Chapter 1287

Chapter 1287 A Life-saving Favor


When Dustin’s finger touched Lorenzo’s chest, the latter’s body shuddered violently, and he spewed a large amount of blood from his mouth and nose.

Half of the meridians in his body directly shattered, making his already frail body even more fragile. He seemed like a candle flickering in the wind, on the verge of being extinguished at any moment.

Simultaneously, the Soul-Annihilating Formation, which was like maggots on bones, crumbled under Dustin’s touch.

“Sir Lorenzo!”

Elijah was startled, his face turning pale. He hurriedly approached to check Lorenzo’s condition. Once he confirmed that Lorenzo was still alive, he felt a slight sense of relief.

“Dustin! I told you not to act recklessly. Why didn’t you listen? Do you realize that you almost killed Lorenzo just now?!” Elijah scolded him vigorously.

Dustin sat exhausted on a chair, panting heavily. His entire body was drenched in sweat, as if he had been pulled out of water, completely drained.

After regaining his breath slightly, Dustin said slowly, “The situation was even more challenging than I expected. Although it was risky, I succeeded. The true energy inside Lorenzo’s body has been neutralized.”


Elijah was taken aback and reached out again to feel Lorenzo’s pulse. Although the pulse was very weak, the previously violent and domineering aura had indeed disappeared.

“Is it really neutralized? How is that possible?” Elijah was both astonished and delighted, finding it hard to believe.

For ten years, he had researched and tried various methods but couldn’t solve the mysterious ailment. Yet, a young man in his twenties had managed to do it?

Could this kid be so extraordinary?

Elijah swallowed hard, and to avoid any mistake, he carefully examined the situation several times. In the end, he had to admit that Dustin had indeed neutralized the overwhelming aura, relieving Lorenzo of his suffering.

Despite his disbelief, he had to acknowledge that Dustin excelled in the field of mystic arts.

A young man with such abilities was truly remarkable.

“Young man, your medical skills are truly mystical and miraculous. I greatly admire you,” Elijah said sincerely.

“You don’t need to be so polite, Dr Grantwood. As I mentioned before, Sir Lorenzo saved my life. I’m just repaying a debt of gratitude,” Dustin waved his hand.

“In that case, are we fellow practitioners now?” Elijah chuckled and said, “Twelve years ago, my entire family was pursued and almost wiped out by enemies. It was Sir Lorenzo who happened to pass by, drawing his sword to help, and saved my family. Speaking of which, I owe Sir Lorenzo more than one life.”

“Dr Grantwood, you have been wholeheartedly taking care of Sir Lorenzo for ten years, and you have paid off your debt,” Dustin replied.

“I owe him a life-saving favor that I can never fully repay. Unfortunately, my medical skills are not proficient, so I couldn’t cure Sir Lorenzo’s illness. I feel ashamed,” Elijah shook his head and sighed. “On the other hand, you, young man, used mysterious techniques to save Sir Lorenzo’s life. You’re truly remarkable.”


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