Chapter 1290

Chapter 1290 Scar-faced Man

Roselyn couldn’t understand why her grandfather had revealed this secret to someone he had just met.

“Well…” Elijah hesitated, feeling a bit embarrassed.

He couldn’t exactly tell her that the young man had forced his way in, could he?

“I am the Lord’s nephew, and I came to visit my Lord,” Dustin explained.

“That’s right, this young man is Sir Lorenzo’s nephew, and it’s only natural for him to visit his uncle,” Elijah said solemnly.

“Nephew? Uncle?” Roselyn looked Dustin up and down with suspicion. “Grandpa, are you sure you’re not being deceived? Sir Lorenzo has been in a coma here for ten years, and suddenly, there’s a nephew? Do you really think that’s possible?”

“Roselyn, you’re overthinking it. I believe in the character of young Mr. Rhys,” Elijah said seriously.

“But…” Roselyn was about to say more when Elijah raised his hand to stop her. “Enough already, what happened downstairs just now? Tell me.”

“Oh, that thug Lenny Mazer is here again. He said that the medicine you prescribed last time not only didn’t cure his injury but made it worse. If you don’t give him an explanation today, he’s going to tear down our Healwell!” Roselyn complained indignantly.

Upon hearing this, Elijah furrowed his brows. “I thought we would have a bit more time, but it seems trouble has arrived sooner than expected.”

“Dr Grantwood, what’s going on?” Dustin asked, trying to find out more.

“Well, you see, Healwell is in a prime location, has a prominent reputation, and there was a pharmaceutical company that has been trying to buy us out. After multiple refusals from me, they’ve been causing trouble and tarnishing Healwell’s reputation,” Elijah explained.

“Oh? They’re trying to use forceful means?” Dustin raised an eyebrow. “Is the government here really that ineffective? Aren’t there any authorities to handle this kind of situation?”

“Sigh… Going to the authorities won’t do much good. Those troublemakers are pretty crafty. They stir up chaos, and as soon as the patrol officers show up, they vanish like smoke. Even if they get caught, they’re out in a few days, thanks to some powerful backers,” Elijah said, looking utterly frustrated.

Dealing with officers and soldiers is quite a hassle for someone like Dr. Elijah. While he’s a well-known physician, he’s at a loss when it comes to handling these situations. After several months of dealing with all this chaos, he’s completely worn out, both physically and mentally.

“Dr. Grantwood, want to head down there with me and check it out? I’ve dealt with folks like this before, and maybe I can lend a hand,” Dustin suggested.

“You? What’s your game plan?” Roselyn raised an eyebrow, her face oozing skepticism. “Lenny’s a big-shot local gang leader, and he’s got some heavy hitters backing him. As an outsider, how do you plan to go up against that?”

“Well, Mr. Rhys, taking on Lenny might be a tall order. Let me handle this,” Elijah chimed in, his expression a mix of emotions.

“Grandpa, no need to fret too much. I’ve already given Big Brother the heads up, and once he shows up, he’ll handle Lenny no problem. Right now, we can just try to buy some time,” Roselyn reassured with confidence.

“Sounds like we can count on Carlos then,” Elijah agreed with a nod. “Let’s go, we’ll head downstairs and meet them.”

With that, he took the lead, and the three of them made their way downstairs.

Down on the ground floor in the Healwell clinic, a rugged-looking man with a scar on his face was perched on the counter, casually munching on an apple. He had a knife in hand, and he peeled the fruit with a nonchalant demeanor.

Behind him, a bunch of henchmen were causing a ruckus, driving all the patients out of the clinic.

Inside Healwell, all the doctors and apprentices had gathered in a corner, their faces etched with fear, and they shook nervously, afraid to utter a word.

“Hey, hey, where’s Elijah? Tell him to get out here right now! I’ll give him till the count of three, and if he’s not here, I’ll wreck that Healwell sign of yours!” Scar-faced Lenny grew increasingly impatient, grumbling, “One, two, three! If he’s not here right this instant, that Healwell sign is history!”


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