Chapter 1286

Chapter 1286 Breaking the Seal

At the same time, the profound and clear true energy within him rapidly gathered and began flowing into Lorenzo’s meridians.

“Thump, thump, thump…”

Suddenly, Lorenzo’s heart began to beat faster. Following that, a fiercely powerful true energy surged out from his body, rapidly and ferociously rushing towards Dustin’s profound and clear true energy.

In the instant when these two true energies clashed, Lorenzo’s body trembled slightly, as if he had been struck by an electric shock.

Dustin’s brows furrowed, and he immediately guided his profound and clear true energy to engage in a gentle battle with it. The true energy generated by the Soul-Annihilating Formation was incredibly robust, akin to a fierce beast attempting to devour any intruders. To ensure Lorenzo’s safety, Dustin dared not engage in a direct confrontation but instead chose a strategy of using softness to overcome strength.

By constantly supplying his own true energy, he gradually depleted the true energy of the Soul-Annihilating Formation.

The moment the formation’s true energy was completely exhausted and could no longer function, that would be the time to break the formation.

Time passed gradually.

Dustin remained completely focused, continuously infusing true energy into Lorenzo’s body.

As time went on, sweat started pouring down his forehead, and his complexion grew paler.

The entire process was extremely energy-consuming, as each true energy strand from the Soul-Annihilating Formation required double the amount of his own true energy to dissolve.

It was like trying to accomplish twice the work with half the effort.

“Thump, thump, thump, thump…”

As the two true energies battled, Lorenzo’s heart began to beat even more violently. His face turned red, and he felt feverish all over. White mist started to emanate from his body.

Dr. Elijah watched with a pounding heart, filled with anxiety. However, he didn’t dare to disturb Dustin at this critical moment and could only fret on the sidelines.

“This is quite challenging…” Dustin muttered to himself, his eyes showing signs of worry.

He was on the verge of running out of true energy. If he couldn’t completely drain the true energy of the Soul-Annihilating Formation before his own energy was depleted, it would be troublesome.


Just when Dustin was starting to feel anxious, the Heavenly Spirit Pearl hanging from his chest suddenly spun rapidly.

A surge of energy burst forth, replenishing Dustin’s nearly exhausted dantian at an incredibly fast rate.

“This is perfect!”

Dustin’s spirits lifted, a sense of relief washing over him. The Heavenly Spirit Pearl truly lived up to its reputation as a holy relic of the martial world. At this crucial moment, it displayed a miraculous effect, like rain falling during a drought.

Rejuvenated by the replenished energy, Dustin continued to supply true energy without pause.

After a while, the Soul-Annihilating Formation finally reached its limit, and the fiercely dominating true energy it emitted began to weaken rapidly, losing its previous ferocity.

Seizing the opportunity, Dustin immediately advanced, directing his profound and clear true energy to gradually consume the remaining true energy of the formation. Then, he reversed the flow and headed directly for the formation’s core.

The Soul-Annihilating Formation sensed the threat and fiercely resisted, launching a relentless assault on Lorenzo’s meridians.

“Thump, thump, thump, thump…”

Lorenzo’s heart started beating more violently once again. His whole body turned hot, and white mist emanated from him continuously.


Dustin’s expression changed.

Lorenzo’s body had clearly reached its limit.

If they continued with the gradual approach, there was a risk that he might die from the overwhelming stress before they could break the formation!

“I can’t delay any longer!”

Dustin took a deep breath, suddenly retracted his palm, and forcefully pressed his finger against Lorenzo’s chest. All of his true energy erupted at once. “Break!!”


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