moreover, there was a formidable energy within Lorenzo’s body that he had been unable to neutralize, causing continuous damage to his meridians.

He had tried various methods but had been unable to expel this energy, which was the root cause of the illness.

“Whether it will work or not, we won’t know until we try,” Dustin said, sitting down by the bedside and beginning to examine Lorenzo’s condition.

However, within moments, he furrowed his brows.

Dr. Elijah had been right. Lorenzo’s condition was indeed severe, even worse than Dustin had anticipated.

If it weren’t for his strong foundation and the life-prolonging elixirs, he might have died long ago.

Dustin took a deep breath and attempted to infuse a stream of true energy into Lorenzo’s body to investigate further. However, in the next instant, it seemed like something within Lorenzo’s body had been triggered.

A surge of incredibly powerful energy rushed forth suddenly.

The two streams of true energy collided, contending with each other before ultimately annihilating each other.

“It really is unusual!” Dustin’s expression became serious.

Through his earlier examination, he had discovered that Lorenzo wasn’t merely injured; he was under some kind of seal.

This seal was deeply hidden and constantly damaging Lorenzo’s body.

Furthermore, any external force that entered would trigger the seal and suffer a violent counterattack.

No wonder Dr. Elijah had been helpless, and no wonder Lorenzo had never awakened.

It turned out there was another layer to this problem.

“Young man, if it’s not working, you don’t have to force yourself. Lorenzo’s chances of waking up in this lifetime are slim,” Dr. Elijah sighed.

“Dr Grantwood, you’re mistaken. Uncle Lorenzo will definitely wake up because I can cure him!” Dustin made a startling declaration.

“What did you say? You can cure him?”

Dr. Elijah couldn’t believe his ears. “Young man, are you joking with me? I’ve been studying this disease for ten years and still haven’t found a solution. How could you, a young man in his twenties, claim that you can cure it?”


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