Chapter 1288

Chapter 1288 Recipe for a Divine Pill

“Speaking of saving lives, it’s still too early.”

Dustin’s expression became serious. “Although I neutralized the true energy in Sir Lorenzo’s body, his bodily functions have been severely damaged, and his extraordinary meridians have been heavily injured. Right now, he’s no different from a living corpse. To make him regain consciousness, we must rebuild his meridians and give him a fresh start.”

“Rebuild his meridians? Give him a fresh start?” Elijah furrowed his brow upon hearing this. “To achieve that, we would need the legendary Bone Cleansing Pill, but the formula for the Bone Cleansing Pill has long been lost. Where can we find it?”

The Bone Cleansing Pill, as recorded in ancient texts, was a miraculous medicine. When consumed, it allowed one to cleanse their meridians, shed their old self, and be reborn anew. It could treat meridian ruptures and congenital disabilities. However, the Bone Cleansing Pill was extremely rare, and Elijah had only heard of it; he had never seen one.

“Dr Grantwood, to be honest, I happened to have read the formula for the Bone Cleansing Pill, and I’ve memorized it all,” Dustin unexpectedly said.

“What?” Elijah’s eyes widened in disbelief. “Y-you…you know the formula for the Bone Cleansing Pill?”

“I’ve seen it in my family’s collection of ancient books. I read it when I was young, and I still remember it,” Dustin nodded.

The library in the West Lucozia Royal Residence (aka King’s mansion) contained an abundance of extraordinary books. Each book in there was a priceless treasure. Dustin had loved reading since he was a child and had an exceptional memory. Most of the knowledge from those books was now stored in his mind.

“I didn’t expect that, I didn’t expect it at all. Young man, you’re so knowledgeable that you even know the formula for the Bone Cleansing Pill. That’s truly amazing!” Elijah exclaimed in astonishment.

After his initial surprise, Elijah couldn’t help but be overjoyed. The most challenging problem they faced now seemed to have a solution.

“Wait a moment…”

As if he had suddenly realized something, Elijah added, “Young man, while you know the formula for the Bone Cleansing Pill, where can we find an alchemist? Throughout the entire world, alchemists capable of refining the Bone Cleansing Pill are incredibly rare. They are like a needle in a haystack. Where can we possibly find one?”

Treating a patient was one thing, but refining pills was another. Elijah might be skilled in medicine, but when it came to alchemy, he only had limited knowledge. A divine pill like the Bone Cleansing Pill could only be successfully crafted by a top-tier alchemist.

“Dr Grantwood, you don’t need to worry. I’m quite proficient in alchemy as well. Making a Bone Cleansing Pill shouldn’t be too difficult,” Dustin reassured him.

“What? You know alchemy too?!” Elijah was shocked. “Young man, you…are you kidding me?”

“When it concerns a matter of life and death, I wouldn’t joke,” Dustin replied solemnly. “I used to read a lot of books, and I’m well-versed in alchemical knowledge. I can’t guarantee a one hundred percent success rate, but I should be close to ninety-nine percent.”

“…,” Elijah’s mouth twitched, and he found himself speechless. A success rate of ninety-nine percent? Even the most exceptional alchemists in the Dragonmarsh probably couldn’t achieve that, right?

Where on earth did this kid come from? He excelled in martial arts, was proficient in medicine, skilled in mystic arts, and now, he claimed to be proficient in alchemy as well.

Did the Dragonmarsh really have such an extraordinary talent? It was beyond belief.

If Elijah hadn’t witnessed it with his own eyes, he wouldn’t have believed that such a person existed.

He was simply a monster!

Elijah swallowed hard, and after struggling to process the situation, he finally managed to ask, “Young man, may I dare to ask if there’s anything you cannot do?”


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