Chapter 1289

Chapter 1289 Bit of Knowledge

Elijah’s words had left Dustin somewhat speechless. Was there anything he cannot do?

Martial arts, medicine, alchemy, mystic arts, Taoist secrets, southern witchcraft, and all sorts of other strange and exotic skills—all of them seemed to be at least somewhat familiar to him. He had dabbled in so many different fields that there were very few things he couldn’t do.

“Well… I’ve read a variety of books, so I have a bit of knowledge about many things,” Dustin modestly replied.

“A bit of knowledge?” Elijah’s face twitched, and his expression became increasingly peculiar.

A young man who could unleash internal energy, making him at least a rare innate martial artist? And this was just a “bit of knowledge”?

The energy residue within Sir Lorenzo’s body had left Elijah helpless for ten years, but Dustin had effortlessly dispelled it with a single finger. And this was just a “bit of knowledge”?

Having access to top-quality pill recipes and being able to refine a Bone Cleansing Pill that rivaled the top alchemists in the Dragonmarsh—this was just a “bit of knowledge”?

Proficient in multiple extraordinary skills, excelling in each of them.

If this was just a “bit of knowledge,” then ninety-nine percent of the world’s population should commit suicide.

This young man’s modesty was quite terrifying.

“Dr Grantwood, although I can refine the Bone Cleansing Pill, it would still require your assistance with the medicinal ingredients,” Dustin suddenly said.

“No problem, when it comes to medicinal ingredients, I have an extensive collection at Healwell,” Elijah replied confidently.

“I’ve written down the medicinal ingredients needed to refine the Bone Cleansing Pill; you can take a look,” Dustin said as he handed over paper and pen.

Elijah took the list and quickly looked it over, but soon his brow furrowed, and he wore a solemn expression. “Young man, while I can obtain most of the medicinal ingredients you’ve listed, there are three rare ones that will be quite difficult to find.”

He had always enjoyed collecting rare medicinal ingredients and believed that his medicinal herb repository was comprehensive and contained everything needed. However, three of the ingredients listed presented him with a dilemma.

“Oh? May I ask, Dr Grantwood, which three medicinal ingredients you find challenging to acquire?” Dustin inquired.

“Ice Heart Lotus, Dragon Blood Ginseng, and Golden Marrow Jade,” Elijah said, pointing to the corresponding parts of the recipe. “These are all top-grade medicinal ingredients and can be considered priceless treasures. Even my Healwell, let alone other medical establishments in Stonia, would struggle to gather them all.”

“Dr Grantwood, these three medicinal ingredients are essential and cannot be replaced with substitutes. Please inquire around to see if you can find any information on them. If they cannot be located, I will explore other options,” Dustin explained.

“That’s the only way,” Elijah agreed, deep in thought.

Even if he had to sell Healwell, he would be willing to do whatever it took to save Sir Lorenzo.

“Grandpa, something happened downstairs…”

At that moment, a clear voice suddenly sounded at the door. When the two men turned to look, they saw that Roselyn had somehow arrived at the entrance.

“Grandpa, why is he allowed to come up here when I’m not? Didn’t you tell me that I shouldn’t come to the third floor?” Roselyn pointed at Dustin with a surprised and suspicious expression on her face.

The third floor was off-limits to her, and there had been one instance where she couldn’t resist her curiosity and had sneaked up. When her grandpa found out, he had sternly scolded her and warned her not to tell anyone about it. Since then, the third floor had been strictly forbidden.

“Roselyn! Why are you here?” Elijah’s expression darkened. “I warned you not to come to the third floor without permission!”

“But, Grandpa, why is he allowed to be here?” Roselyn pointed at Dustin, looking both surprised and puzzled.

Even she wasn’t allowed on the third floor, and yet he was.

“Roselyn, I’ve explained this to you before. The third floor is a forbidden area for you. You mustn’t enter,” Elijah admonished her.

“Grandpa, I understand, but why is he allowed to be here?” Roselyn continued to question, her eyes filled with curiosity and confusion.


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