Chapter 1285

Chapter 1285 Soul-Annihilating Formation

“Even though it’s quite troublesome, I can indeed treat him,” Dustin nodded solemnly. “However, I need your help, Dr Grantwood.”

“Young man, if you can cure the disease, I’d sell this entire Healwell without hesitation!” Dr. Elijah said, then shifted his focus. “But the problem is, how can you prove your abilities?”

Considering the gravity of the situation, he wouldn’t take any risks, especially when it came to his lifesaver, entrusted to a young man he had just met.

“You mentioned earlier that there is a powerful energy within Uncle Lorenzo’s body. Would it be proof enough if I were to eliminate that energy?” Dustin replied with a question.


Dr. Elijah’s eyes widened, and he spoke solemnly, “Young man, this energy is incredibly powerful and unyielding. Ordinary medical techniques are incapable of dissolving it. You shouldn’t speak so casually.”

If this energy can be easily be dissipated, Dr Grantwood would have not struggled this long?

“Ordinary medical techniques might not work, but I possess more than just medical knowledge; I also have esoteric arts (expertise in mystical, spiritual, or occult practices that are not widely understood or practiced by the general population),” Dustin said seriously. “Dr Grantwood, give me half an hour, and I will eliminate this energy. Then you will understand.”

“Geez…” Dr. Elijah furrowed his brows and hesitated.

Truthfully, he didn’t fully trust Dustin. The young man was too young, and his intentions were unclear. Dr Grantwood couldn’t even be certain whether the person before him was good or bad.

“Dr Grantwood, I believe you know that Uncle Lorenzo has been enduring for ten years, and his time is running out. The situation can’t get any worse than this. If you have no other solutions, why not let me try?” Dustin persuaded.

Hearing these words, Dr. Elijah fell into silence. He couldn’t help but admit that Lorenzo had indeed reached his limits. How much longer could he survive? Three months? Five months? Perhaps even less? Dragging on like this would be futile.

After a moment of silence, Dr. Elijah finally nodded. “Very well, I’ll let you try, but safety must be the top priority.”

“Uncle Lorenzo has shown me great kindness, and I would never risk his life,” Dustin nodded in agreement.

“Alright, please proceed,” Dr. Elijah said, stepping aside.

In theory, he shouldn’t have trusted Dustin. However, the young man’s confidence had deeply influenced him. Perhaps there truly was a miracle in the making.

After persuading Dr. Elijah, Dustin took a deep breath and pulled out a silver needle, sealing Lorenzo’s eight extraordinary meridians. This would prevent the true energy from running rampant and causing harm to his body.

Next, he fed Lorenzo a heart-protecting elixir to ensure his safety.

With all the preparations in place, Dustin began his treatment.

The seal within Lorenzo’s body was known as the Soul-Annihilating Formation, a lost art that specialized in harming others.

As the name suggested, it was designed to control the life and death of its victims.

Even if the practitioner was hundreds of miles away, as long as they wished, they could easily take someone’s life.

Setting up this formation was a complex process, and breaking it was even more challenging.

To dispel it, the person attempting to break the seal had to be stronger than the one who set it, and they needed to be well-versed in formations and esoteric arts.

Both conditions were stringent.

Ten years ago, Dustin wouldn’t have been able to handle this. However, he had reached the level of a half-step Grandmaster now, making it possible for him to break the Soul-Annihilating Formation.

The main issue was that Lorenzo’s condition was extremely fragile, and his body couldn’t withstand any shocks.

So, Dustin had to be extremely cautious, with safety as the top priority.

This increased the difficulty significantly.

Dustin took a deep breath, then extended his palm and gently pressed it against Lorenzo’s chest.


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